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  1. Kalebs

    Hardcore damage - not hardcore at all

    Seems like nothing happened yet, do you guys have different experience?
  2. Hi Codemasters guys, found an invisible (but really anoying) texture in Col De Turini rally stage. Please watch the video (0:08) and fix if possible :) Regards, Kaleb
  3. Hopefully we could get some update on this? It will be a month soon since the game was released for deluxe owners, and FFB is still not working. Can we at least get some estimation? Will it be in next 2 weeks? Month? Quarter? Still - thank you Codies, I am sure there are a lot of us who like this game in general, but FFB is really pain in the .. Kaleb
  4. Kalebs

    Hardcore damage - not hardcore at all

    Thank you to all for the comments. Would be nice, if someone from Codies would actually respond to us if it's somehow possible to make the hardcore damage more hardcore... :).
  5. Kalebs

    "manual H pattern + clutch or sequential" option!

    Thank you, totally agree.
  6. Hi Codemasters, There are a lot of people from Czech Republic who really enjoyed the mod of Czech speaking navigator made by awesome guys T3NK & vranik08. However they decided not to do anything like that for DR2.0 My questions are: 1) Would you be fine with it if someone would do the dabbing for DR2.0 navigator as a mod, and opensource it (licensing issues etc.)? 2) Would you be so kind and share tools used / support the developers with information (know-how) what is required to do it? (maybe even participate as a mentor on the next years Hackathon in Pilsen Czech Rep.? 🙂) Me personally would like to try to create the dabbing with some kind of AI-read text as a hackathon project. Thank you in advance, Kaleb
  7. Kalebs

    DR2.0 - Multiplayer Features for Leagues

    Uh, I've read it all. 😅 Aggree. We need multiplayer rallycross without AI + spectator mode, for sure.
  8. Kalebs

    Thank you Codemasters

    Hi guys, I would like to thank you for the experience I had yesterday in the career mode (Spain with Stratos). There was one short stage in wet with showers, and another one (long) on dry surface. The game suggested wet tyres, obviously - no one wants to crash because of late braking or aquaplaning. However.. I expected to overheat those wet tyres on the long stage (as they have 1 durability and 1 performance brand new). Therefore I went for gamble, and took medium dry tyre. Absolutely loved how the car felt on the wet stage, I was scared AF, also did one late braking which was really scary. Finished with 5s loss. But then on the dry stage AI (who obviously took wet tyre) got 30 sec loss on me. And that flow in the second stage, absolutely loved it! Thank you for the opportunity to make these decisions. Also thank you for better repair system, which is so much more realistic as it was in previous games. I think you also made a huge progress with tarmac surface, it feels much more natural now. What I really miss is the possibility to set manual H pattern with clutch + manual sequential gearbox as it was in DR1, also FFB is a bit odd sometimes, and Racenet connectivity is really anoying tbh. Overall I would like to thank you for the game you delivered, it's so much fun I forgot to go sleep last night Thank you so much guys, Kaleb
  9. Kalebs

    How do engine upgrades work?

    I upgraded my Stratos yesterday from stock to engine 5, and god... it felt like RWD Group B car. 0-100 takes a blink, car feels a lot more dangerous and on the limit. Complete different feeling.
  10. Kalebs

    Transmission type autodetect

    Aggree. This really sucks as it's now.. Imagine forgetting to switch gearbox from H to seq. while moving to R5 car. I did that yesterday, and the feeling is horrible. I had goosebumps. We want H pattern + clutch / manual sequential option. 🙂
  11. Yes, I think it's must to have a "human only" racing, without AI. Maybe extend players to up to 12, to be able to create two semifinals with 6 people in each of them.
  12. Kalebs

    New Cars added in Season 2 DLC.

    We need a Czech rally (Barum rally/Šumava rally/ Rally Hustopeče) 🙂. Also lancia 037 is must have, was my favourite car in DR1.
  13. Kalebs

    Branching stages!

    This would not work, as they are bringing real life stages to the game.
  14. Kalebs

    Hardcore damage - not hardcore at all

    @Rallystu2 terminal damage is actually there, but it is not easy to achieve that. You have to hit a tree or something solid in really high speed. Aggree with the F1 damage model, something is better there (front wing damage/engine failures), however still I would expect a lot more from hardcore damage in rally.
  15. Hi devs, First thing - I love you so much, the game looks astonishing. There are some visible flaws however.. I did not play the game yet (as I don't have early access), but what I can see from some youtube videos & streams, the hardcore damage mode is not hardcore enough. You can't just do 3 barrel rolls, hit the rock, and jump to the forest from road, and still have your car running without a problem. For a refference you can look to this video by Jimmy from 3:03:35 till 3:05:00 Also you can watch Rally Sweden 2019 wrc highlight to see how long it takes to get out from the snow - how it's possible that if you end up on hte roof, it just adds 4 seconds to the time? Please make the hardcore damage mode more hardcore! Still having my deluxe edition pre-ordered and being really excited about this game, keep it up. Can't wait to do another 400 hours in this game. Thank you, Kaleb