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    grid autosport data save corupted

    Ok Code Masters. Three years ago you promised everyone you would have a patch in a week . Weeks turned into months. This was promised by your employee Operator 1. So where is it ?? Did you just not make one. Is it because your all morons and don't have the brains. I heard some of those Indian fucks living in your country are pretty smart give them a job. They couldn't do any worse then your doing right ?

    grid autosport data save corupted

    same thing to me also. my question is why hasn't code master answered these question. its been happening for 3 years .  is the answer they don't know why it happens really.  well i want a answer right freaking now!!. i have put two years into this game and i will not start over.  so code master if you have any balls at all give me a answer. if not i will be coming to the uk on business in the next few months.  i will make the time to visit you in person if you don't give me a solution or a answer.