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  1. eastcoast27

    GRID 2 | Steam Release date : 25 september 2014?

    It might have been the Mac release of it.
  2. eastcoast27

    Roofcam Mod

    Really cool roof cam mod! Thanks for that share dude! The only thing I don't like is the Open Wheel cam, to me it doesn't seem right since I grew accustomed to the default cam. But that's just my personal opinion. ;)
  3. I really don't think so. I just upgraded my engine when I obtain it after the Touring Racenet Challenge and did it again to see the difference. It's sad to say that to me at least, that the engine upgrade is non beneficial when my I couldn't even pull away from my ghost on a straightaway even though the top speed increased quite a bit. :neutral_face: But I could also think that the upgrades make a minimal amount of difference so that they don't become overpowered against people with loaner cars or lower ranked cars. But THAT's just my theory.......
  4. eastcoast27

    Car Level Bug - known?

    Actually they fixed it in the PC version which is updated today based on their Changelog. And it's supposed to bring the original level back before it  got bugged. I have to say it was pretty annoying having that issue.
  5. eastcoast27

    Vehicle DLC

    It's not that good tbh, It oversteers quite a lot on low speed corners and quite heavy to get around corners quickly. The brakes are terrible. The only good thing I can say about it is that its top speed is the best in the Performance category, but that doesn't compensate how bad it is for the majority.
  6. eastcoast27

    AI bug Online

    I know for a fact that this was talked before, but I want to bring this up again. There seems to be a bug where some of the AI's don't move from their starting position throughout the whole race. I don't know if this bug occurs at the fifth event or not. But it's something to be looked at.  http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/575652906954850622/385DDE9F8D8F73C3F40F971A38226AFE3C07DD33/ Since I can't post an image because I don't know how to do proper image here, here is the link. As you can see, at least about three AI's are stationary, but what's also strange is that the game believes that they were in front of us SINCE the start of the race until the players lapped them for the second lap. What makes it worse is that even though the AI's are ghosted (thank goodness) the other AI's believe that they're solid vehicles and bob and weave out of their way to avoid making contact. Also what is also a issue is that even though the players finished the race, it doesn't end the race, thus putting the players on a inevitable spot of the game not progressing to the rewards screen and forced to quit the session. I honestly don't believe that this is a HUGE issue because I don't see a lot of players using the AI's often in online races, even doing the five event races. But I hope that they will still fix this issue soon.
  7. eastcoast27

    Last week's Racenet Challenge cheat...

    That's not true Kazzy. I never encountered with a cheater in the PC version before on multiplayer and I'm not going to let some one idiot ruin the game for me on the platform. Maybe because I'm lucky that I didn't run into a hacker? I don't think so since not that many people complained about the PC version on the forums so I know for a fact that the PC version is 'mostly' clean.
  8. eastcoast27

    Rank your top 5 disciplines .

    1. Open Wheel2. Touring Cars3. Street 4. Endurance5. Tuner
  9. eastcoast27

    The AI are jerks :|

    Man Ravenwest are really nasty in Touring Cars, I even got shoved off the track because of them. I went a bit wide one time (not to much from the track) and tried to rejoin the track and Nathan (if I remember correctly) just slammed my driver side like I wasn't even there lol. :D
  10. eastcoast27

    Dirty Cars

    I never new that for a good bit while playing Grid. A really nice feature that I figured out when I was wondering why my BMW 320 Touring Car was so scratched after being used so much lol.  :))
  11. Actually from an article from the Xbox guys themselves, they said that any games that supported the Xbox 360 Controller will also support the Xbox One controller, I don't know if it will use the features that the controller has. http://news.xbox.com/2014/06/xbox-one-pc-drivers-for-xbox-one-controller