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  1. bobpies

    DiRT Rally - Force Feedback

    just to be further clear on this -  i turned all FFB off and left the self aligning torq on. Now i can feel its effects round a camber - especially a dipped one. However round hairpins and normal corners there is very little happening - i have nothing to fight against and there is little to no correction of the wheel coming out of the corner - i have to do a lot of  'pointing' with the wheel. - in directions i would expect there to be resistance / and feel i should be able to release my grip on the wheel and expect it to feed through my hands - but it does nothing. With all of the other effects up to 100% - again negligible.  Is my CFG file bust maybe? i can't be the only one surely.
  2. bobpies

    DiRT Rally - Force Feedback

    the self aligning torque is the one that gives the counter steer effect yes, but like i said - turning it above 30 / 40% feels just - plain weird.  it's like there is no torq in the middle steering zone - then when it catches - its too much - and feels like you are steering a boat. It certainly feels nothing like dirt 2 / 3  / assetto / pcar or iracing.
  3. bobpies

    DiRT Rally - Force Feedback

    yes, it is awesome now compared to prior to the ffb update... thanks for listening!. Am i the only one that is still having issues with the FFB? I have a Clubsport Wheel V1 and i'm not feeling any counter steer in the wheel at all - i have to force the wheel in corners. The only way to make it playable is to turn on the Spring setting on the wheel itself - but this feels unnatural - it does help the wheel return but it's nothing compared to the FFB in Dirt 3 - which works perfectly well. i have all of the FFB setting up to 150% (apart from the self aligning torq) - and it barely feels like it is on at all - i also have the wheel set to 150% on the force scaling - so i'm positive something is up! The self aligning torq feels totally weird - putting it up to 100 feels odd and reducing it to about 30 effectively removes any FFB at all - what am i missing here?