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  1. Xbox one x Gamertag: BECOll
  2. BECOll

    Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve A.I issue

    You must pit for the slicks near the end of the race because the track dries out. AI is fine, you just need to pit when drs is enabled by race control.
  3. My main problem now is getting paired with alot of wheel users that are just too fast. I'm by no means slow, bout 40 wins from 70 or so races and top 100 times on most tracks in tt. I either get a lobby with slower and lower ranked people and get a couple points per win or a lobby with faster and gold rated drivers that just walk away and I lose points. Sitting at 1,928 just wondering how imma hit 2k, been as high as 1,985 and got dnf'd and dropped to 1,832. Spiked the gamepad and stepped away for the day on that one. Sometimes even lose points taking first, figer it oot, makin my hands 1 ply with this grind.
  4. Buff reward points minimum 2x and remove penalty points for dnf's all together. If you gave harsh penalty points for contact, like 10-30 points per collision for the instigator, that'd help reduce salty boys. Shouldn't lose points when the power goes out or the lobby disconnects you cause internets, these are out of our control. If you GET retired from contact, you shouldn't get a penalty. Quitting and BEING retired are two different things, can't be that hard to decipher between them.
  5. Losing 80 points because someone punts and rips my wheels off is, well, 4 letter word inducing to say the least. We need to keep this on the front page as long as possible cause they might adjust it if it stays visible long enough. Was half-hearted about it at first but they made it an achievement/trophy and to 100% this game will be impossible for some because of this. Hovering round 1850 or so because of rammers and griefers and the safety rating going down because someone ra.......FIX THIS!!!
  6. Codies don't care, past titles speak to that.