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  1. Nastra100

    A.I in the wet are still overpowered

    Thanks for this, medium TC definitely makes me faster than before so it is helping. The issue of AI speed being the same between 99 and 85 is still there. My mate plays at 97 and the AI are perfect for him but at 90, the AI are doing the exact same speeds which makes it harder for me who plays at 90 (Although medium TC means I am no longer 2 seconds behind )
  2. In my career, Lewis won season one convincingly with Bottas 2nd, Vettel beat LeClerc by the slimmest of margins, Perez walked all over Stroll (was like an 100 point gap) Gasly matched Verstappen for pace in qualifying but over the season was nearly 80 points adrift, Kimi was destroyed by Webber who then moved to Haas mid-season to eliminate Magnussen while Kimi beat Grosjean comprehensively. Sainz was about 10 points higher than Norris and Danny Ric beat Hulkenberg. Albon was the only driver not to score a point all season as he was well beaten by Butler and I was paired with Russell who I beat.
  3. Nastra100

    A.I in the wet are still overpowered

    Yea so you are outside the area where I think the bug is, I am seeing wet AI being the same speed on 99 as they are on 85
  4. Nastra100

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Also varies on difficulty, I created a thread on what I found.
  5. Nastra100

    A.I in the wet are still overpowered

    What difficulty do you play at? My experiment showed that AI above 100 is well matched versus dry pace but then from 99 down to about 85, the AI are doing the same wet speeds they do at 100. Almost like they forgot to code down their speed for those difficulty levels, then you knock it down to 84 difficulty and they are suddenly 2 secs slower. Example: 101 difficulty - AI Kubica in wet qualifying - 1:23:2 99 Difficulty - AI Kubica in wet qualifying - 1:23:5 (Slightly slower so makes sense) 85 Difficulty - AI Kubica in wet qualifying - 1:23:6 (Hardly any difference to 99 difficulty) 83 Difficulty - AI Kubica in wet qualifying - 1:25:9 (Over 2 secs slower) So if you raced 85 difficulty, AI are setting times that are 4-tenths down on 101 difficulty in the wet. A guy playing at 101 feels the AI is perfect and you can race them, the guy who plays at 85 feels they are impossible to fight even though he can race them in the dry.
  6. I think we need a slider for AI in the wet as they are way too OP. They get perfect traction out of corners and the speeds are untouchable. I found a difficulty that is Slightly easy for me in the dry (90), I beat my teammate George Russell by about 2/3 tenths in the dry, we also have the best car so I am normally fighting for poles and race wins. We get to a wet track and I am 1 second slower than car number 19 and I am down in 20th. I have played the last 5 or 6 F1 games and never had this issue in the wet, if I bump the difficulty down to compete in the wet, I am then OP in the dry and beat the AI by nearly 3 seconds a lap. I have also worked out that the AI pace in the wet is bugged between 85 difficulty and 100 difficulty which might be why some of the better players (who play at above 100 difficulty do not see any issues) A.I set the same "wet" times on 85 difficulty as they do on 99 difficulty, it corrects itself under 84 and above 100 but if you play within that window, the AI is OP. Anyone else thinks they need to tweak AI in the wet more?
  7. Nastra100

    Where is the 1.10 patch?

    Looks like something is inbound if I read this right
  8. Nastra100

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    So what you are basically saying is that all of a sudden since 1.05, all human players have suddenly become bad in the wet and the speed being shown by the AI is a deliberate intention of the developers. These same humans have all been competitive against the wet AI for 6 versions of the game and then suddenly are falling 1.2 seconds behind........or just or, the game could be buggy. As for the wet weather setup, how do you explain the loss of speed of human players in a wet weather transition. The AI like the player, are using the setup they started the race with but only the human loses major speed once it gets wet
  9. Nastra100

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    So I just did France and in practice sessions, I was well ahead of my teammate by about 0.3 seconds. I completed all the practice programmes and the qualifying one said I would finish 13th. Get into qualifying and it is wet. I used 3 fresh intermediate tyres in Q1 and tried my absolute hardest, but my best time was 1.2 seconds slower than the car in 19th. I qualified last (only time I have done so in my entire career). This is seriously bugged
  10. Wait what? Have you been drinking? In real life the teams normally use the softest tyre available to try and get into Q3. Sometimes, the top teams may try the middle (Medium) tyre like today. That is normally only the top two teams. This bug had all the teams using the medium which NEVER happens EVER in a dry qualifying. It is most definitely a glitch that occurs if you do not make Q2 as I just tested it again in new career for China, I made Q2 and all the teams used softs to try and make Q3 which meant the top 10 all started on softs with everyone else on Mediums. When I did it without making Q2.......it happens again, we are all on mediums
  11. Noticed in the game that if you fail to make Q2, the AI will start the race with the optimum tyre for a one-stop. Noticed it in China, the entire grid started on mediums despite no rain that weekend, which means the top 10 runners all made Q3 via mediums and not softs which is a glitch. Saw the same thing in Spain, the entire grid started the race open mediums as though the AI used mediums to qualify for Q3
  12. So after 24hrs with the game the things that stand out for me as good: Car handling, physics and graphics are much better and the AI are way better than 2018 although not perfect Driver transfers - This is good and bad, good that they exist and I will get to bad later below F2 Story mode in the career Toning down Medium TC, I use Medium TC but it always felt OP and I think they have almost got it right. They might need to up it a smidgen The things I think are bad: The game feels rushed, the fact that the intro movie still has Mercedes with the wrong front nose says it all. The car performances are all wrong and as much as they claim they were using performance from pre-season, even in pre-season the Williams were rock bottom but in the game they get close to the points (Well Russell does). Also it was clear in pre-season that Ferrari had the best engine Mid-season driver transfers are a no (should be end of season only unless a lead driver is doing badly and an affiliated youngster in a lesser car is doing well) The story in career mode feels so rushed and weakly implemented. They should look at the 2K games for how to do things like this and it does not require too much coding (Just more voice acting costs). Also they could have signed up an existing F1 driver to be your friend rather than Weber so that the only new face is Butler (your enemy) STATS - Where the hell are they? We need a stat tracker by driver and by track showing the history of performances over the 10 seasons. Fastest laps, qualifying times, poles, number of finishers, was it wet or dry, all the detailed results etc for each driver and each track. The data is in the game so just create a page for it Telemetry - Why is it that the first lap you do in qualifying (when no one has set a time) have no telemetry? If you are first on the road it should be showing your splits as purple. If someone else is in front but has not yet finished their lap, it should be doing a comparison of the sectors they have done. So simple Simulation is terrible, all cars finish the race and there is little or no variety. Tweak the algorithm a bit Codies and add some variance while at it. The sounds - What happened to the sounds? I popped F1 2018 back into compare and it is like night and day!! Highlights should pick the best bits from the whole race and not just your car. Create 120 seconds of the best moments from the race with the algorithm choosing based on certain key moments like a pass for the race lead, two cars coming together, a crash or a spectacular corner during a fastest lap of the race. these can be built in and picked for the highlights Also can we have replays that show the whole race even if you do a mid-session save rather than showing from the point you saved. Sometimes, you can't finish a race in one sitting but need the full replay This is my summation, pretty much everything bar the change to the career mode story can be implemented with a patch so let us see what happens. Also for those who say give Codies a break, they are a developer creating a game for a multi-billion dollar sporting organisation. We should be EXPECTING no less than AAA quality (or as AAA as sports games can ever get). This is not a basement setup that needs the patience and sympathy of the customers, if they do not have enough people then hire them, if they are too small to do all the things we want then give up the licence to those who can.