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  1. I'm actually quite sad a game like this hasn't been attempted since.
  2. Zachrulez

    Custom Weather in Career Mode F1 2019 ?!

    Game definitely needs this. Dynamic weather is a nice idea in theory but often seems to result in really large batches of rain for certain seasons.
  3. Zachrulez

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    Probably one of the best improvements they could make to career mode is implementing tyre heating upgrades as part of the upgrading process. The tyre heating model does really poorly as the car gets faster.
  4. Zachrulez

    Wing changes

    Looks like this is finally getting fixed in 1.21.
  5. Zachrulez

    Intentional Crashing - Ranked Matches

    What a wonderful idea it's been to not have rear wing damage possible in these games...
  6. Zachrulez

    Wing changes

    Knowing the devs and their history with bugs it would not surprise me at all if it works as intended with some versions of the game (I think it was F1 2017 when I posted this.) and not with others. (I've definitely had issues changing wings in F1 2019 even with repair damage set to yes.)
  7. Zachrulez

    Ai give you no space

    You don't even have to do it from miles back. You can do it from inches back and it's the same result. The devs in fixing an exploit have created AI behavior (or rather non behavior?) that causes a ton of crashes. Also there's a pretty good argument that if there's a gap to put your car in it's your space now as the opposing car now can't place their car there without hitting you.
  8. Zachrulez

    Ai give you no space

    I think it's totally fine to program the AI not to concede their own space. But it's entirely another thing when they're turning into YOUR space because you're arbitrarily behind them. (When you're really side by side.)
  9. I mean there are going to be crashes in an online game like this... but it is ridiculous to get hit by someone and then be penalized for it. Codemasters has a long way to go on creating an online environment that's even close to fair to the player.
  10. Zachrulez

    Why we need more AI realism...

    I actually had a pretty spectacular AI crash at Azerbaijan in my 3rd season of career mode in practice 2. Totally was taken off guard by it cause nothing like that had ever really happened before.
  11. I mean I actually do livestream all this stuff so I could make a video highlight if it's necessary because I can actually show it happening. (At least until the archive video expires.) I just avoid doing that as I don't want to be seen as peddling my stream.
  12. Was just playing Career Mode. I last adjusted the setup in practice 1 or 2... I can't actually remember, but other than that it was straight from practice to qualifying. The modes were full qualifying and 50% races. I assume that's what you're looking for? It will take ages to give all the settings.
  13. Zachrulez

    Hungary Turn 4 Oversteer Snap ūü§¨

    I get random snaps of over and understeer. Over and Under throttle. This game is pretty much a joke. The handling and throttle model was pretty close to perfect in last year's game and then in this year's game they had to tinker with it and the car just never feels 100% right through an entire race.
  14. I've seen the bug in online for years but I don't think it's ever happened in single player before. I think I'll probably just turn parc ferme off. (Assuming the AI doesn't benefit from it anyway.) If the nature of the bug is anything similar to what I've seen online checking before qualifying doesn't necissarily matter because the game can change the setup between then and the race so Parc Ferme off would be the only 'safe' workaround for this bug.