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  1. wich thread Lee told us about that ? cant find it lol. would like to say thanks there or i ll do it here now ^^ i think my teammate vadda told him my adress. Big THX for the prices, from me and team Euronics Gaming, to Lee and Codemasters ! was a great competition :)
  2. @Vorrtz Multiplayer championship would be amazing, but i think the problem is we are on 3 plattforms, very small groups of drivers every plattform :( but yes would be funn ! we need more drivers, lets make promotion for it :D and thanks for the great fights we had, your trailblazer time on norway was very impresive and hard to beat and others too ! had little advantage, was playing alot of dirt3 years ago and found back pretty soon. THX to lee and all drivers, it was a great event !!!
  3. dirt2 would be amazing, but little break before would be nice :D
  4. hi all :) thx for this great competition, little bit sad it´s over now ... i can´t take part monte, have fun all there :) @mikeyar and @vorrtz, thx for this great battles we had, some of your times were hell fast and i had hard to work on track ^^ and still took you not alot of time only 0.1 or less.i had a little advantage maybe, bc i was playing alot dirt3 a few years ago ^^ was knowing some tracks... it was big fun with you guys :) hf all in monte :)
  5. hi guys, had some big network issues for last few days and wasn´t able to drive bc could´nt check whats the actuall stages are :(  i can play now a little bit, but i know its too late :( ll post my times now and hopefully you could accept it plz ^_^ Name: StuntmanMike24 Team: Euronics Gaming Stage 1 Time: 2:41.988 Stage 2 Time: 2:50.208 Stage 3 Time: 2:25.824 Stage 4 Time: 2:04.742
  6. ok great :D we germans are confused sometimes :D
  7. Thank you Vorrtz :) was a close battle on both rally stages between me you and yar ! i was under stress there last day ! but can´t find yar in the results ? :( he did great times. Thank you lee for posting the results, lets move on to norway :)
  8. Hi guys :) I ´ll share my setup and line for the trailblazer stage in this video with you all. should be a little help and motivation for newer dirt 3 drivers :) maybe it can help to improve your times ! GL and HF all, keep pushing hard ! Video and Setup by StuntmanMike24 from team Euronics Gaming Trailblazer Modern - Lake Superior 1.14,697 - WR PC + Setup
  9. im little bit confused about the rules. do we have to take all 3 stages times from 1 driver ? i thought its a team competition and we can take times from the fastest driver in our team for every stage. plz can somebody explain me ? :( hello Mike from Team Front Pfälzer :-h :-h :-h
  10. hey guys :) StuntmanMike24 here. Thx justbiglee for making this awesome competition ! And THX all teams and drivers they take part here ! amazing how much drivers we have :) it remebers me on Dirt Time Trial Championships from old cm forum, i think it was 2011 and 2012. i started both, was just a great community and great drivers, nice we have such events again here. happy racing all :D btw great close battle this round @ vorrtz :)
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