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  1. OGFedfan

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Extremely slow server response. USA Midwest region. Been kicked off a few times. PS4 free game and I finally convinced my buddy to get it, and he can't play or join with me. Too bad.
  2. OGFedfan

    Announcing F1 2015

    I would also prefer to discuss F1 here, but what is there to discuss?  There is no new info unfortunately. Regarding Project Cars, I got it yesterday on PS4 and once I got the hang of the handling its the best I've experienced.  Excellent road feel (even with a pad).  I was expecting extreme difficulty, but that wasn't the case.  Abuse the accellerator and you'll pay, but if your smooth you'll succeed.  I completely disagree with the comparison to Gran Turismo.  Doesn't feel anything like it.  Unfortunately, online was full of the usual rammers.   
  3. OGFedfan

    Announcing F1 2015

    Project cars looks great, but every video I've watched for PS4 gameplay shows poor steering controls.  If you watch the steering wheel in gameplay vids, it looks like the driver is yanking hard left and right, instead of gradual turning.  To me this is a sign of arcade controls.  I really hope I'm wrong though since everything else I've seen looks great.
  4. OGFedfan

    Announcing F1 2015

    With all due respect, if you don't have just over an hour to dedicate to a game a couple of times a week, why do you even own a gaming system? Like you must have at least a spare hour and a half at some point at least once a week, surely? Although I do agree, we should be able to change distance Fair point, but its way more than one hour if what I've read so far is correct.  If Pro mode sets everything to max then 3 practice sessions, 3 qualies and race is about 3 hours if you set up your car in one practice, skip the others and do a lap in each quali session (which is two laps minimum including the drive out).  If it was just the race, I could handle that.  3 hours is a long time for each race.  The time is probably conservative considering I'll likely need several extra laps in the quali as I'm not a perfect driver. In 2013 I'd do some of the practice setting up my car, do one flying lap in each quali since it let you skip through most of it, then 25% race.  That was about an hour give or take.
  5. OGFedfan

    Announcing F1 2015

    Dedicate yourself to your wife, kids and life then  
  6. OGFedfan

    Announcing F1 2015

    I don't want to do full races, and also don't want arcade racing like 90% of other driving games out there.  I'd like to have the option to set up the game the way I want.  Pro Season mode forcing 100% races is a major downer.  Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have time to do 100% races, but wife & kids & life....
  7. All my questions are about the F1 and Dirt but welcome to the team.  I hope you can help Codemasters get turned around.
  8. OGFedfan

    A Goodbye

    I believe that a good 2015 F1 game that is free of bugs will nearly erase all the frustration that goes on in these forums once its released.  Until then, the frustration builds and most speculation about the game will be negative especially considering the lack of information thats been shared.
  9. OGFedfan

    announcement date?

    Here's my opinion for what its worth: 2014 was full of games being released half finished.  The game industry as a whole has taken a hit to their reputation.  Companies are trying to rectify this by polishing games prior to release, which means delays.  Added to this the inferred corporate shake up at Codemasters, and you have a game that is behind schedule.  Not only that, but a direct competitor, Project Cars, is releasing in May (after several delays) which may cause a marketing problem.
  10. OGFedfan


    Such is the internet, full of people who can sit behind their computers hurling insults.  Doubt they would have the guts to do it face to face.  Its not any different at other message boards for other games though.   
  11. OGFedfan

    How much more can we endure?

    With all the "pre-order" crap going on these days, game companies are feeding on the impatience of gamers.  I made the decision last year to not pre-order anything anymore.  In fact, I wait until after a game is out and then read reviews prior to buying.  Its saved me from a lot of crap games already.  Reading user reviews takes some skill too, since you have to look out for ranting (for and against) the game.  The ranting usually involves over-exaggeration of facts by the user who's pissed off about some issue that may not even apply to me.  From what I can tell from this years F1 game, the biggest problem is an imbalance between the pad and wheel users.  Still might buy the F1 2014 game but F1 2013 still have some life in it for me, so I can still get my F1 fix.
  12. OGFedfan

    A Simulation & The Assist Solution: F1 2015

    Codemasters F1 games have never been simulations.  Even with all assists off.  Their games have be arcade with some sim aspects ( or "simcade").  I don't want them have to concentrate on making two games in one package to appease the sim crowd.  Just make one game that works on release day, and is balanced between pad and wheel users. 
  13. OGFedfan

    Newbie- Grid Autosport Query

    I don't think there are any servers in Grid Autosport.  Its a peer to peer connection with one console being the host.  Could be wrong though
  14. You press the button to bring up the menu as if you are going to change fuel mix,  tires should be one of the choices 
  15. OGFedfan

    Patch confirmation?