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  1. the clutch is a toggle on/off so the dual clutch on the fanatec rims wont work as an axis you should be able to map one or the other as a clutch but you wont be able to adjust a bite point, same applies to using a clutch pedal it wont work as an axis for the 2020 f1 cars except for use in h pattern type cars. you have 2 keybinds for the clutch 1 is for the 2020 cars plus other classic cars using sequential gear boxes the second is near the idividual gear numbers for mapping a h pattern shifter and for the classic cars that had h pattern shifters so long and short you can't use dual clutches as the clutch keybind is a toggle on/off designed to be used with controllers
  2. cearp8858

    Game not rendering track or cars!

    As per the blue bar at top of page called known issues, change your anti aliasing from dlss or custom to anything else such as TAA
  3. There are 2 clutches in the key bindings, have you tried assigning the 2nd clutch? The cars mentioned use h pattern gearboxes so where the gear numbers are listed individually will be a 2nd Binding for clutch
  4. cearp8858

    Podium pass eta?

    My coins was there after the maintenance today
  5. cearp8858

    Podium pass eta?

    @BarryBL i know your likly a very busy bee but is there an ETA on when podium pass will be active again?
  6. cearp8858

    Race Suit / Helmet Sponsor Colour issue

    If this is a bug then i would suggest doing a bug report so that this can be looked and fixed
  7. cearp8858

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    If you wanted to use a f1 2019 style setup except for tyre pressures what other areas would you suggest looking at changing?
  8. cearp8858

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Can you explain how tyre pressures will affect wear and also carcass temperature? also what is the ideal range of temperature for the dry compounds, inters and wets
  9. @BarryBLyeah it is for 2020 i copied and pasted and forgot to change the title 😂 like when its a new year and you forget to put the correct year for a few weeks
  10. We are looking for New drivers to join us in preparation for the release of F1 2020 Proficiency required: we allow M-TC, ABS & Racing line in corners only. Manual Gearbox must be used but exceptions can be made for automatic gears (We welcome anybody to race so they improve their pace and race craft with us.) Primary location: European league (Race starts on Sundays at 7:00 pm UK time) Sign up is done through our Discord server, when you join ask for our F1 Moderators ------------------------------------------------ - COR Discord server: https://discord.gg/SSQpw9z <-- Please ask for any of our moderators once you have joined https://discord.gg/SSQpw9z
  11. cearp8858

    F1 2020 glitchy?

    Fill a bug report out in technical assistance to help with fixing bugs