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  1. As far for having done just a part of one stage: Finland is challenging. Question. Normally I share/upload F12 screenshots via Steam, but whenever I click the image it doesn't save to anywhere(desktop for that matter) and I canot copy url/link/address etcetera anymore. What am I doing wrong? Has it changed? So in Steam I went to my profile/name then screenshots on the right Clicked on a screen I wanted to share: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198114033960/screenshots/ So I cannot copy paste this to my destop anymore? Eventually, yes, but I
  2. And is it possible (in the near future) to be able to drive all the normal rallycars on RX tracks. I like the DirtFish Free Roam thingy, but I'd like to try some rwd cars like Escort Mk 2, Manta 400, Stratos, 037 etc on those short and twisty RX tracks. Cheers Robin
  3. IRL I have an M2Comp since last october, this one is great too. It's much faster and sounds better:) Cheers Robin
  4. Hi, That last picture, which stage is that, Australia? But which one? Thanks Cheers Robin
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