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  1. Hi, I was one of the silly gamers who bought the VIP version of Grid 2019 on the Xbox One. From launch the Multiplayer Quick Match has not been working correctly it appears. At first I thought, it could be not many gamers bought the VIP on the Xbox One. But it now launch day for all version and it the same, can only get to play in the morning and at night (UK time) At others times I get one of 2 messages Quick Match Cancelled Matchmaking was cancelled by the player - I never cancelled the matchmaking, controller is on the desk and tried 2 different Xbox controllers. You have been disconnected from the Xbox Livce Services. Please make sure you are signed into Xbox Live and your network is okay. - I am connected and talking with friends on the Xbox Live service.
  2. GazCBG

    Patch 1.04?

    Patch notes are posted here:
  3. Any update, as tried last night with a friend on the Xbox One and he got in, but I couldn't. Also couldn't get into a private match. We both use the same ISP in the UK, but differnet locations and have also rebooted the internet and Xbox One.
  4. Was just in a mutliplayer race on round 3 and I had to do 4 laps, instead of 3 and came last. was running in 2nd place. It appears the second lap didn't count as the lap counter was on 2/3 This is not your first multiplayer game Codemasters, you shouldn't be having theses issues!
  5. The game seem like a rushed out by the management. The AI Cars are only there in MP to make up the numbers, as it seems they not expecting players to play it. - That is if you can get into MP on Xbox. The biggest Xbox One lobby I got into so far is 4 players which was Friday night. - Couldn't find any lobbies on Saturady Grid Autosport MP was great on the Xbox 360.
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    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    I want Multiplayer lobbies, search doesn't find any. Then blame the player for cancelling the search on Xbox
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    Matchmaking problems ...

    Xbox has also been having a similar problem since launch of the gamer. Really hard to find any games, but not been able to get into any games today so far.
  8. I thought I had already read about it earlier, but wasn't able to find it. Can a mod/admin please merge the 2 posts?