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  1. On ps5, the driver stat update keeps happening. Before the update, my MYTEAM team mate (Mick Schumacher) was an overall of 90, now he's back to 76 and it resets his stats every race
  2. It's a simple thing that wasn't broken in previous games. This one feels so rushed.
  3. Every other race or so the game changes the damage setting and the setting for where I want radio messages to come from (I set it to TV, but game changes it to controller every so often). I normally have damage set to Simulation, but as you can see, it has changed it to reduced. Any idea when this can be fixed.
  4. Will this update include resolution improvements to take it from below 720p to a somewhat respectable res? If 1080p really is out of reach (which is unrealistic as both f1 2019 and Dirt Rally 2.0 both hit 1080p at higher than 30fps), 900p is bare minimum
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