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  1. so sounds like a new wheelbase firmware or rim firmware is going to get issued between now and august then, tbh it needs resolving before f1 2021 is released in july if it is a thrustmaster issue because it could be an issue for people not using the sf 1000 rim if it's firmware related
  2. also will be worth making sure all your drivers are up to date for motherboard etc
  3. well it's likely after a while they would do the same thing, plus plugging them into another computer acts the same as unplugging and plugging back in
  4. @MateLeLe120 it is very likely your pedals are faulty and something has started to fail, i have seen a few people where similar happens throttle sticks on but a reboot of pedals i.e unplug them and plug them back in gets them working again. also a lot of people have posted in other places and with other games/sims having the same problem https://www.google.com/search?q=t-lcm+throttle+stuck&sxsrf=ALeKk02BnySa5Z5q7IzcO4yJJJSYRvyKNg%3A1620233211758&ei=-8uSYIHYLaG21fAPr6Ss2A0&oq=t-lcm+throttle+stuck&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAMyBQghEKABOgcIABBHELADOgQIIxAnOgQIABBDOgIIADoGCAAQFhAeOgkIABDJAxAWEB46BwghEAoQoAFQgPsBWPeMAmCvjgJoAXACeACAAX-IAYELkgEEMTYuMZgBAKABAaoBB2d3cy13aXrIAQjAAQE&sclient=gws-wiz&ved=0ahUKEwjBwaiI_7LwAhUhWxUIHS8SC9sQ4dUDCA4&uact=5 i have also heard where people who have sent tlcm's back for RMA purposes get a set back with different firmware
  5. cearp8858

    Thrustmaster SF 1000 flag Led issue

    I mean i have no problem at all with this, maybe we can compile a list and make a particular post a master post which lists issues and or things we would like to see different? About the drs light its easier to test in Time trial because every lap you get drs I can check and see what cars show for me on pc i know the haas, mclaren and ferrari work as shown on the in game wheel.
  6. cearp8858

    Thrustmaster SF 1000 flag Led issue

    so according to the test program top 2 flag lights are for yellow flags, middle 2 are for red flags bottom 2 are for blue flags the drs lights work for me in native mode on pc and changes per car
  7. Yes i occasionally lose ffb between races and or sessions and this does get it back again
  8. cearp8858

    Thrustmaster SF 1000 flag Led issue

    so was digging around the driver installation folders and came across an SDK/API testing program it seems to cycle through all the parameters for the screen and LED's. also seems to confirm the flag leds are set individually in the API so possibly nothing codemasters can do. could prove useful to testing wheel functions and inputs video0.mov
  9. no other game has the new api yet so no way to tell, i know iracing accidently enabled it and it caused ffb to not work
  10. cearp8858

    Camera Bug

    looking at both images the grandstand building is in the same position and the curve of the curb ahead follows the same trajectory, curving towards the centre of your car. imo as the cockpit view is more restrictive as you are sat lower in the car and can't see as much directly in front of the car then you are in the same place as the t cam image. only real way to tell would be to raise the cockpit camera up and angle it down to allow more view in front of you but this isn't a bug it's just demonstrates how the cockpit camera has a less restrictive view
  11. cearp8858

    Camera Bug

    do both camera angles have the same FOV in the settings? looking at the images the car does look like it is in the same place following the curve on the curb, hard to say for sure as in cockpit camera the view is lower than a t cam also the devs will need a bit more info from you for the bug report
  12. cearp8858

    McLaren Portugal livery

    depends on if the mclaren team approve that change plus any licensing implications for it. i know zak brown has mentioned that mclaren have some sponsors which will appear on cars for certain events/areas of the world only in a recent interview so this could be one of them
  13. cearp8858

    Floor bug F1 2020

    you might want to post this in the technical assitance section along with a full bug report, it's not really a suggestion https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/111-gameplay-issues-and-bugs-ta/
  14. cearp8858

    Thrustmaster SF 1000 flag Led issue

    oh yeah but the image was found on google to show what fanatec users can do with led customisation on their rims
  15. cearp8858

    Thrustmaster SF 1000 flag Led issue

    yeah i brought this up as an issue as i beleive it is an issue but could be by design, i dont believe they are single colour LEDs tbh currently there isnt any way to test the LED's or change the colour etc, the new API which i assume is at driver level drives the screen and leds and relies on the game developer to implement the api. so unless thrustmaster open their API up similar to how fanatec has fanalabs where users can set all the leds to do what they want then we are stuck with how the developers of the games implement the new api. i am hoping that thrustmaster releases software similar to fanalabs that enables us to make our own dashes and set the leds to do what we want, it's just a small oversight by thrustmaster really but the way codemasters have implemented the dash and the rpm LEDs which do display what the in game wheel shows per car is really good. maybe codemasters can add a menu in game for f1 2021 which allows us to make the changes? this is what fanalabs can do although i think it is driven by UDP telemetry and not a native implementation which thrustmaster allows whith their rim