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  1. SlendermanXXI

    Unrealistic and annoying throttle application

    I'm sorry David but theirs got to be something wrong with the Logitech G29 theirs so many complaining about this issue, the other wheels seem fine but as I've posted many times on the forums without a response it seems like a fundamental issue with your game and that particular wheel, I have friends who have the G29 and are having the same issues when you try to accelerate out of a slow speed corner the rear just wants to spin no matter how lightly to go on the throttle, even going up a couple of gears mid way through the RPM range the rear just snaps, it's really concerning and it also loses you nearly a second a lap, please look into this.
  2. SlendermanXXI


    Synergy F1 Team 103 AI, full weekend 50% race and no assists
  3. SlendermanXXI

    Issues I've Found On F1 2020

    1) The Safety car and the VSC in My Team at least has a lot of problems, it either comes out for a car retiring in a safe part of the track but won't come out when a big crash has happened and the car is in a dangerous part of the track. 2) The DRS is none existent on this years game, I understand on F1 2019 is was too powerful but this year it barely does anything unless you use overtake and the ERS, in real life the DRS is very powerful as Austria shown, maybe improve the speed you gain from DRS slighly more. 3) Traction for whatever reason on the Logitech G29 especially is absolutely awful, theirs times when the car is at full grip and the rear will just spin for no reason, also shifting up gears out of slow corners to help traction makes it auto spin at times, theirs no consistency with it considering this was supposed to be one of the big changes with the new handling model, I've had a lot of people I know who are having similar issues and it's really taking the enjoyment out of the game. 4) The controller is ridiculously over powered this year, without assists I was able to go nearly a full second quicker than the times I did on the wheel in only a couple of laps after not using it for a good 6 months or so, the TT leaderboards are dominated by controller users and the people I've raced against are on another level of pace compared to wheel users, when I tested the controller you can really get on the throttle so much earlier and have little to no traction loss at all, then with assists is even worse, full ABS and medium traction makes the controller even quicker! something seriously needs to be changed otherwise this game will be impossible to race on against controller players. 5) Overtake button being stuck on and unable to turn it off in online races These are the main issues I've found off the top of my head, if you've come across anything please let Codemasters know, this game has so much potential with some changes, I hope we can see some fixes and updates soon.
  4. SlendermanXXI

    Logitech G29 Issues

    I've turned my linearity to 50 and it's still causing me issues, if I put the deadzone up I'll lose so much time on traction, I think it's a fundamental problem within the game, the pad is ridiculously over powered for traction as well which doesn't help
  5. SlendermanXXI

    Logitech G29 Issues

    Here is the biggest example I could get showing how bad it is to drive on this game with the wheel
  6. SlendermanXXI

    Pad Traction Is OP!

    Codemasters needs to nerf the controller traction, it's absolutely ridiculous the difference between the pad and the wheel especially with assists as well it's literally impossible to keep up with anyone on the pad, I really hope Codemasters are aware of this and I hope to see an update ASAP!
  7. SlendermanXXI

    Logitech G29 Issues

    The more I use the G29 on F1 2020 the more I realize how broken it is, talking to friends who have Thrustmaster wheels etc they don't seem to have any of the problems us G29 users are experiencing. I've tried so many different settings like turning the wheel rotation to 270 degrees and that's helped with the rotation issues but after further testing I've noticed it's mainly the traction coming out of corners, I can't seem to get any grip even on a gradual input, the rear seems to always want to slide and cause issues so I have no confidence and it's losing me so much time. A lot of my friends who are on the G29 are saying they're having the same issues, just wondering if anyone else is coming across the same problems as us and if so have you found a way to sort it? if not I'd like to see Codemasters look into this and come up with a potential fix because right now it's so slow being on the G29, thanks.
  8. SlendermanXXI

    Wheel vs Pad

    So the common question is still being asked, which is faster the wheel or the pad. Now over the years Codemasters have always catered towards the pad because not many people could afford to buy wheels, this isn't the case anymore. the logic is you start off with the pad and reach your potential with it, you then move to the wheel to be even quicker, now that part for whatever reason doesn't really sit well with Codemasters it seems, for whatever reason the pad is still extremely OP on this years game especially without any assists. I've been using the wheel (G29) since I got the game and I've managed to get quicker and quicker each day, but I noticed on the leaderboards I'm nowhere near any of the pad users times and theirs a reason for it, I decided to jump on the pad myself today after not using it for a good 5-6 months and I went nearly 5 tenths quicker than my wheel times in under 3 laps, I believe the reason for this is the traction... for some reason you can absolutely stamp on the throttle coming out of corners compared to the wheel, whenever I've used the wheel I barely feel any feedback so I'm often guessing where the traction is which loses me times but on top of that I'm also having to be so much more careful with my throttle input, no matter how careful or smooth I am on the throttle I still find myself losing grip and losing even more time unlike the pad where I can literally smash on the throttle coming out of corners it makes no sense, how can we get to where we are in the "sim world" but Codemasters still want to cater to the casual players rather than the players who will put in the time and effort to get quicker, realistically you would thinking moving from the pad to the wheel will gain you time because it's a natural way to drive but not on F1 2020, for whatever reason you're punished for trying to drive the right way. I just feel it's so frustrating that this game is going to be dominated by pad users unless you're an alien on the wheel, surely it can't just be me who's noticing this.
  9. SlendermanXXI

    Logitech Wheel Issues

    So I've been using my Logitech G29 since the release of the game and I've been noticing a lot of issues with it and wheels in general, theirs been many times when I don't have enough rotation or I'll randomly have no traction at all coming out of corners even when I'm on low throttle the car will just randomly spin out for no reason, I've had a lot of friends tell me they're so much quicker when they switch to the pad compared to the wheel at least a good 1-2 seconds, surely theirs something seriously wrong with certain wheels, the fact you can be that much quicker on a controller compared to a wheel is a joke surely? This is a racing game after all so being on the wheel with no assists should be so much quicker than being on a pad, I have a small feeling Codemasters have gone down the "we want to cater to the casual players" rather than actually making a racing game for the people who will actually put time and effort into playing the game, I can't be the only one whose come across these issues.