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  1. navarreitor

    Possible BUG

    Hi I tried the weekly event and in my last lap, when I run P2, a couple of (put here what you want) ruins my race. Now I already repeat it but when I was waiting I discovered that instead 100 AI the info said it was 40. I close the game and restart it and then all was ok (100 AI) At the end of the race checked it again and the misinformation was there again. On video: Info OK, before the race: 0'00'' Wrong Info at the end: 33'05'' regards
  2. navarreitor

    One key missing feature

    Sorry for my English, but I want to say I completely agree with you and happy to read someone complaining the game didn't include a career MP mode. I can't understand, but people ask for interviews, red flags, transfers... You are one of the few I read to ask MP career, something I ask for to Lee Mather in a couple of interviews, not to include his answer, only like an f1 game fan. Good to know anyone more asks for it. Ps: btw, red flags, interviews, and transfers could have real meaning for me if we could have all this stuff in MP career. Could be interesting then, not now.
  3. navarreitor

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    Hi Why 48 names if races only allow 20 + 2 spect? (m_name[48];) Edit I just test it and now understand my mistake, are 48 characters for each name .... But on ps4 are P/L/A/Y/E/R always on multiplayer Same last year personal data policy ?
  4. navarreitor

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    Thank you @Hoo We can ask our participants to do public their data but would be better if we can manage that form the admin/owner menu. If not, it is possible that some pilot forget to put his data public and the only solution we would have is to sanction them. BTW, League mode is great, but it would be best if it has a fourth profile as a guest (as well as owner, administrator, and participant). That way, when not all the participants can run a race, instead of AI, they could be replaced by guest pilots for a grand prize. The AI is fine, but nothing like the human touch. Another subject, it would be possible that "Stop and go" penalties sums in the penalties of a player until they are fulfilled? Thank you again
  5. navarreitor

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    @Hoo @Faya I have a PS4 copy and I can't find where the Restricted/public telemetry data option is. I hope on PS4 we can make this data public because for commentators all this info is very useful. In fact, it would be fabulous if in the menus of the leagues it could be restricted to be public, just as the assistance that can be used in the races can be restricted when you create the league. In all the competitions in which I participate, we use models that I have provided to have that information to commentators and viewers of the races on youtube/twitch (links below)
  6. navarreitor

    F1 2018 UDP Specification

    Great but would be great to use our dash since day 1 and sure must be some changes. For instance, tyres compounds, and I use this info in a dash for commentators. Please, let us know the structure @Hoo
  7. Hi I play on the current version of F1 2018 on a PS4 Pro I race on a championship that only allows drivers to choose one of the predefined setups. Last Friday we race on Mexico and I choose the setup number 4, that I tested before against AI. In my previous tests, I change BB from 63 to 57 (predefined value to a new one) when I was on track. I did the same on my online game in the championship when I was on my second qualification attempt, and if I tell you this is because seems to be relevant. I'll explain to you later. The championship is played with short qualification and 50% laps. When the race starts I realized all the people overtake me very easy on the long straight at the start of the track. I didn't understand why and only a lot of time after I realized my race setup not was 4 anymore: it was 1!!!! At the end of the race, one of my rivals told me that this was an issue when you change BB or another value during qualification. Then I remembered that my last qualification attempt I also was surprised when a driver overtakes me like a plane on the main straight. I check my recorded session on youtube and video shows I loose 20 km/h in that zone. This is really annoying and I hope you can fix it, especially for F1 2019 Video (quali and race) https://youtu.be/1Xhjy43xfIY
  8. navarreitor

    F1 2018 UDP Specification

    @Hoo, I was on the presentation of F1 2019 in Hamburg and I can see in the menus that there's 2019 UDP specification. The menu was inactive, so I can't check but I figure the game includes 2018 and Legacy also. Can you tell us something about? When can you tell us all about 2019 specification? I ask for being included in the beta mainly for this...not lucky 😞
  9. navarreitor


    https://youtu.be/Eu902QJk3yQ Minute 33. Stuck in my pit stop (90 seconds) Hear me shut like a crazy and remembering - with all my love-your relatives. 😙 Please, fix it asap
  10. I couldn’t agree more. Would also be nice for PS4... I use a keyboard on ps4 as a button box. Don't understand where is your problem to do it. The game detects my wheel and also my keyboard and on settings I can link wheel buttons or keyboard keys to any of the available actions.