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  1. Opassac

    Steering Wheels, Shifting and Rallycross

    "As far as paddle shifters, I don't think they're allowed in most rally cars. Pretty sure WRC banned them in 2011, minus an exception for Kubica at one point. For rally cars with sequential shifters, which is most modern ones (depends on class, of course, the super production class for example would use a H pattern with a clutch, and anyone else without the money to put a dogbox in) with a push/pull stick around the area where a gear shift would be." Modern WRC cars use a single static paddle shifter with a dual movement (pull and push), to shift up and down...
  2. Opassac

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    "...the final rally car...". Guess those guys praying for the RX hyundai are in luck 😄 ... (gossip mode on)
  3. Opassac

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    In my country (Portugal) we are also seeing a increment in clubs, we even have at least one that is "sponsored" by a famous portuguese rally driver wich gives prizes too (a codrive for the first place)...
  4. Opassac

    Official DiRT Clubs - Vote on 2020 Season

    100% agree with you, we all want that... unfortunatly, i don't think it will happen in this DR iteration... But we can mix and spice things a little, introducing more than one car class in each club, with different events, just what i'm trying to say...
  5. Opassac

    Official DiRT Clubs - Vote on 2020 Season

    We can do mixed class clubs... what we can't is mixed class events inside the clubs, unfortunatly... I meant, for example, drive with R5 in monte carlo, R2 in spain, Nr4 in USA...
  6. Opassac

    Official DiRT Clubs - Vote on 2020 Season

    @PJTierney, why not a mix a classes for each club? Easy ones in official, like r4/n4, cars with fwd etc, and rwd, 2000cc, group B etc in expert... That way, we would be driving a more variety of cars during the Championship...
  7. A more compelling and immersive career mode (offline if possible), properly tire and surface degradation simulation (or just skip the gimmick thing we now have), better tarmac physics (although the current model is way better then what we had in DR1, and fun enough for me), a way to reward those who don't use assists without taking the fun for those who play with them (or at least show what assist are being used in online timetables, more or less like the F1 series), random and variable weather, better UI and VR and telemetry support for console users offcourse... 😉
  8. You can also try to increase the saturation of the clutch, if you are missing gears... My clucth pedal has a very long throw, so it was easy to miss gears, trying to shift quickly... After setting the clutch to more or less 100% when i'm pressing at about half the pedal travel helped me, although somethimes i still miss gears, because my hand wants to move way faster than my left foot, in the heat of racing :D...
  9. Opassac

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Not absolutly sure, but it doesn't seem to autoblip the throttle when you're using H pattern+clutch...
  10. Opassac

    PSVR (probable) future for Dirt Rally 2.0

    Missing so much PSVR from DR1, i certainly would pre-pay for vr in 2.0, even a full game price, such is the pleasure i got from it in the previous game. Unfortunately i think it will never happen, as it seems to me that the game is already maxing up the graphical capabilities of the standard PS4, even in non VR mode... Maybe with the arrival of PS5, on the end of the year things will change... Who knows...
  11. Opassac

    Fanatec CSW settings

    in the game i leave it at default setup, 100 saturation, with 1 or 2 deadzone, i think. And i calibrated in the game, but i guess that it is very easy to reach 100% because i setted the max value very low in the fanatec drivers. Will try to calibrate again in the drivers pushing harder... But even in this way, i'm liking the BPK.
  12. Opassac

    Fanatec CSW settings

    I'm using the green 13 + green 12, and i'm using 95 BRF on the wheel, but i will have to calibrate better the brake in the fanatec drivers, because i'm achieving 100% with too much ease...
  13. Opassac

    Fanatec CSW settings

    Not sure if it's possible, but maybe you could replace one of the elastometer rubbers of the performance kit with a foam piece from the original setup. That way, it would probably be a lot softer... Just out of curiosity, i installed the BPK yesterday and i'm really loving it, the sponginess feeling i got from the original setup is now gone 😄 ...
  14. Opassac

    Something is coming closer...

    Hummm, and this picture was taken in portugal, so yeahhhhh, Portugal rally confirmed.... GREAT!!!!!! 😄
  15. Opassac

    Dirt psvr pro

    Knowing the relatively low performance of the PS4 pro + PSVR combo, i think Codemasters did an outstanding job with DR1.0 VR. Having played it in both the original PS4 and the pro, i can testify that in the pro, the weather effects and the draw distance are far better... I too hope for a psvr patch for DR2.0, but unfortunatly, i don't think it will happen 😢