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  1. Furbo81

    Thank you for listen to us (multiplayer)

    Thanks CM I've been having some great races and the session search is exactly what I wanted. This game is now awesome #NUMBER1#
  2. When playing online in a lobby and you get terminal damage you get kicked for inactivity which is frustrating. Can this not be sorted by adjusting the idle time before you get kicked out?
  3. AMAZING!!!! Great effort all involved and thank for you FOR listening........ taking our comments on board 👍👍👍
  4. Furbo81

    Quick multiplayer update

    Thank you for the quick update 👍
  5. Furbo81

    Quick multiplayer update

    How is the team getting on chris? Are we looking at mid January or the end of January? 😀
  6. Furbo81


    Depending on what controller you are useing, when I press L1 on the playstation controller the car just flashes its lights. I thought this would be neat on night time races online as banter when behind the car in front you could flash em.... But when I was driving behind my friend and I flashed the head lights he reckons he could not see them on his screen. (like when the ai do it to you in career mode)
  7. Furbo81

    Quick multiplayer update

    Any news regarding public lobbies is always top top news. Just wish we had them over the holidays. Really pleased they are on there way tho roll on january😀 #gamechanger#
  8. Furbo81

    Two wheels achievement

    Thanks for the advice I will give it a try👍
  9. When I drive over the kerb on a bend, my car occasionally go up on two wheels but it never seems to register. ( this is hard to trigger)
  10. Furbo81

    Bugged Accolade season 1

    I spotted the same thing on mine aswell
  11. Furbo81

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    Before Christmas would be amazing effort by the Dev Team!! 😀
  12. Yeah but I'm guessing the idea behind this is because of our feed back. ( regarding not racing against enough human players) I'm not sure about this either, at least there won't be a mass exit when the trucks appear. Fair play to codies for trying something new to improve things but 🤞 we are just few weeks away from public lobbies. (#gamechanger)
  13. Furbo81

    Multiplayer Lobby System

    Quick play is here to stay I would imagine, they are adding custom lobbies for the mojority that have requested them.
  14. I'm a big fan of the BTCC, love the TV camera angle of craner curves. (Donnington Race Circuit)