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  1. PC, Deluxe Edition Ford rs200 RX, the speedometer and tachometer don't work.
  2. PC (Deluxe Edition) There Is a bug with motor options on 205 T16 RX, motor options #5 and #6.
  3. (PC) * Could you improve the translation of the Italian codriver? many words are not correctly translated, and this can lead to mistakes in race, and in rally, the codriver's voice is everything! * Spain (Comienzo en Bellriu, Ascenso por valle el Gaulet), the note "right 2" is missing before the right inversion. * Germany, in some stage the codriver voice is lower. Some notes are given too late, others too early. * We ask you if you can add the "H shifter with clutch or sequential" option based on the type of car; It's frustrating to change the option every time you change the type of car. Thank's!