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  1. Faya

    Screen turning black midgame. [ZX]

    Hi @sleepyhead01, If you've not already done so, could you try updating your graphics drivers? If that doesn't fix it, could you send us in your DXDiag and Hardwear settings and the following information? Thanks! When the issue occurs, Which game version? If in Multiplayer, how many players and how many AI?: What happened in the lead up to the problem?: Is it one track or multiple? Which car were you in? Which game mode? Anything else you think might help us track it down How to save a DXDiag In Windows 7: Click on the "Start" Button. In the Search Box type dxdiag and press <Enter>. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool pop-up window should appear. Click on “Save all Information.” Save the information to your Desktop, keep the file name as is. Send the file to us at community(AT)codemasters.com (replacing the (AT) with an @ ) In Windows 8, Windows 10: Press the [Windows]+[R] keys on your keyboard to bring up the Run command. In the "Run" command box, type in dxdiag and press <Enter>. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool pop-up window should appear. Click on "Save all Information." Save the information to your Desktop, keep the file name as is. Send that file to us at community(AT)codemasters.com (replacing the (AT) with an @ ) How to send us your in-game hardware settings file Browse to your hard drive where windows in installed Browse to "...\Documents\My Games\F1 2019\" Right click on the hardwaresettings folder select Send To -> Compressed (zipped) folder Copy that new zipped folder and send it to us at community(AT)codemasters.com (replacing the (AT) with an @)
  2. Faya

    Why no report system in F1 2019 ?

    Hi @Tavsan698, if you want to report someone for cheating, hacking or consistently and purposely ruining the game for others over a number of races, you can now send us a report to f1.report@codemasters.com. You must include all evidence in your report, including, names, platform and video if they are consistently and purposely ruining the game for others. Please note we will not disclose the outcome of any investigations. As an extra note, I've removed what I think is the name of the player in your post, as naming and shaming is not allowed on the forums. I've also moved this to the F1 Games forum so that it's in the right place, thanks,
  3. Hi @JesseDeya, Looks like a spammer snuck in. Sometimes they like to quote and copy/paste another post and then change the quote to include links that I frankly don't trust. I've removed them and the links from the quote. Please feel free to report anyone you see doing that so that we can investigate and deal with them appropriately. Thanks!
  4. Hi All, Unfortunately, the team are not considering adding Xbox keyboard support into the game at the moment. We will let you know if this situation changes. Thanks all,
  5. Faya

    The Stuff Thread

    Hey all! The threads that were archived that were still active should now be reinstated. If there are any that we missed, let us know!
  6. Faya

    The Stuff Thread

    Hey all, thanks for letting us know! I'm going to go and investigate and try to un-archive it.
  7. Hi @DaddeRagaz, could you send us in your DXDiag and Hardware settings so that we can take a further look? You can find how to get these in this thread here. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, Thanks for the report. I'm checking in with the team about this now. Thanks!
  9. Hi all, The team has investigated the DD1 Wheel Base issue and are working on a fix to be released in a later patch. There does appear to be a workaround in the meantime, which some of you have already noted. You can put the base into the “compatibility mode” and this should make it so the game recognises it. To do this, press the Triangle and SH buttons at the same time (this may depend on which wheel you own). Let us know how you get on!
  10. Faya

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Hi @joserdcosta and all, We have been reading all of your feedback and I can tell you the team has been looking into this.
  11. Hi all, Thanks for all the feedback and reports so far. We are investigating the the Fanatec DD1 wheel base issue at the moment. @BiohazardBGR, both of those items have previously been sent to the team. Thanks all,
  12. Faya

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Hi all, A small update to my list from last week. The last item on the list, about the League owners being able to disable voting, didn’t make it into today’s patch I’m afraid. The team are still working on some refinements to it, so it should be added to a later patch. Sorry for any confusion!
  13. Hi everyone and welcome to the Patch 1.09 discussion thread. Patch 1.09 is out now for PS4, with Xbox One and Steam following shortly. You can find the full patch notes here. If something from this patch is not working the way it should, let us know in this thread. Please post any other issues and bug reports not related to this patch in the Technical Assistance forums here. Be aware that any posts that do not relate to the patch will be removed and added to the Patch Off Topic Thread. Feel free to discuss anything not pertaining to the patch about the game there.  Thanks all!
  14. Faya

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Hi @TRJoey, as the others have said, your thread was merged with others about the same subject. The merge included the busiest thread as the main and title, however the system automatically puts the posts in date order, starting from the earliest. Unfortunately this is not something we can change. Sorry for any confusion this has caused.
  15. Hi all, I have merged a new thread into this one as it was about the same issue. I've also updated the title with better terminology and added a couple of extra questions. For anyone that is currently having the issue, if you could let us know the answers to the new questions, that would be helpful. Many thanks!