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  1. marbinn

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Leagues

    Surely. But the codies don't talk about it willingly, maybe they don't want to expose themselves and risk disappointing us. We just hope they don't make us wait too long.
  2. Dear codies, a disappointing update. The substance is not there. Ok, the FFB already knew that it was not present, but the championships (clubs)? For three years my DWI championship has helped keep your game alive, without my commitment and all those who organize other championships, Dirt Rally and especially Dirt4 would have been immediately forgotten. It seems that only the rally cross is important, but without the leagues the online RALLY does not exist.
  3. marbinn

    PS4 Dirt 2.0 League

    Why no replies from Codemasters?????
  4. marbinn

    DIRT Rally 2.0

    Are you sure?
  5. marbinn

    league Dirt Rally 2.0

    I believe it too. It would be a shame if they took away the leagues