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  1. Hey all! The threads that were archived that were still active should now be reinstated. If there are any that we missed, let us know!
  2. Hey all, thanks for letting us know! I'm going to go and investigate and try to un-archive it.
  3. F1 2017 Information and Threads F1 2017 Game Survey Now Open F1™ 2017 – Supported Wheels and Controllers F1 2017 - Hot Lap Videos F1 2017 Past Patch Announcements and Threads Patch 1.13 - Discussion Thread Patch 1.12 – Discussion Thread Patch 1.11 – Discussion Thread Patch 1.11 – Patch Notes (Released 11/12/17) Patch 1.10 - Discussion Thread Patch 1.10 – Notes and Release Information
  4. F1 2018 Information and Threads Make Headlines in F1 2018 Take a lap of Monaco with Charles Leclerc in F1 2018 F1 2018 – The Headline Edition Preparing For The French Grand Prix™ With F1® 2018 BOX BOX BOX – F1® 2018’s Cover Art Revealed The post-E3 debrief, with F1 Game Director Lee Mather SPEAK TO THE PRESS AND MAKE HEADLINES IN F1® 2018 F1® 2018 – Supported Wheels And Controllers Revealed – The Full List of F1® 2018 Classic Cars Take a Lap of Hockenheimring in F1® 2018 with Nico Hulkenberg Branching Out - Adding Greater Depth to R&D
  5. Some of us have been here a really long while. I remember when we had the LOTRO forums!
  6. Hi all, Please note I have removed some off topic and questionable posts. Please be civil to one another. Thanks,
  7. Hi @FOneFanatic Could you pop a pic up to show me what you’re seeing as your main forum page, please? I’d like to make sure you’re not seeing something strange. Can you also let me know what device your using and what web browser you’re using to view the forums? Here’s a direct link to the F1 General forums in the meantime: https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/11-general-discussion/
  8. Hey @MBKF1, I'll go and poke our forum peeps and see if they can see if anything is amiss.
  9. Hey @breezyskells22, do you mean this thread here? Hi @DiRTFanNo.1, the building at the top of the main forum homepage is of Codies HQ! It's super nice and green around there.
  10. Hi @guidomix! Do you mean the historic likes and agrees and other reactions that were given in the old forum? Sadly those, and a few other bits, were not able to be brought over to the new forums.
  11. Ahh, I remember the vBulletin days! I was so sad when the LOTRO forums went.
  12. Hi @fIsince08, you should already have access to the mod section. I'll go and double check the access on your account. For those of you with the 500 errors, thanks for letting us know. I believe that @CMSeanWilkins is already on the case.
  13. The Agree and Disagree buttons are back!
  14. Hey all! I've upped the reaction amounts for everyone. Let me know if it's working!
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