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  1. This has been an issue to varying degrees for me pretty much since game release. What's going on? Can this be fixed? On PS4 with a 7200rpm 1tb HDD
  2. Zachrulez

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    If I was running a company and someone offered me 1.2 Billion dollars to buy me out I'd probably take it too.
  3. Zachrulez

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    Codemasters has definitely been moving toward microtransactions anyway so I actually don't think we're going to be worse off in that specific aspect just because the game is with EA now.
  4. Zachrulez

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    It's entirely possible that EA just leaves Codemasters to continue developing the game and simply offers support and increased resources. It's also entirely possible that they become heavy handed with it and ruin the series. Until we actually see the next release or two making a judgment is simply too early one way or another. Personally I could care less if online becomes some kind of ultimate team racer... especially if it comes alongside spec online races. Most of my investment in the series is with single player career mode.
  5. Zachrulez

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    Not that I'm overjoyed that the series is now in the hands of a conglomerate game company but I'm more optimistic than I would have been had 2K managed to wrangle it. EA at least has some past experience with the series and it's entirely possible that increased resources available to the codemasters development team could result in a better game. Could.
  6. Zachrulez

    Let me turn corner cut penalties off in career mode

    I haven't seen a particularly good argument or reason as to why single player modes in modern F1 games do not have the option to play without the rules. (In this case an option to turn corner cutting rules off.) Funny how we've gotten away from one of the things that was appealing about the older games which was the ability to just disregard the rules in hilariously absurd ways. Who are people to judge that the only way to enjoy a racing game is to play by the 'realistic rules?' Man I remember the paintball code in Nascar 98 that spun out your competition being the most fun I ever had with a Nascar game. You just don't see that kind of thing anymore and you probably never will again.
  7. Yeah, another way to earn pitcoin would have been nice. It doesn't make sense to bother using the marketplace to buy anything when you will generally get more stuff by just plucking it out of the various series.
  8. Zachrulez

    Control/Handling problems

    And no I don't know of anyway to 'reliably' replicate the issue. Given that I'm unable to tell the devs how to do that I doubt I could fill a bug report that's to their satisfaction anyway.
  9. Zachrulez

    Control/Handling problems

    I mean I care to some level whether or not the problem is addressed but my god I've just read the bug reporting rules and I'm horrified at that approach to technical assistance. (Basically your problem doesn't exist if you don't report it "correctly.") If we're sitting here agreeing a problem exists then we apparently care about fixing the bug more than the devs do. Filling detailed bug reports? Proving the issue? I'm not a codemasters beta tester. They're basically asking me to do the job unpaid?
  10. Zachrulez


    It wouldn't be as big of a deal if the game actually had the logic to identify the intentional crashing behavior and penalize it severely. They can't or won't do it for whatever reason.
  11. I don't know if anyone has this issue but at random points in the race the control inputs will... lag? I'm not sure what to call it but there are moments when the car veers inexplicbly in a direction and it's not steering mistakes on my parts it's just surges of turn in into a particular direction. It's almost like it's lagging on my control inputs and executing them much later and causing me to crash. This has been a problem both single player and online though I will say it's much less common now in my single player game since the patches to around 1.07 but I'm experiencing it to a much worse extent now that I've jumped into the online world. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I suspect lag?
  12. Zachrulez

    Carcass temps in Career mode beyond S1

    They used to be in 2018 on the extreme end. Had some amusing races at Singapore with upgraded cars. Definitely not a thing now though.
  13. Anyone else on controller watching their temps skyrocket in the face of higher cornering speeds and straight line speed? I've found about half the tracks I come across un-runnable on softer tyres now which puts me at a huge race disadvantage. I've had to turn carcass temps off. The devs do a great job of balancing it in general for the base game. Unfortunately for career mode it gets pretty unbalanced against the player as the car gets faster and faster.
  14. Zachrulez

    Can't get secondary sponsors to show on the car.

    Yeah it was actually the one that's in career mode that I had trouble finding. I have found it now and got it to work. It's kind of confusing the way it's laid out actually. (Separate main menu livery vs career mode livery.) The location of the career mode one particularly seems like it's buried in a bit with a ton of options.
  15. Zachrulez

    Can't get secondary sponsors to show on the car.

    From the main menu options. If it's possible to do it within career mode that might be the problem. (I don't actually know how to customize it in career mode if that's and option.)