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  1. Since the 1.07 patch i have to do a hard reset on console(xbox one S) before i can start my game, bought in online store. If i start console without hard reset and just continue with the game where i was on day before it crashes. If i close the game and restart it it wont start up, so i have to do a hard reset. Also im running a league and last Thursday we were on China, the guy who finished P3 instantly got a 1lap behind his name when he crossed the finish line and dropped on the leaderboard, when checking the race director the guy had only 1 warning no penalties. : you can see this from 02:02:50
  2. Pilske

    League racing question.

    You can setup an unranked lobby, set practice to 45 minutes if your league runs 50% races, you dont need anyone to join as practice can be runned on your own. If you need to test it in a race then you need someone to join, but not for practice.
  3. Pilske

    APS Racing Season 2 Recruitment now open

    3 spots for Thursday, 5 for Saturday and 6 for Sunday, leave a comment or visit our website if you want in.