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  1. When is realistic car performance is leagues coming?
  2. If you set up a league with the F1 2019 cars, in the lobby it say's car performance is equal, but this is clearly a lie, because it's always a Merc/Ferrari on pole... Is equal reffering to the fact that the players cars are equal? If they are, then what is the point of having the F1 2019 cars as an option. I want to play a co-op career with friends of different abilities, and on F1 2018 we could go in different cars to offset this. This has spoiled the game for me sadly, and I've advised friends who did not pre-order to wait until we have further info on this. If anyone could explain the system to me, that would be a huge help. Thanks.
  3. Matthew Tomlinson

    No equal cars in Leagues?

    I have this problem too! The AI seem to have realistic performance but I'm not sure about the players 😕