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  1. DaddeRaga

    I can run rich mix in career whole race

    What I do is running lean every braking zone and standard and rich in the straights. In 25% races i put +1 laps of fuel, in 50% I put +2 laps.
  2. DaddeRaga

    I can run rich mix in career whole race

    Yeah but your engine will overheat a lot and you lose performance
  3. DaddeRaga

    Manual gears and fuel consumption

    If you upshift earlier, yes, you use less fuel... But that's strange... when I switched to manual gear 1 and a half years ago I didn't have those problems. I learned tho to use lean mix in every brake zone (or slow sections) of a track. and put standard or rich in the straights
  4. Usually the day before the official launch
  5. DaddeRaga

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Non si può scrivere in una lingua diversa dall'Inglese (You can't write in a language that isn't english). The BETA applications closed on the 6th of May and nobody is allowed to enter afetr that. Asking for a BETA like this means only that you want to play the game before the official launch and free, that is not what the BETA is for.
  6. DaddeRaga

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    @Lunadix The gameplays from content creators aren't from the BETA, they've been provided an early copy of the game and also they've been allowed to make videos on them
  7. DaddeRaga

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Done, hopefully I get a chance after the 2018 Beta
  8. DaddeRaga

    Alonso's face in F1 2019?

    I already tried to swap the latifi's face from the f2 drivers head with the kubica's face but it changes only the textures but not the model itself, so it was latifi's face with kubica's nose etc. So trying to import alonso's head from f1 2018 and insert it into f1 2019 will make a horrible face. So i think it's impossible
  9. DaddeRaga

    Logitech G29 brake remains pressed by 3-8%

    Merci for the answer, I did already try to use the test menu in the control panel and it seems to have worked, i need to test again and again to see if it has been fixed. By the way this wheel has more that 2 years so... warranty is out of action.
  10. Sometimes (or maybe often) my brake apllication remains apllied by 3-8% at the exits of the corners (so after I apply it normally) and causes me to lose a decent amount of time. I've checked on the "Gamepad Tester" site, and even after trying to apply 100% brake and releasing it, it never stays apllied by that 3-8% it stays in F1 2019. I also tried to overcome the problem by using 5-8-10% deadzone of the brake but nothing changed. Can I do something? I also tried to physically clean the pedals and the gears from dust including the potentiometer inside, but nothing changed. https://youtu.be/bBxOWGwMars
  11. Yeah I did that and got back my career files as they were! Really thanks!
  12. I still have the old hard disk with the game inside of it, maybe if you tell me the career save path (in the steam folder or whichever) maybe i can restore it
  13. Yeah I also thought that, but... Is there a way to fix?
  14. Before I changed PC I was in season 3, precisley at the hungarian gp, now after I changed PC and reinstalled the game, I am in season 2 at the singapore gp. This has never happened to me when I formatted the pc in the years before with f1 2018, the career progress after i reinstalled the game was as I left it. This is unacceptable