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  1. rypeL

    4k HD Texture Pack for GRID:A

    You will only see differences on the car textures and even in 1080p you will see a big improvement in the car close ups that happen in replays/menus etc if you actually do the comparison. Without the HD pack car close ups simply look noticable blurry, with the pack that is gone. Im very happy for it cause it makes the cars look very good and makes GAS even more competitive in the gfx deparment compared to the other racing games even though it still uses the "old" last gen engine. I cant wait to see what CM will have in store for their next engine. If they make a noticable improvement Forza etc really might have a problem. 
  2. rypeL

    To many complaints !!!!!

    The game delivers. Sure its not perfect, but nothing is. Name one other racing game and we can give you a list of flaws for all of them. Between more serious games like rfactor, iracing etc and more arcade ones like trackmania, GAS fills a space in my oppinion. It´s simcade and its a very good simcade since the handling is very good imho. For me it is the first GRID i can actually enjoy with a wheel. The first GRID was somewhat ok with a wheel but i didnt enjoy it as much as GAS with a wheel. Part of it is cause i think the cars in the first GRID were a bit easier to spin out for rammers etc and often you had to countersteer in an instance. The grip dropped dramatically fast sometimes so driving the gam with a wheel felt like work to me and not that fun. I think in GAS the grip you loose on oversteer/whwn getting rammed is better balanced so i enjoy this oen with a wheel while i never really enjoyed GRID 1 with a wheel. Though i havent played GRID 1 in years so that is just what my memory serves me. And GRID 2 obviously was just too much drifting through every corner and so online the slightest of touch while you did your drifting spun you out. Cause of the better grip balance GAS online races have been much more cleaner for me compared to GRID 2 (and compared to GRID 1 aswell if my memory serves me right) If i had one wish for GAS it would be the addition of text chat to make the online part feel more alive. Other than that: great job! 
  3. rypeL

    Online car upgrades

    The new cars are not that much more expensive and since most of the used cars have days and days of tracktime behind them while still beeing ok this basically means that if you buy a new car you will never have to buy that car again it seems. Unless you spend like hundreds of hours in that one car (but if you do you should become an expert at this game anyway and typically as the game goes on you should accumulate a lot of cash. The racenet challenges can help a lot if you struggle with money). So i would just save up for new cars and then you can upgrade them at will without ever really having to worry about fearing to have to rebuy that car anytime soon.
  4. Agreed, the music in the first GRID was way more prominent and i dont think that was a bad thing. Also the music in the replays of GAS is kinda low volume (atleast in standard settings) and kind of forgettable. Dirt 2 had the best replay music ever in my oppinion and GRID was good aswell. So Codies know how to deliver on that part so i hope for them to give that area a bit more love again for future titles.