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  1. I think my fundemental issue with the AI is that they just generally feel unfair and feel like they have better performing cars than I do. They are faster in a straight line and it feels like they can hit the corners faster despite that. (When being faster in a straight line would imply less downforce and slower cornering speeds.)
  2. Probably the most common method of 'adaptation' is turning down the AI level. If you mean getting better at handling the car I think the AI's pace at present is just unfair to the player. They are just capable of drastically more speed into the corners and they can do it on less downforce... (If you can beat the AI at 95 or above you might be a much better than average player and you should consider that before arguing that everything is fine.) I don't paticularly think the AI difficulty should be in drastically different places at the same level from year to year though.
  3. I don't really have any interest in being 'taught' how to drive correctly after a good decade or so of experience driving with this series. Between the problem being me or the problem being with the development and design of this game I'm definitely going to lean toward development and design. (Judging by the metascore I just looked up I don't think I'm alone in that sentiment either.)
  4. This post does a pretty good job vocalizing my issues with the game. I was never perfect at handling but this year's game is a whole new level of pain and based on dev feedback is actually the way they want it. That sends me a pretty clear message that I want to be playing past versions of this series and not current or future ones... I always found my way into some kind of contentment with the changes in the handling models in the past... but I don't think it's going to happen this time. I can't find pace and I can't stop spinning. (Worse than that I often don't even know WHY I've spun.)
  5. I definitely feel like the game is heading back into the territory of kerbs more or less autospinning you. It is possible to work around this and avoid kerbs but it seems silly after designing years of games where players were motivated and driven to use the kerbs to be as fast as possible and can be a difficult thing to 'unlearn'. The kerbs in the older F1 games were never really a problem for me until I learned to attack the kerbs in the newer ones so... yeah...
  6. It seems to have been confirmed as a PS5 limitation. It's just not supported at present. It's possible a firmware patch will change that. But it's definitely not fair to blame Codemasters if Sony is the one restricting it.
  7. I would tend to disagree. I know the AI is designed as it is deliberately to make overtaking more difficult. They have deliberately removed things that made overtaking the AI easier but the only problem is it's led to the AI being aggresive enough on defense and overtaking that it actually puts a lot of onus on a player with limited controls vs real life if they're on a controller to avoid a collision. (Basically you are expected to drive with a level of precision that is effectively impossible.) This is an onus that I think makes the game a lot more frustrating for a great many players and si
  8. It would be weird to stricly filter out the name Williams when it can still be used as an audio name. That makes like... no sense. It also reacts to you attempting to use the name very much like it's intended to be a profanity/offense filter.
  9. Kind of where I'm at. My preferred career mode driver name triggering a profanity filter that shouldn't even exist for offline play on top of a few other things I ran into while playing have really just led to this copy of the game sitting on my hard drive gathering digital dust while hopes for a patch to fix any of these things grow dimmer and dimmer... (Yes I know one will eventually come... but the passage of time to patch is really getting disappointing and honestly I may very well move onto something else by the time this game gets serious attention. I already have replaced the time I was
  10. Kind of demonstrates how silly the filter is doesn't it?
  11. That's the real kicker. It's designed to be a control for offensive names in online play but they've cast the net into single player modes as well.
  12. Not being able to create a career mode driver with the name I actually wanted has really killed my enthusiasm to actually dig into this game. Might be a good thing considering the save bugs they had on release actually. Not really interested in digging into it until they actually do a serious performance patch that actually has a profanity filter for the career mode naming that actually works. (You know that filters actually offensive names and not actual names.)
  13. Yeah Codemasters does like to take these weird steps. There was a similar thing a year or so ago where they stopped allowing you to create multiple career mode drivers. Depriving players of the option to have multiple championships or career modes... ect just doesn't make sense to me. Also I liked the multiple championships you used to be able to play in championship mode. I thought it was a good addition and am disappointed that they took it away.
  14. Also not sure what mode you're playing in but I don't think tyre wear is necissarily equal between the teams either. (In career mode I love tyre wear upgrades because it allows me to turn a weakness into a strength!)
  15. That wear is actually pretty normal for me on controller. If you want to try to help it... higher camber (less negative) lower suspension and lower tyre temps help slightly. (I think?)
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