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  1. SmokingPuppy841

    looking for a league on xbox

    Hi mate! We race on Tuesdays at 19:45 UTC, and we're a safe and friendly group to start your league racing 'career' with. Short qualifying, 50% race, and a Twitch stream as an added bonus. https://discord.gg/HDUJD89
  2. SmokingPuppy841

    Looking for a clean league on Xbox

    Hi mate, we race on Tuesdays at 19:45 UTC! Short qualifying, 50% race, and an accompanying Twitch stream. https://discord.gg/HDUJD89
  3. The Sim Racers Association's Formula One League is currently in it's 5th season, and a couple of seats have become available. With an average grid attendance of 18 across the first 15 races of the season, and some of this seasons race winners finishing in the top 10 in F1 eSports 2021 qualifiers, you know you're guaranteed a competitive experience. -> Tuesdays at 19:45 UTC -> Short qualifying + 50% race -> Twitch stream with English commentary -> Come and get involved: https://discord.gg/HDUJD89
  4. SmokingPuppy841

    BTCC discussion

    Another season I really enjoyed. The grid seems to be shaping up nicely for 2019 as well.
  5. SmokingPuppy841

    BTCC discussion

    Everyone's opinions on Knockhill? I thought it was great racing personally,but not the best for the title fight.
  6. SmokingPuppy841

    BTCC discussion

    She'd den was my favourite so I'm a bit sad to say goodbye to the #52.Just to throw a spanner into the works Matt Simpson was ran by Dynamics last year so if the market has all closed up but we haven't been told he could be getting a shock promotion.
  7. SmokingPuppy841

    BTCC discussion

    Their have been loads of announcements at Autosport International this weekend including WSR staying with the same lineup as last year.