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  1. i mean most setups used 55-57% bias to the front brakes before the handling model changed and all this change was is reverting to f1 2020's car braking so everyone using 50% now on the old model using less than 55% brake bias so 50-54% under heavy braking would and could induce rear wheel locking causing over steer in corner entry which is correct car behavior, what wasn't is the way you could drift the cars and still gain time which was wholly unrealistic. since the handling change it's impossible to lock the rear brakes, braking really takes no skill and you have zero consequences
  2. a new api was implimented by thrustmaster for it drivers on pc and also on consoles just before the release of the sf1000 rim and it has changed how wheel support is handled a little bit, if your firmware is way out of date then your issues could be caused by out of date firmware, its always reccomended to keep software, drivers & firmwares upto date on any hardware especially when developers and or manufactureres say it may fix some issues. so i would 100% try and either use a laptop and or a pc on windows and install the latest drivers and perform a firmware update, on the tx base y
  3. just a handful of reports but this is looking likely it may well be a console issue now so either game update may fix it or a further firmware update is needed from thrustmaster
  4. Kenny sat in this post saying to everyone who says updates will be coming f1 2020 had at least 1 patch a month right upto June last year, i dont see any reason why f1 2021 wouldnt be any diffrent especially with podium pass content being updated with seasons right upto the lauch of the next game
  5. i have seen from managment/ devs that its the case if you really look at the way cars drive 2019 feels a bit like 2021 where the grip isnt there and if you compare how 2018 and 2020 drove where they feel like they have a lot of grip you do get some incremental improvements come accross all the games every year but the general feel of the way teh cars react to stuff you can tell to some extent
  6. there isnt much info here but maybe post a bug report in the support section using a bug report template. there is also this thread if its fading for you
  7. the way you brake on f1 2021 is the same as 2020 now, its a backwards and lazy way to prevent esports drivers driving unrealisticly. it is impossible to now lock the rear brakes under braking someing that should 100% happen when braking with so much brake bias towards the rear of the car, brakes on f1 cars are very small on the rear so using anything less than 54% should at least snatch/lock up and cause some issue in heavy braking zones and even have the car spin, even locking the fronts can be hard to do now and with little to no repurcussions. anyone that says nothing has change
  8. those where on F1 2020 sub forums, 3 topics 2 by me 1 wanting some extra customisation of key bindings, 1 about flag LED's but it turned out that the 3 flag leds are seperate colours so not a issue 😂, then a 3rd about losing settings which probably was a driver issue from thrustmaster it would be nice if thrustmaster would have a forum so that users can discuss these things directly wih them if its problems on their side, instead people come the game developers thinking that it's an issue with what they done which sometimes isn't the case
  9. this is likly a thrustmaster issue. i have the the sf1000 rim with tx base on pc and the screen & LED's sometimes stop working after pro longed use, even happens in iracing, all other functions like buttons, paddles, clutches etc work correctly when this happens it's not the exact same issue you have but it does happen with native mode on both platforms that support it
  10. So on the ai difficulty i never disagreed i know its a lot harder this year ea is the publisher and owner now, the last couple of years koch media was the publisher, the difference is that ea might actually spend some money to help codies make a better game. I know ea get a lot of flack and its deserved but judge f1 2022 on if ea makes a difference or not, f1 2021 is just stuck in a transition year thats all. this year we had a technical regulation change to cut the amount of rear downforce from the floor its just the fia underestimated how much of thats downforce the teams c
  11. Pray it stays fixed for you happy racing!
  12. this is at driver level so hardware is sending inputs so anything you do in game wont matter, if the pedals have no clutch then the input shouldn't register i would say look at the rj12 connector and make sure that no pins are touching and do the same in the connector of the wheelbase. if everything looks ok then what i would suggest the following; with wheelbase connected go to device manager find the wheelbase and right click and unintall the device, unplug the wheelbase and then uninstall the driver and then restart your pc to safe mode without networking enabled. with wh
  13. also i have seen several posts about wishlits or wants from f1 2022 now even posted in one of them but maybe @BarryBLcould look into merging some of these posts together so everything of this nature is in 1 post instead of spread accrosss several posts? some are in suggestions, some in f1 chat and have some bizare title which doesnt fit the topic being discussed 😂
  14. this is done so that someone of all abilaties and ages can play the game, i would love to have more in depth setups and practise programs the game is rated for everyone by ESRB so some things cant be too overly complicated
  15. what session was you trying this in? practise 1-3 you can freely pick between any ers mode in the mfd using bound buttons for left and right, also encoders work up and down quallyfying you can select hotlap or none with the changes only working in the mfd menu, encoder bindings wont work race sessions ers modes cant be changed with ers modes being fixed witht eh exception of a overtake mode button which you either hold or toggle on/off depending how you set it up in the options again encoder bindings wont work
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