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  1. Still looking for 1 driver on the Thursday
  2. Yes there is still 1 spot available
  3. i will let you know asap
  4. The VSC should have been a SC as there were more cars crashing into eachother, 1 other incident was a DNF and 1 incident just wing damage The start of incident is at: 1:29:30
  5. Pilske

    [XBOX] ASR league looking for drivers

    Better take down the spreadsheet you nicked, you know thats not allowed.
  6. APS Racing looking for 2 full time drivers and some reserve drivers for our Thursday division, Full quali and 50% races. Are you 18+ and looking for league with adult drivers then leave a comment below or contact us through our website: https://apsracing.jimdofree.com/ We also are looking for 1 driver in our Sunday division.
  7. Update: only 1 seat available
  8. Update: 3 drivers needed
  9. Thursday is full now, need 5 drivers for the sunday
  10. yes we have a discord server, info of the league can be found on the website
  11. 6 Drivers needed for S1
  12. APS Racing going into their 5th season and are looking for drivers who have just started or dont have much league racing experience for our sunday division. We do 50% race equal cars with full qualifying, starting time is 7:30 uk time (lobby opens at 7:15) What we want from you: You can be there almost every race (80% of races you have to attend) You need to speak English, also to understand English. You like to race clean & be competitive You need to have a microphone (in races you join our skype calls. Its a must have!!!) You must be 18+ What we can offer you: A league where you can race clean & competitive with drivers who want same as you! APS racing our managment listen to our drivers A discord server where you can be social & where you will be notified about upcomming practice sessions as well as all league information (must have) There is full stewarding for every division Aiming that every race is live streamed on our Twitch channels Feel free to contact us on our website: https://apsracing.jimdofree.com/ or to contact us through xbox live, gamertag: Alraze or APS Pilske.