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  1. hardbaked

    Pit Crew Outfits

    In my team career mode, your teams suits and helmets change according to what colours and designs your team colours are set to
  2. hardbaked

    1.09 is out [PC]

    SC has also been updated with the we race as one rainbow and the body looks like chrome now
  3. hardbaked

    Engine Sound

    oh ok cool I'm mid season with the Ferrari engine but it still sounds like the Honda, so you saying at the start of the next season it will correct itself!
  4. hardbaked

    Engine Sound

    When is the issue with engine sounds going to be fixed in my team career mode when changing from say Honda to Ferrari!
  5. hardbaked

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    This is true, but still it would make sense to have a solid base and then charge for the updates, it snot like they relying only on F1 to make money, they have many games
  6. hardbaked

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    Instead of making a new game each year and adding new features and options and neglecting to fix the core fundamentals that are wrong year in year out, rather just keep the base game intact and improve this and release car/track/rule changes etc in yearly update patches, surely if you get the foundation solid and just keep adding new features onto that there wouldn't be the same issues year after year. I just think add the new season in a patch/update rather than having a completely new game every year with the same bugs, making a new game with new my team career etc is pointless when the issues from previous years are still in the game and messing up the experience, then who cares about new features like my team if the base core game is not 100% Dont get me wrong I love the F1 games and buy each years game without fail, but its just disappointing that CM cant get bugs ironed out from 3 years back.
  7. hardbaked

    Changing Engine Supplier

    So I know this has been a topic of discussion, but its been ages now and still fix by CM when changing engine supplier in my team. The engine sound does not change from the first engine you slected. Is CM actually going to fix this or not?
  8. hardbaked

    1.08 patch

    There are no bars at all now even those departments which are fully upgraded show no bar. The first Facility has bars but the rest dont.
  9. hardbaked

    1.08 patch

    I see now in the Facilities menu the various different levels for what each item is on in a particular facility has gone, there used to be 3 bars as you upgrade the department it shouwed which level you were on, now this has been removed in 1.08?
  10. hardbaked

    Safety car

    I have had the same incidents and no SC or VSC, I'm on my 3rd season of my team and only had 1 SC and 1 VSC in 3 seasons, many times cars have stopped in dangerous places and no SC has been deployed
  11. hardbaked

    My Team Car Body Choices

    So why cant CM make a specific few options for different noses and tail sections that are not true to any real life F1 car so the customization of the my team career car?
  12. hardbaked

    My Team Car Body Choices

    It would be nice if CM would allow you to chose your cars body style each season. ie: the different cars have slightly different body designs and eye brows on the nose of the cars like the Alpha, Mercedes etc, also the little stacked vent fin type addons to the top of the halo
  13. hardbaked

    Safety Car

    I am on my 3rd season of my team and have only had 2 Safety Cars in 3 seasons. I have had a few races where drivers have stopped in dangerous locations around the track and no SC or VSC was deployed. SC has always been an issue with the F1 games, they either come out at way to often or not at all, pretty unrelaistic.
  14. hardbaked

    Changing Power Unit

    Once you have said start new season, it will load to a screen with various team options, one of them lets you change your main sponsor, engine supplier etc. It is the same screen where you can edit your suit, livery etc.
  15. hardbaked

    Change of Engine

    Anyone else notice that when you change your engine supplier in my team career mode the sound of the new engine doesnt change from the original one you selected when you started. I started my career with Renault power unit and have now in season 3 changed to Ferrari, but my engine doesnt sound like the Ferrari engine?