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  1. Hi All, Unfortunately, the team are not considering adding Xbox keyboard support into the game at the moment. We will let you know if this situation changes. Thanks all,
  2. Faya

    The Stuff Thread

    Hey all! The threads that were archived that were still active should now be reinstated. If there are any that we missed, let us know!
  3. Faya

    The Stuff Thread

    Hey all, thanks for letting us know! I'm going to go and investigate and try to un-archive it.
  4. Faya

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Hi @joserdcosta and all, We have been reading all of your feedback and I can tell you the team has been looking into this.
  5. Faya

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Hi all, A small update to my list from last week. The last item on the list, about the League owners being able to disable voting, didn’t make it into today’s patch I’m afraid. The team are still working on some refinements to it, so it should be added to a later patch. Sorry for any confusion!
  6. Hi all, I have merged a new thread into this one as it was about the same issue. I've also updated the title with better terminology and added a couple of extra questions. For anyone that is currently having the issue, if you could let us know the answers to the new questions, that would be helpful. Many thanks!
  7. Faya

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Hi all, We are looking to add the following updates to the next patch; Leagues using the official cars will now be able to choose between equal performance or realistic performance Leagues using the official cars will now be able to entirely disable the AI League owners can now choose to disable voting, meaning they can kick/change settings/change track list/postpone events without requiring the other league members' approval. If a league has disabled voting, players will be warned of this before they join, so they can decide whether the league owner is trustworthy.
  8. Hi all, We seem to be getting a number of people reporting being banned. I've merged all the threads together to keep this information in one place and easier to find. If you have found yourself banned, please take the following steps; Steam Players Please make sure you have no mods running and try verifying your files. If you can, try running the game in the other DX mode, for example, if you are running the game in DX12, try running it in DX11 and vice versa. Remove any additional apps (example UDP apps) Try completely shutting down the game. Consoles Remove any additional apps (example UDP apps) Please try shutting down the game completely. Try restarting your console If the steps above do not work, please let us know which platform you are on and your relevant Steam ID/PSN ID/Gamertag so we can check further.
  9. Faya

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Hi all, Please note I've removed a couple of off topic posts. Thanks,
  10. No worries! Could you try the following to see if they help; Try the other DX version, if you originally played in DX11, try running the game in DX12 and vice versa Verifying your files Completely shutting down the game and restarting it Could you also let me know what your Steam ID is, please? Thanks!
  11. Hi @Tavsan698, I've moved this to the Technical Assistance forum so that it's in the right place. Could you let me know what platform you're playing on please?
  12. Can you try running the game in the DX that you're not currently trying to run it in? So if you're playing in DX11, can you try starting it in DX12 or vice versa?
  13. Hi again! Thanks for getting back to us so quickly. Can you try verifying your files to see if that helps? If not, can you also try completely closing down the game and restarting it? Validating F1 2019 downloaded correctly Open Steam and go to the Library tab Right click on F1 2019 and select Properties Go to the Local Files tab and click Verify Integrity Of Game Files
  14. Hi @KaanUgur, Could you let me know what platform you are on and your related PSN ID/Steam name/Gamertag please so that we can take a look? Thanks,
  15. F1 2017 Information and Threads F1 2017 Game Survey Now Open F1™ 2017 – Supported Wheels and Controllers F1 2017 - Hot Lap Videos F1 2017 Past Patch Announcements and Threads Patch 1.13 - Discussion Thread Patch 1.12 – Discussion Thread Patch 1.11 – Discussion Thread Patch 1.11 – Patch Notes (Released 11/12/17) Patch 1.10 - Discussion Thread Patch 1.10 – Notes and Release Information