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  1. I quit this game for almost an entire year because of this, mostly hoping that it would be fixed and disappointed to find that it still isn't. I can get 1st in masters with any car and engine upgrade 1 or 2 but as soon as I upgrade it to 3 or higher the AI suddenly hits record times in the top 200 all time. I'm not at that level and neither is the majority of the player base so it doesn't make sense to program the AI to post times like that. I have tested it and it happens with EVERY class including rallycross. As soon as I downgrade back to level 2, I am once again able to win. So I have the choice of keeping the max upgrade and finishing quicker + doing better at online events or staying at level 2 so I can actually win in career mode. It doesn't make sense and seems it will never be fixed as it looks like support has already been dropped as usual.
  2. I do have the RX Clio after checking again but that is the one and only s3/4 car in my garage. I just spent 8 minutes going to each individual car to download it and none of them are here. I don't even know if delivering them to the garage was an s1/2 only thing but I can't find any info so I have to ask here. Now that I am checking everything to figure out the problem I found out that the locations are not available either, even though everything says it is installed. None of them are showing up in custom event or time trial.