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  1. Opassac

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Don't know if it's the same car you are talking, but in DR1, the R4 Impreza has 6 gears, as far as i recall...
  2. This is mind-blowing to me too... Don't want to be to negative, but how can CM say the input system works a lot better than it used to in the parts that we see?!?!?!?! The input system worked flawlessly in my opinion in DR1 (albeit a somewhat weak SAT), now we have no feedback from the road noise, no option for H/sequential auto mapping, no analog handbrake, no tips in the options in the UI... dammm, please coddies, don't fix what worked in the previous DR iteration...
  3. Opassac

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Exactly my thought... 😂
  4. Not sure if it was reported before. I'm using PS4, bought the deluxe version with an account and play with other account in the same PS4 (mainly because i want to start from zero, whithout free cars/money, and have my gaming friends in this account). Although i can choose the DLC cars and Monte Carlo in free play, in my career, Monte Carlo never showed up and i'm unable to buy the DLC cars. Also, the portuguese translaction of Clear Weather should be "Limpo", and not "Limpar" (which is the verb and not the adjective)
  5. Opassac

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - Fantastic game

    Bought the game yesterday. So far, from my little time in it, i think DR2.0 has great potential but is somewhat disapointing. I'm on PS4 PRO and i can confirm that it's really dificult to see the road in some stages, when there is to much dark and brownish colors, to the point it makes me somewhat dizzy. I really prefer the DR1.0 color palette. I don't think the FFB is broken, but is instead, the result of poor choice of implementation, where there is little to no feedback from the surface (but, at least in my system, provides enough information from the car wheels). It's very odd to feel no rumbling or vibration for an entire stage, until you drive through the grills in the road, when the wheel starts shaking. The physics are, however, such a great improvement over the original DR (which i still love and find great), especially the tarmac (although far from perfect). One can compare the Monte Carlo stage in both iterations of DR and see how much better it is... It's just sublime in 2.0, in particular the tarmac/ice/snow transition. Summing up, i do miss some of the original DR features and do think the game was, unfortunatly, rushed out, but think it has great future perspectives IF codemasters decide to back it up in the near future, providing extra content (especially PSVR, which i really miss and made 1.0 probably the most addictive game i've ever played), squashing all the bugs and improving those details which detracts from the overall game quality.