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  1. Isn't the replay system attached to flashbacks? (I kind of need those if it's not the cause of the freezing.) If it's a separate thing that is writing the entire race to HDD then it might make some sense that it could be bottlenecking.
  2. So yeah just like the title says I'm running laps with no issue and then all of the sudden the game will freeze for around 5-10 seconds and come back. This tends to result in difficulty recovering the car after the game comes back. I'm sure there's not a huge amount of interest in this game at this point but I'm wondering if anyone knows what's going on? I've got an i72700k with an Nvidia GTX 970 and that should be more than enough horsepower for the game. Color me confused. Poor optimization? Issues with modern hardware?
  3. Zachrulez

    Season 2 Difficulty Spike

    Hopefully this gets balanced better in the 2020 game.
  4. If it helps my process through practice usually ends up settling on a setup in practice 1 sometimes tweaking it in practice 2 although considering the way I talked about liking the setup for this I probably never tweaked it from FP1. My process through practice is usually to do acclimatization and ers programs in FP1, Race Strategy, Fuel Management and Tyre Wear Management in FP2, and then Qualifying Sim in FP3. I can't say for certain that was my process but that's usually how I go through practice. (Sometimes I would do Tyre Wear in FP3 as well but that's pretty rare.) I have to imagine that playing around with this process would eventually replicate the issue on the dev side.
  5. I actually found the offending race. Unfortunately I only have video now from Qualifying and Race which was after the game changed the setup on me. I'd go through the trouble of trying to reproduce this again but if the devs don't understand their code well enough to know what might be wrong here (I think it's been around 7 months since I originally brought this up?) I'm not confident that actually having video of a setup change happening would actually make much of a difference.
  6. Zachrulez

    Can the formula 1 game have two versions?

    Seems like better online options (or even better options in general) would go a long way toward making more people happy.
  7. Zachrulez

    Safety car pit stop glitch?

    Are you driving faster than the pace of the cars on track when you enter the pitlane? I'm not asking as if you're doing anything wrong it's just that it wouldn't surprise me if the game didn't differentiate driving on pitlane from driving on track and considered a quick pit lane entry an 'overtake' if you actually end up ahead of cars relative to where they are on track.
  8. I'm just curious if this ever got addressed. I feel a bit bad that I was in a really angry mindset at the time and wasn't feeling like being particularly helpful. I would strongly urge the devs to at least let you retroactively turn off parc ferme if they can't guarantee these types of bugs won't be permanently removed from the game. At least then there would have been a workaround to this and I might not have lost interest in playing this game.
  9. I'm actually quite sad a game like this hasn't been attempted since.
  10. Zachrulez

    Custom Weather in Career Mode F1 2019 ?!

    Game definitely needs this. Dynamic weather is a nice idea in theory but often seems to result in really large batches of rain for certain seasons.
  11. Zachrulez

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    Probably one of the best improvements they could make to career mode is implementing tyre heating upgrades as part of the upgrading process. The tyre heating model does really poorly as the car gets faster.
  12. Zachrulez

    Wing changes

    Looks like this is finally getting fixed in 1.21.
  13. Zachrulez

    Intentional Crashing - Ranked Matches

    What a wonderful idea it's been to not have rear wing damage possible in these games...
  14. Zachrulez

    Wing changes

    Knowing the devs and their history with bugs it would not surprise me at all if it works as intended with some versions of the game (I think it was F1 2017 when I posted this.) and not with others. (I've definitely had issues changing wings in F1 2019 even with repair damage set to yes.)
  15. Zachrulez

    Ai give you no space

    You don't even have to do it from miles back. You can do it from inches back and it's the same result. The devs in fixing an exploit have created AI behavior (or rather non behavior?) that causes a ton of crashes. Also there's a pretty good argument that if there's a gap to put your car in it's your space now as the opposing car now can't place their car there without hitting you.