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  1. QikMik79

    GRID 2019 - When is Split Screen Coming?

    Think you'll find split screen is a thing of the past, unless its something like Mario Kart. I don't remember the last game that had it.
  2. Not a fan of the current release model that is Dirt Rally 2.0. Full price for a tiny amount of locations and stages and a small amount of cars, then as more content released more cost. I understand that its the current industry model, and I have a feeling that the upcoming Grid release will be the same. Thankfully, licensed properties are exempt from this, ones like F1 2019. I have held off on getting DR2.0 thus far, and may for a while longer, while WRC8 looks evermore tempting. Same with Grid, will hold off unless its full game up front. Is this now standard accross the board? If you're releasing half of the content at start, start off with half the price...