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  1. Prior to patch 1.05, there were sparks when from under the car which you could see, after patch 1.05 you can hear the car scraping but when you look behind there are no visible sparks anymore.
  2. In my team career mode, your teams suits and helmets change according to what colours and designs your team colours are set to
  3. This is true, but still it would make sense to have a solid base and then charge for the updates, it snot like they relying only on F1 to make money, they have many games
  4. Instead of making a new game each year and adding new features and options and neglecting to fix the core fundamentals that are wrong year in year out, rather just keep the base game intact and improve this and release car/track/rule changes etc in yearly update patches, surely if you get the foundation solid and just keep adding new features onto that there wouldn't be the same issues year after year. I just think add the new season in a patch/update rather than having a completely new game every year with the same bugs, making a new game with new my team career etc is pointless when the
  5. The livery is called Arrow, it was in the item store.
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