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  1. Zachrulez

    Why no report system in F1 2019 ?

    "Why no report system in F1 2019?" Good question actually... asking forum users to send reports to an e-mail address with a burden of proof for the incident doesn't really satisfy the need for some kind of reporting system where incidents actually get investigated. Not to mention that non forum users that play the game really have no way to report any incidents like this... so umm... yeah.
  2. Zachrulez

    Penalising a team your leaving

    It is kind of funny that the team is meant to develop but in the player's case it's the players resource points that lead to development and only the players.
  3. Zachrulez

    This is getting ridiculous.

    The number and nature of the bugs that are left in these games is just mystifying.
  4. Zachrulez

    way too much rain in career mode

    I get strange runs with it. There are seasons that are normal/completely dry and then there's what I call the wet season. What's annoying is when you get more than one 'wet season' in a row.
  5. Zachrulez

    F1 2010

    There do seem to be a few physical copies floating around on Ebay. Haven't seen much elsewhere.
  6. Zachrulez


    I'm definitely suspicious of the handling model. I'm sure people will tell me I'm not good enough at the game or whatever. My traction losses/losses of control in F1 2018 made sense. I can't say the same for F1 2019. (The under steering moments that happen seemingly at random just baffle me.)
  7. Zachrulez

    Tire Temp Model Reverted to 2018?

    I'm on controller and have been experiencing this since game release. I agreed with people complaining about the handling by voicing these things that happen and a few people poo pooed my post from what I remember. When I lost control of the car in 2018 at least I could figure out/understand why. Would over accelerate the car beyond traction or whatever. In this years game though traction loss seems to happen randomly and I think I've had at least one instance of traction loss in every race. A snap of oversteer or understeer or something where the car just doesn't do what I expect it to. This even happens to me on tracks I've historically been better at and know well enough where these things shouldn't be happening. It happens enough that I definitely think something is up with the handling model...
  8. Zachrulez

    F1 2010

    When did they pull the game from steam? Seems silly to do that. (I am able to get my steam copy running fine and it's still got GFWL on it. I just created a local login for it. Only downside is no online but I never cared about that anyway on an old game.) I think that nukes the possibility of getting a PC version of 2010 if you don't already have one... unless there's a physical release I don't know about. PS3 and Xbox 360 are probably the only way to get the game at this point. (Kind of shows the dangers of a digital only gaming world here too!)
  9. Zachrulez

    Man this game really makes my blood boil.

    Don't even get me started on race starts either. The AI behind are absolutely insane looking for overtake moves while the AI in front just bog down basically making you into a sandwich.
  10. Zachrulez

    Man this game really makes my blood boil.

    So basically the Nico Rosberg mentality? I think when my wife tried to play this game in 2016 it really summed up the AI. The AI was ridiculously incapable of not being able to hit her... essentially because she was too slow. Codemasters designs the AI with an expectation of the player having way more control over their car than they do in reality... especially with the later entries in the series. I know I'm not the greatest player in the world at this game. I just want good clean racing AI based on SOME kind of racing etiquette, not this bumper car AI **** we have now.
  11. The AI just remind me so much of F1 Championship Edition on the PS3 with the way they just ram their way through passing and defending. It's simply not possible to have wheel to wheel racing with the AI. I even try to give them room but then they just see the racing line as theirs and actually INITIATE contact with you. (Cue 6 flashbacks until you actually avoid the crash by LEAVING the track.) And sidepod hits that are somehow wing damage... not to mention a left sidepod hit resulting in RIGHT SIDE wing damage. Seriously Codemasters what in the actual F---? There are people that have defended the AI when I've pointed this stuff out too. I don't get it. I want AI that will race me not AI that's trying to kill me. I guess at least I'm actually mad at the game this year... so that's something.
  12. Zachrulez

    Tire Temp Model Reverted to 2018?

    Oh I just realized your overheating is getting worse in career mode. The cars get faster and the tyres have less time to cool. Use C3 or Harder. I've not managed to overheat them. (And I've sure tried.)
  13. Zachrulez

    Tire Temp Model Reverted to 2018?

    I don't think anything's changed. The C5 and C4s are prone to overheating on controller on most tracks... which really puts a damper on qualifying for said tracks.
  14. Zachrulez

    How has R&D been changed?

    Honestly I would probably be less annoyed by it if Qualifying worked correctly.
  15. Zachrulez

    How has R&D been changed?

    The AI is suberb. I was told so in another thread. There definitely does seem to be a mindset with this game that more AI aggression = Good. Though every move to more aggression from the AI has led to more and more frustration from me running races since F1 2015. Never had to worry about crashing into the AI until that point.