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  1. 8 minutes ago, somethingthing said:

    would be appreciated if you could share the fix anyway. I dont know about the grass since i have that turned off, couldnt stand seeing it being rendered, but i got it on trees at least.

    Ok noted. Yeah still no answer!  They should let us downgrade the version till a better update also gives VR the same love as the 2d version gets. 144hz is still pretty sweet. Anyone played it on the Index? Love to hear feedback 😉

  2. 1 hour ago, somethingthing said:

    Yeah i got the same thing and even uploaded a video showing it in a bug report thread a while ago.

    I think its mainly the grass. Was just playing around with graphic settings though nothing seems to alleviate my pain...

    I just got a reply from a moderator so maybe a quick solution or not. I will post if there is a fix. If I don't post then I haven't had any luck. Soooo wish me luck?!!

  3. 22 hours ago, SatchmoTK said:

    PC VR - Rift S - Steam version. Same issue as the people above - blurry visuals in VR, fixed by going into settings, adjusting AA, adjusting back, then going back into the race.  I need to do this at the start of every stage.

    I've also been noticing irregular lag spikes (every minute or so) since mid december.  If I disable the network the lag spikes stop, so I'm thinking it's network related.

    I agree with the above.

    Anyone noticed a brick or mesh boxing around the tress/ objects in the game? Sort of looks like brickwork, like a boundary box for textures or meshes? I'm in VR, Rift S also. Used to happen occasionally with previous updates but very noticeable after this update. 


    Also does anyone know a temp. fix e.g what to disable or change to make that **** disappear?


    Cheers in advance :D

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  4. So after trying literally all possible combinations and taking this guide into consideration I believe there is a tracking issue with the Rift S.  Maybe drivers are to blame but it doesnt make much difference to my framerate having low or high settings. 

    GTX 1080ti

    i5 7600k

    16gb DDR4 3200

    If I keep my head still I can pretty much run all high bar blending, adv ambient occl, screenspace reflections an no AA. It is smooth as butter 75-80fps. As soon as I move my head all hell breaks loose. Had these issues with DR 1.0 and by the end Codies had sorted pretty much all bugs (ahem, continued controller support???) and the game also ran like butter all maxed out.


    What I'm tryin to say is I'm sure they are aware without feeding themselves to the pack of hounds we are and a fix is in the works.

    What can I say, with all effects on the Wales tracks especially through the wooded areas and that bloom and rain looks sooooo good in VR. Cannot wait for Codies to perfect it!!



  5. Many thanks guys, Yes shadows and ambient occl. are def culprits!


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  6. Hi guys,

    As previously stated above could you pretty please reply as to whether the Fanatec CSL wheel will be properly supported in a future patch. I noticed you replied to another question from member Senn two days after my post (which is greatly reassuring that the forums are closely monitored :)  and would greatly appreciate if I could selfishly take some of your time to review the request. It pains me that not all valid requests/ enquiries are answered given their relevance and gives the impression that the answer although highly sought after by the growing community of CSL wheel owners will never be found.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thankyou for your time in advance.
  7. Hi There.


    Hi, welcome to the forum. This isn't the thread for in game problems so I've copied your original post and posted it in the correct place. The link to the thread is

  8. Hi There,

    Could you please look at the wheel support for the Fanatec CSL wheel base with X Box one wheel. Other wheels are having the same issue where not all the menu icons are represented in the controls config. I have tried to alter them myself using the wheels registry settings and adding more keys but then I get locked out of Racenet for altering system files.
    Every time I restart the game I have to re bind my controls as the game does not register the wheel as it does not have a dedicated input .xml. Extremely time consuming and frustrating and for a game that is still getting support should not happen, especially when I see so many others having similar issues.
    It is impossible to play in VR when you constantly have to remove the headset to check for the keyboard. The pause button seems to cause issues from reading forums though I feel the issue lies deeper. Pleas please please can you guys fix this! I have pumped over 130hrs into this game and it is my all time fav. Took me ages to get good at it and I would hate for such an amazing game to be spoiled by such a simple fix.

    Would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for your time :D

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