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  1. I've noticed what seems to be a game breaking bug in the Weekly Events (I'm sure Monthly is affected as well) whereas if I leave while being in a Service Station and come back to finish the stages, the tire selection screen is bugged out. Notice in the images below that it only gives me a set of two to three sets instead of how many I should be getting based on the Service Stations available in that event (five to six I believe?). It also changed what tire compound I'm using as well. For some reason in the Spain event, it gave me Winter tires?? But I know for a fact I chose Softs, but the game does know that I've used them because of its current status. I don't know if its a UI bug or the fact the game actually changed tires for me. It ruined the stages for me because of this. I've tired Australia to see if my suspicion was correct and guess what, I was right. Dang. Spain Weekly Bonus Event Australia Weekly Event