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  1. Hey! It's awesome to see the reactions about the series. We've been hard at work creating it. Just going through the questions in here! Thanks for the feedback about advertisement. We're improving each year! Pad > Wheel: Nope - it's open to all to qualify on. However, you MUST use a wheel at the live events. There is no exception for this, but always helps make the dive over to wheel happen quicker. The Pro Series will begin on 2019 and as we wanted to make the season longer, we needed the guys qualified firstly 🙂 That being said, we do have some cool stuff on 2019 coming up! We have visibility of all of the data from each attempt. I know the time you are referring to and if you check the F1Esports.com website (I'll update it shortly), you'll see the "actual" leaderboard. The game doesn't know who's registered on F1Esports.com, so the leaderboard on the website is always a good way to verify who's registered, who's valid etc. Hope this helps. Good luck for Event 1, you have just under a week remaining!
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    Ale81udine/KKK - Keep it clean, friendly and calm please. Moving back to the original subject of this thread.... DiRTy Gossip 🙂