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  1. MartinPadge

    TMX Pro

    Turning off understeer works better actually. The settings still not quite right but I'm getting there. My pace with the new wheel isn't great,
  2. MartinPadge

    TMX Pro

    Ok will do cheers.
  3. MartinPadge

    TMX Pro

    On Track environment 35 Off track 10 Curbs 10 Damper 0
  4. MartinPadge

    TMX Pro

    Im using around 70 on ffb right now haven't gone over 100. Been playing around with it between 50 and 100. I like a lighter feel to my setup. It feels ok but noticed I lose ffb all grip wen I go fall lock, I run 360 degrees
  5. MartinPadge

    TMX Pro

    Ive recently bought the TX servo base with leather edition wheel and I'm struggling with the game settings I can't get the right feel. Like ffb and track settings. How does ur wheel feel any help with this would be great thanks.
  6. MartinPadge

    How to make a good start with traction control.

    I use medium tc. it helps if you use manual gears too. I also found on this year's game u can go 100% on throttle and not spin out on manual starts. Like he said above go into gran prix mode and keep restarting ur starts to u figured it out.
  7. I have a new TX wheel but struggling to find the right settings to use. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. MartinPadge

    My Thrustmaster TX/T300 and T3PA Settings

    Are these settings for TX servo base? I will give your setting a try as I'm struggling with my new wheel setup.
  9. MartinPadge

    Multiplayer car #question

    U can fine-tune multiplayer car setup in unranked practice lobby.
  10. MartinPadge

    F1 2019 Setup Guide

    Just fine-tune the multiplayer car in unranked practice lobby. U can use different fuel loads. Was very handy for me to get perfect setup.