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  1. PapesB710

    Wet weather. ***?!

    I'll start by apologizing. I'm certain I'm not the only one who has brought this up, but I dont come on here as much as I should, so perhaps I'm behind. I finally got around to starting my career mode. Got the game immediately but noticed many bugs. Put it on the shelf until a month ago. Really enjoy it, except when rain comes into play. After 2 laps in the wet I'm 3 to sometimes 4 seconds off the pace when I have been comfortably in midfield all year (Haas season 1). I'm beginning my final race of the year at Abu Dhabi so not worried about weather. Is there any solution to this other than lowering the difficulty? Trying to find some tips before I start a new season. I leave it at 100 AI and I'd hate to have to lower it, but I dont see what else I can do. I've tampered with a million setups, etc..and in previous years I had no issue with rain. I actually enjoyed it until this mess.
  2. Is the patch out for xbox yet? I got the game the day it released and it was nearly unplayable. I rebooted it up today after hearing about the 1.05 patch. It will not upload the patch. It's still on 1.03. What do I have to do if it's available? I also re installed the game and it didnt update. Help please
  3. PapesB710

    I need help with difficulty

    I've had to decrease difficulty in each of the last 3 games. 2017 I could do 110 AI. 2018 it was 105. 2019 I have it down to 100 and I still am a little slow compared to my teammate. Havent been able to enjoy much because of the ridiculous tyre wear bug unfortunately.
  4. PapesB710

    Game Crashing

    Beyond livid. Just finished a 100% race at Russia. After the podium celebration my game immediately crashed, sending me to the initial screen after your console loads. Totally wasted a couple hours for nothing. Its happened to me twice during qualifying sessions as well. I k know nothing can be done from my end but what a disappointment.
  5. Thank you both for the input. It was indeed the race strategy program. Since I've skipped over that objective my fuel load pre race has gone back to normal for several races now.
  6. I finally received f1 2018 the other day for a valentines gift. I havent made an attempt to buy it because of all the bugs I've been reading about. The main issue I've discovered so far is going into my race strategy before the race. I'm in season 1 with alfa romeo sauber. About to start round 3 at china. I do 100% races. Australia was perfect as it gave me the option of up to an extra lap of fuel. Round 2 in Bahrain i was forced to start 11 laps short on fuel. Obviously it made my race very difficult. I ended up retiring due to a crash with about 15 laps remaining, and I was still almost 6 laps short on fuel. Now I'm pre race at China and I'm forced to start with 9 laps short of fuel. What the hell is the deal? I didnt get purple in either of my fuel saving programs in these 2 rounds. Is that the issue or is it an all out bug? Help!