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  1. Hi,       I recently bought the Reloaded version of the original Grid for PS3, (Had the standard copy since day one), but thought I'd upgrade. When I entered the codes for the two DLC packs I had no problem with the 8 Ball Pack but when I entered the code for the Prestige Pack I received the  message " This code has already been used". I cannot understand this as the game was new and sealed from Shop2Net. I have spent about an hour and fifteen minutes on hold to Sony and got nowhere, whilst racking up a large telephone bill. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know of a better way to contact Sony? They insist that you telephone them then you cannot get through. Any advice would be much appreciated as I am now left very frustrated that I cannot use my extra content.
  2. fraggedout

    Grid Autosport A. I.

    That's great news, thanks Loore and thanks to all who replied.  I'm looking forward to this game more than ever now.
  3. fraggedout

    Grid Autosport A. I.

    Hi,       I am really, really looking forward to Autosport and am a massive fan of Codemasters but I am worried by something I read on the Expert Reviews website relating to the A I : "AI drivers also make mistakes, but based on what we've seen they appear to be heavily scripted. We drove four races at Jarama and saw the same crashes and spins at the same corners. One in particular saw a car rolling spectacularly after smashing into the tyre barriers, but after seeing this multiple times, it lost its novelty." Please tell me this is not true as I feel it would spoil the game in a big way for the crashes and mistakes of the A I to be scripted like this.