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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Hi all, Please add some more tracks in Dirt Rally. Is it possible to back port some Dirt 4 tracs? I suppose porting Dirt 3 tracks would not be possible because the resolution is lower... I would love to buy some DLC. Heck, I am going to part-exchange my PS4 to buy a PS4 Pro and Dirt Rally is the main reason for that! (already bought a wheel and wheel stand just for the game.) It would also make for a fun experience, to have the pace notes available for a co-pilot. Show them on a phone or tablet, or use the social screen in VR. That would make for fun rallying night parties! And why not use crowdfunding to add DLC or VR support to Dirt4. I would love to give you guys more of my money for stuff I want! I am not buying Dirt4 without VR support, because I am not going back to non-VR gameplay. It just feels so right... Regards, Julien