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  1. what assists you use with the controller?
  2. you ever played iRacing?
  3. yes maybe with throttle, defo a no just riding them
  4. Dont know whos idea it was to spin on these kerbs or taken out by these kerbs , but what you smoked the evening before got to be strong stuff BTW totally not realistic at all
  5. From what i noticed, you have to restart your xbox, then you can join a lobby but once it happens again that you cant join you have to restart your xbox again.
  6. Still not working: TBRA-BAKG-TCCS-GTJG Error code: HS163.8804 Also just error code : cant connect
  7. Still not working: TBRA-BAKG-TCCS-GTJG Error code: HS163.8804 Also just error code : cant connect
  8. this game is an absolute joke, raced on mexico, after safety car restart they piled(weird glitch) up near T1 and i could go around, took the lead, because of changing weather i decided to stay out when AI pitted, so in the end i won with 10 sec lead. so i was watching the replay of that incident because i wanted to record it then my xbox rebooted, like ***, so went to my career again after reboot, guess what? i have to do mexico again, lol 50% race
  9. Its not hating if multiplayer aint working from start
  10. Why post stuff like that then
  11. Im talking about an issue what is reported during the BETA, disconnection during multiplayer, multiplayer is the biggest thing for a lot of players and not the single player. So in my case i bought a game what is not working, NOT working for 2 weeks after release(Deluxe edition), dont know what date the BETA was but lets say 2 weeks earlier which gives a company like yours 4 weeks to work on an issue, after those 4 weeks its still NOT working. So after 4 weeks its still a mess, unplayable, and you wonder why people are getting frustrated? The multiplayer is your biggest thing of this an
  12. Multiplayer fixes for XBOX are they in there?
  13. Pilske

    Patch 1.05

    Multiplayer fixes for XBOX, are they in there?
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