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  1. ColinRMason

    F1 2019 - No online championship mode

    This needs addressing ASAP. To not have the option for realistic car performance in a league is madness. Come on codies. Add this in next update please.
  2. ColinRMason

    Multiplayer unranked not saving progression [ZX]

    Hello Faya, Is it possible to change car performance to realistic in a league? Me and two of my friends played F1 2018 online championship and used different cars to level the performance. If this can't be done then one of lads who is 64(!), will find it impossible to keep up with us. This will ruin it completely for him and us.
  3. ColinRMason

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    This a serious issue. Please add option to choose realistic car performance in a league Codemasters.