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  1. kick that fuuu**ing ai out of racenet challenge !!! they are always blocking and breaking me out and damage my car. Global challenge in Grid 2 was great but that racenet challenge is no fun for me
  2. i agree too. remove AI completely from racenet challenge like in grid 2. With AI there is no serious challenging against friends....
  3. SPA, Istanbul, Yas Marina, Red Bull, Algarve, Okutama,.... mmmmh, theres no track i really hate ! loving the new autosport raceway and circuit americas is challenging insane :-)
  4. pitstops @ races with 3 laps ? lol endurance only ok
  5. yes ,one part from each categorie is cool. but why is Racenetchallenge with ki ??? this sucks i want to beat the best lap times of my friends....if i want to drive against ki, i play singleplayer...
  6. online playlist sucks. every race someone is crashing into your loan car and you are loosing money. on indiduell cups you must drive only one car so long to level it up, no place in garage and if you sell this car your level is gone ! i dont like the multiplayer yet. codies pls do something like "all cars in garage" DLC
  7. thanx...i hope you will change a little bit. making money in online playlist lasts to long or is impossible because after crashs i got money lost every rave. we were driving only vw golf in individuell cup the whole weekend, to level up the car....i cant see the golf anymore. 1. there must be experience points for rental cars too, its logical, because i drive that car before and got experience. 2. experience points for a car must preserve after selling and rebuying a car !
  8. no, its the same like grid 2 trick: you must go with your mouse into the small window and then press alt+enter ! back to game fullscreen without fps drops...;-) The framerate tanks if you Alt-Tab.  Only way to fix it is to quit and restart the game.  8-|
  9. what you say?  im playing right now and the handling is grid 1 like...;-) if you mean toca or something else, i never played that
  10. sorry tanel, you have not a hunch. we all know that this is Grid 2,5...brings only community requests like the great grid1handling back You must see this so....Grid 2 was little fast Arcade-Fun....Autosport brings serious racing back, for those wo like it i willingly buy the game and pay the price...because its the only and best racing game for me. Monopol for Codemasters ! :-)
  11. sorry, my failure. this handbrake swing off was caused by ABS ! now without abs i can drift through the corners like i know this... REALLY GREAT JOB CODIES...THATS THE GRID I WANT !!!  
  12. Handling is good, very close to grid 1 But what happens to the handbrakes ??? if i want to steer right al little bit fine with the handbrakes ,it goes right and then left and then the car is standing still, this sucks ! this means, i cant use the handbreakes in this game....because its very useless !!!
  13. Ridiculous. Why do Americans get a game developed by a UK development team ... before the UK gets the game developed by the UK development team? This just defies logic. Steam is Steam; regardless of region, the games should all unlock at the same time. It's not fair that if I were to take my computer across to Florida tomorrow I'd be able to play it, but because I can't then I have to wait three whole days.. Good morning, Grid is not the only game. always most games are first released in america and the rest got it few days later. dont ask me why...
  14. I think its the same like Grid 2-Release. Usa 3 days before on 24th. The rest will play on 27th. Source: Amazon
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