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  1. 1. Incorrect. It's a matter of setup and driving style. I've seen many and I myself can match the AI for both speed and tyre wear. Most people I've seen complain about this are people that use time trial setups. 2. Debateable. Depends if you're weaving around too much. Drive like a real F1 driver would and this is much less obvious. 3. True in most cases. Possibly down to the game engine and old hardware. 4. Same as number 1. It's absolutely possible to match them in the wet. Again, most people complaining are driving like it's dry. 5. Somewhat true. Though it's more dependant on where you are
  2. AI have over powered tyre wear AI cannot overtake unless you make a mistake AI cannot defend AI are over powered in the wet Safety car never comes out unless it's monaco or you are involved AI never retire unless you are involved. Pit stops are always 3.7 seconds Pad is OP You need mods to fix the first lap pace of the AI which is literally amateur speed even in Legend difficulty Flashbacks still cause crashes Now how much of that was in F1 2013? Almost all of it. 
  3. on every single track people pull away seconds in a few corners. Makes me unbelievably angry. Red Bull and Ferrari top 4 in qualy as well. They have no idea. Why did they not tune performance to each track??
  4. Look at this video from tiametmarduk. He starts 4th, brakes EARLIER than all ahead of him and STILL takes two Mercedes in one corner. ~3m55s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mncVuPVBpXE I've seen this is in many other videos as well. You have to sort it out. I love this game and want to play on a hard difficulty, but I don't want to pass 11 cars on one lap!! Please codies, tell me there is something you can do to fix this. How did nobody spot this while testing? look at this bs around 4:08 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMB0lGWDmFo&feature=youtu.be&t=4m8s
  5. so when we see a video of bahrain gameriot gameplay, why are they breaking so early for turn 10? Gameriot hit the back of them multiple times.
  6. Why the hell did you not shwo us this first :( It's so much better than the stupid hto lap which swaps camera ever two seconds
  7. Check out /r/formula1 and /r/lewishamilton
  8. One lap race is a smaller young driver test and other than driving physics, I don't see what is taking up the space?
  9. It definitely is. I've been behind cars with no DRS and caught up. Check your setup, a slower gear ratio may neutral out your slipstream.
  10. I'm looking forward to driving a formation lap!! If there is no formation I will be severely dissapointed :( I am also looking forward to attempting to correct massive oversteer. One thing I'm not looking forward to is all the wheel spin :(
  11. If there are no formation laps or cooldown laps I will be really disappointed. It's next gen for god's sake, surely they can fit it in at least as an option.
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