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  1. Hi Im will try to not sound like a bad loser, but i really hope the top times for this week are reviewed properly and runs using ridiculous cuts are penalized. In my opinion this should fall under rule 14 in the official rulebook. If not, this is really a kick in the face for all the drives that take this competition serius and want to set a proper time. This competition will also lose all credibility. If this is some kind of dakar rally where its ok to make your on track, this should be announced on forehand. But maybe it's only me... Here are some examples: https://yo
  2. A Volvo 240 would be so epic! But much higher on the epic scale would be the return of Pro Tour. 🤞
  3. Do anyone have a explanation of the sudden surge of active DR1 playes? Looks really strange. A protest against WRC8 EPIC store exclusive maybee 😉
  4. It says that for me too. I think its normal.
  5. Do we know exact time when the game will be released on steam? Hope to do some stages before bed 🤞
  6. Based from my experice of DR & D4, my guess is that there will be broken down competitors in side off the road, drones almost hit you’re windscreen and so on. But I really hope this feature include random rocks on the stages, specially on side of the road to combat the heavy cutting some do.
  7. As world rallycross will go full electic 2020, maybee that is the next step for the WRC cars also 😄 https://www.autosport.com/wrx/news/134257/world-rx-to-make-electric-switch-for-2020
  8. Thats looks like a WRC2 car. WRC cars use a paddle.
  9. I really hope it could be added in a future DR2 DLC though. As i play compeditive online 95% of the time, the unknow factor of the stage is really important part for me. Everyone can play on the same terms. Insted of meeting drives who has played exacly the same stage 1000 times and memorized every pixel.
  10. I see in steam that DR2 will be realeased 22nd of Feb PST. Does anyone know if thats meen 00:00PST? So it will be avalible 09:00 (CET) / 08:00 (UTC+1) the 22nd?
  11. If you mirror the end of the "swedish" telephone number you get the swedish date formation 19/8/7  and the time 10:17.  7 August 2019 Relase date maybee?  
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