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  1. MartinPadge

    State of F1 online multiplayer

    Some Bugs and glitches I've incountered so far on F1 2020. Drivers randomly getting kicked out in quali and before the race start, then u can't rejoin to after the lights go out. then it resets your race setup to default and if u use a racing wheel it will cause it to react differently than expected. Also players have experienced drops in frame rate when they disconnect and then rejoin. Also some buttons don't function as they should like look behind button also DRS is stuck open and why players still get DRS is broken and why this is still a thing I don't know ) Issue when driving under safety car which is so temperamental and comes out at the slightest of incidents, then under safety car if the driver behind gets too close then u will be asked to switch positions causing u to lose a place and if u don't u will receive a 5s penalty. All so why can't lapped cars overtake the pack to take there place at the back of the cue under safety car.) Driving under VSC not displaying correct delta time causing players to get a drive through penalty.) Lights not going out at the same time for every driver, there are more bugs but I just can't bothered to mention them all, I be here for ages. In our leauge we turned off formation lap and has helped with disconnections but not 100% proof.
  2. MartinPadge

    State of F1 online multiplayer

    I've leauge race for many years, owned every F1 game since 2011, all thou I've come across many bugs within the F1 games I have never seen so many bugs and glitches within one game. And I too am amazed how these games win so many awards, I mean who test these game really lol. I too only play online and stay clear off career mode and my team, it's just not my thing and im pretty sure that where all the focus off there work goes into and they neglect the online multiplayer. When u leauge race and practice all week long to prepare and compete for leauge races and u run into so many issues it's so frustrating.
  3. MartinPadge

    State of F1 online multiplayer

    The amount off issues with online multiplayer is over whelming. The fact it takes Codemasters so long to even respond and fix these issues is beyond a joke. For lots off ppl who race online and race within Leauges it's frustrating, I've never played an F1 title with so many problems. I'm not going to go over what the issues are I'm sure Codemasters have good idea. As it would just take too long. If this online issues persist I'm afraid this could be my last ever F1 game, I just can't race like this anymore which is a shame GG codies.
  4. MartinPadge

    My Thrustmaster TX/T300 and T3PA Settings

    Are these settings for TX servo base? I will give your setting a try as I'm struggling with my new wheel setup.
  5. MartinPadge

    Multiplayer car #question

    U can fine-tune multiplayer car setup in unranked practice lobby.