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  1. MartinPadge

    How to make a good start with traction control.

    I use medium tc. it helps if you use manual gears too. I also found on this year's game u can go 100% on throttle and not spin out on manual starts. Like he said above go into gran prix mode and keep restarting ur starts to u figured it out.
  2. MartinPadge

    My Thrustmaster TX/T300 and T3PA Settings

    Are these settings for TX servo base? I will give your setting a try as I'm struggling with my new wheel setup.
  3. MartinPadge

    Multiplayer car #question

    U can fine-tune multiplayer car setup in unranked practice lobby.
  4. MartinPadge

    F1 2019 Setup Guide

    Just fine-tune the multiplayer car in unranked practice lobby. U can use different fuel loads. Was very handy for me to get perfect setup.