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  1. I just spent the majority of Hungary behind the bottom ten because of the way these rules work. (And also because of the qualifying bug which autogens ridiculous laps.) The race strategy differences are just ridiculous with the Q2 tyre rule on 50% Edit: Actually it's probably less of an issue with 25% races. It's just 50% where there is this weird dynamic where the bottom ten get a massive advantage from starting on whatever tyre they want. (Magnified on tracks where there is a two compound difference between the qualifying and race tyre.)
  2. Seriously the different strategies between the bottom and top 10 really screw up shorter races. In 50% and less you should just be able to start on any tyre.
  3. Zachrulez

    Real F1 penalty against Vettel Kanada GP

    Why is Rosberg's opinion more important than basically every other former driver? Especially when his championship season consisted of driving into his team mate on multiple occasions. His support of the penalty is quite hypocritical considering his own faults.
  4. Zachrulez

    Real F1 penalty against Vettel Kanada GP

    I'd argue that slowing down even more causes Hamilton to crash into him.
  5. Zachrulez

    Real F1 penalty against Vettel Kanada GP

    I'm interested in hearing what people who support this penalty think Vettel should have done instead? There really wasn't any other option for rejoining the track that anyone can really say would be much safer. There's a pretty decent argument that there actually would have been a crash had Vettel done anything else other than what he did.
  6. Zachrulez

    Mechanical Failures: Still just for AI?

    The current implementation of failures isn't that great either. I was following Hulkenberg in a race and then the yellow flag suddenly popped up. My attention wandered for a moment on the straight and there was Hulkenberg slowing to a stop ON THE RACING LINE. The AI should really make more of an effort to get off the racing line when it's obvious they have a race ending failure. I've crashed into the AI a few times because of this and AI failures are way too frequent. The super slow down failure stands out as a really annoying and frequent failure.
  7. Zachrulez

    Game monitor vs TV: can you get faster laptimes?

    I feel like this should be qualified to say that a monitor will make a huge difference if the input lag on the TV is unacceptably high. If the TV's input lag is acceptable it's not going to make a huge difference. (I've personally never really been able to notice any real difference between my PS4 versions and my PC versions.)
  8. Zachrulez


    They probably gave unlimited flashbacks because they realized it was silly to have a feature to flashback and then limit people's ability to use it. Why they can't offer both options is beyond me.
  9. I definitely notice this, but when I'm racing with a fully upgraded car I tend to stop caring about beating the practice programs. They don't really mean much at that point.
  10. Eliminating the manual elements of pit stops from online as the default would probably help. The main reason it's possible to ruin someone's race like this is because they have to slow down to meet the speed limit.
  11. Seems like there should be something in the code that scrubs a speeding penalty if it's the result of another collision penalty or even warning. I try to be calm about all the crazy things that happen online but it's frustrating when there's little you can do when you're going in for a pit stop and someone is close enough behind to just decide they want to ruin your race.
  12. Good times... It's insane that something like this is allowed to be a thing.
  13. Zachrulez

    Stop whinging

    We don't HAVE to like the game. In fact for all it's faults I liked last year's game a lot better than this year's. Not sure how much of that is the changes they've made needing to be better refined or just straight up going in the wrong direction but hopefully they figure it out for 2019.
  14. Zachrulez

    Is AI still going to be **** in 2019

    The AI does immediately brake check you after passing. It's a really bizarre behavior that pretty much asks for a crash.