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  1. Opassac

    Wheel Users: 7 speed Ford Escort RS Cosworth

    Well, i have a fanatec SQ shifter and like to play manual or sequential, acording to the car i'm using, but for the cossie (which, by the way, i like a lot) i do cheat and use Sequential mode. It's to much hassle for my skill to use 7 gears in H mode, and i also have the handbrake coupled to the right side of the shifter which makes it even harder to use the 7th gear.
  2. Opassac

    Season inspired by Colin McRae Rally 2.0?

    I'm in love... 😍
  3. I got the "fire up that car... again" achievement this week (or maybe last week), so i guess it's working. I'm a PS4 player.
  4. Opassac

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Input on Inputs!

    This!!!!! Please, Please, Please, Please, Please... pretty please!!! 😞
  5. Another bad translation that was in previous iterations and still remains in 1.15 is the translation of Hard tires to Portuguese. In the game it's translated as "dificil" (i'm not sure, because i'm away from home) when it should be "Duro". In portuguese lexicon, we have at least two words that could be translated as hard ("dificil" - the opposite of easy, and "duro" - the opposite of soft).
  6. yes they will!!! Last year in Portugal, Kris Meeke drove a SS with just 3 tires because he had punctured before and had no more spares... It was a street stage with just 2Km, but he drove the full SS with one of the wheels in the rim...
  7. Well, unfortunatly, CM did it again... every time a new patch is announced i get chills, thinking what will be broken with it... It's just like the F1 series... how sad... 😞
  8. Opassac

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Isn't this one of the old VOLVO recce cars from M-SPORTS?
  9. Opassac

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Hope they do.... thank, PJ...
  10. Opassac

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    @PJTierney, i'm sure the team as alot more to think of, but you know if there are plans to build a webpage like DR1.0 has (https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/events) where you can see the past events and/or leagues? I miss being able to easely compare myself to my friends/fellow countrymen, and to have a history of my events partitipation... Thanks...
  11. yep, no rewards for me too...
  12. Ahhhh, i knew it was visible, not sure where and when 😄... thanks for the heads up...
  13. I can't recall exactly where, but you can see the number of stages per event, while doing the monthlies... Sorry not being able to offer more help..
  14. Opassac

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    @PJTierney, congrats on your new job, hope you have a lot of patience to put up with all of us, and our silly questions... Now for the AI, the problem is transversal to a lot of categories. About a month ago, i was trying the RGT class and the AI was posting faster times than the World Records, even in Elite Tier, in some locations. I know we don't have to win all events (and probably we shouldn't expect it) to classify in the top 3, but i don't think this situation is reasonable, having one more tier above Elite...
  15. Opassac

    Community Rally School

    Thank you, @SkyRex, i've been following your guides, quite intuitive and with great setup tips... Keep 'em coming, and have a beer on me...