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  1. What ever happened to people not buying things they don't want? If you want new content, just wait for the actual DLC. You're allowed to skip the mini-packs, you know.
  2. No you are 100% correct and I debated it. But I didn't want to embarrass myself or insult Scottish folk haha. Thanks for watching mate! Ha, yeah, I completely understand. I'm not too great with accents either. Keep it up, man, it's good stuff.
  3. Pretty cool, but just one thing: that's Rick Scott talking, correct? Isn't he supposed to be Scottish? Or are you just taking some creative liberties? Either way, it's really well-made and I look forward to watching the next episode.
  4. SparkRacer

    New tracks on the way

    Might as well be. The graphics, physics, and car variety are completely different from GRID. You won't be racing it the same way.
  5. SparkRacer

    New tracks on the way

    Three new tracks and people still find a way to complain. Keep it classy, folks.
  6. SparkRacer

    I Just Want To Say Thanks....

    Count me in on this sentiment. I've had a couple of gripes, but overall this game really is great. Loads of content, competitive AI, beautiful damage model, fun and challenging physics. I enjoyed GRID 2, but this, in my opinion, is the true successor to Race Driver: GRID.
  7. SparkRacer

    What's your favorite track?

    Or not... :DI raced there only once with CatC and seemingly was the only one smart enough to increase gear ratios and lower downforce. Despite being hit and spun at the start I managed to pass every single one of them without any effort (with an initial gap of 15secs to the leader) and win with a 5secs gap. That was indeed a fun race. I had trouble keeping the car on track, as much as I laughed. :D The Autosport oval is great fun in Formula A. It's like a supercharged Pocono.
  8. SparkRacer

    Weird AI Bug: Anyone else see this?

    I started my career on hard, but this season I moved it up to very hard for more of a challenge. I've noticed this happening on both difficulties.
  9. I bought GRID Autosport about a week ago, and overall I've been enjoying it immensely. However, I have noticed something going on that I find a bit odd. I'm currently in my fourth season and competing in Formula B, and I've noticed that sometimes on long straightaways or fast, sweeping turns I will look over and the AI will be furiously turning their wheels back and forth instead of keeping the wheel steady. At first I thought it was just a graphical issue, but then I noticed that they were much slower than I was on, for instance, the front stretch at Algarve or the stretch after Eau Rouge at Spa. It also often does this to my car during the start of practice and qualifying, sometimes sending me flying off to the side of the track when I get control across the line. And you'd better believe ovals are a strange sight, indeed Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Is anyone else having this problem? The AI is still pretty competitive, but it does feel like this might be slowing them down, plus it looks really weird. I haven't noticed this in any of the other disciplines, but I haven't raced much other than open-wheels yet. Oh, and sorry if this has already been discussed, but I didn't see anything about it in the patch notes so I figured I'd ask.
  10. SparkRacer

    What's your favorite track?

    Haven't raced them all yet, but the Autosport GP circuit is really great fun. I also enjoy Brands Hatch GP and Okutama Grand Circuit.
  11. It's a nice change of pace, and I feel there are enough tracks that reverse layouts can be thrown in without becoming stale.
  12. SparkRacer

    delete the view blocking bar of the honda

    It is indeed on the actual car. Pretty...odd design choice, for lack of a better word. Can't pin in on Codies, though. It seems accurate.
  13. SparkRacer

    DiRTy Gossip

    You're tellin' me, it wouldn't be any fun if we just spilled the beans in one go though. But think how much less stress you'd have :P I check this thread a couple of times a day so eager am I for news. I see these guys as some sort of elite secret keepers, the SAS of shutting up. My guess is as the pressure builds they just kick back, put the feet on the desk, swig another coffee and reach for the donuts. We need some sort of elite tactics...maybe some sort of mind control. What if we stole the coffee and donuts? Then they'd have no respite from the pressure, and we'd have coffee and donuts! Sounds like a win-win to me!
  14. SparkRacer

    Grid Autosport Videos and screen shots thread

    Bit of a bump, but have some demo derby! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-4lil26AYU
  15. Thanks for the stream, Skid. I thoroughly enjoyed it.