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  1. Hello there. I have been selecting "recommended upgrade" each time there are enough resource points to upgrade something. Now, I have noticed that the reliability portion on top never gets upgraded. The other 3 (chassis, powertrain, aerodynamics) received all of the upgrade points so far. Do you have to manually select upgrades in the reliability section on top? Also, since I have not paid that close attention, does the "recommended upgrade" select only from the quadrant in which you are already in, or does it select from among all 4 quadrants? I am starting to think "recommended upgrade
  2. Hey everyone I really appreciate all of the advice! I did switch to the normal car setup which helped. Still crashed a few times in practice, but completed enough laps to make it to race day and came in 8th with McLaren. Next time I will try the car setups recommended above. It is hard to hit a precise racing line with a 360 pad. Maybe I should try a PS4 controller with its gyroscope for more accurate steering.
  3. Beginner question. Going through the uphill portion of Belgium I keep on losing control of the car and crashing. Cannot tell if it is a car setup or racing line problem. I am using the general car setup called "increased speed" after finding this recommended on a subreddit. Any tips would be appreciated. Maybe turning steering wheel too hard into these turns? This is in practice by the way, I have been unable to get good enough to make it to a real race with other cars yet.
  4. I play F1 2018 on a 1070 gpu, 1440p and mostly ultra settings. Nvidia Geforce Experience recommends checkerboard TAA. What is the difference between checkerboard TAA and normal TAA? I noticed the framerate was a lot better with checkerboard and so may stick with that. Also, what does post process do under graphics settings? I do not like depth of field effects. So if turning that setting down or off removes depth of field I would do it. One more thing, what buttons do you press to change strategy when this is suggested by the pit crew? I am using a 360 controller.
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