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  1. First of all you should watch the Lap here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRNXFhN_Ylw You may have seen my comment in the video but if not just hear me out here.  I seriously cannot believe you guys at Codemasters. You just arent listening to the community, and being extremely lazy. The fact you are making people pay £30-£40 for a copy pasted F1 2013 that emulates the F1 2014 Season is a joke. The game looks exactly the same, but with a different sound and different chassis. It looks like a 2013 Mod. Its just a filler for you guys to make a bit of dosh whilst you are hopefully actually busy on making 2015 a good game. I am close to giving up, as i know many many others have done too. Before you use the fact that Steve Hood replies to alot of tweets, most of these are just saying what isnt in the game that the community wants, like formation laps, podiums, dedicated servers and that live the life feel to the game like 2010 had.  Like i have said in the comments, you guys havent even updated the track for Singapore which again = laziness. (Prove me wrong and say you will update it before the game comes out please.)  The corner where the old chicane was has a wall there on the turn in real life. It was there before the 2013 game came out, but fair enough if it was too late to update it. Its now been a year since the 2013 Singapore GP and the track still looks exactly the same.  F1 Game 2014 Track - http://puu.sh/bE4iS/e3e903e3b0.jpg Real life 2013 Track - http://puu.sh/bE4o8/0fdf41e773.jpg Its pathetic. I love F1, and i love playing F1 because i love racing. But only league racing now, because its the only thing i can play without a crappy AI, but im not gonna go into that i just want to say where has that Live the life feel gone, and where has the Joy in actually simulating a season gone. The handling was the best its been on 2013 so ill give you that but its more than just handling. Its making it feel and look real, and by the looks of it both of them aspects are not in the 2014 game at all.  Really hoping for more in 2015 as i think this game is already a failure, but because im a mug i will still be buying my copy and racing in leagues only to the fact it is the only F1 licensed game. Also on a last note, what the fuck is wrong with this wing mirror - http://puu.sh/bE49d/d3157b2b95.jpg Sorry for the rage, i just needed to get my opinion out there. 
  2. Just thought id show everyone here my new F1 video (like a montage based thing) that i made. It took a couple of days, so i was really hoping for some feedback on it! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFuYhTT_XL8 Thanks everyone, comment and i will be sure to reply to anyone with any ideas or areas where i can improve. :)
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    Can't play the game bacause of DRM...

    Yeah i had this problem, in fact you may have even seen my post that regarded this problem on the steam forums or the old codemasters forums. I did email codemasters technical assistance but i never got a solution, we just have to wait for GFWL to be removed which may take years through codemasters lazy lazy work
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    Youtube Channels and Videos!

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    Youtube Channels and Videos!

    Hello everyone! I would just like to share my new F1 Montage/ Mini movie for everyone to see, and hopefully i can get some feedback for it! :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFuYhTT_XL8 Thanks everyone and even look at some of my other videos too, if you havent seen it.. Check out my F1 2012 Mini movie.  JoeViiZaa/JoeDCRacing