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  1. Hi 
    Im will try to not sound like a bad loser, but i really hope the top times for this week are reviewed properly and runs using ridiculous cuts are penalized.
    In my opinion this should fall under rule 14 in the official rulebook. If not, this is really a kick in the face for all the drives that take this competition serius and want to set a proper time. 
    This competition will also lose all credibility. If this is some kind of dakar rally where its ok to make your on track, this should be announced on forehand.
    But maybe it's only me...

    Here are some examples: 





  2. Do anyone have a explanation of the sudden surge of active DR1 playes? Looks really strange. 

    A protest against WRC8 EPIC store exclusive maybee 😉



  3. 1 hour ago, Auduns said:


    Against better judgement, I just need to vent this out here:

    Have the devs of this game ever diven a single meter on a snow and ice covered road with proper winter tires?

    It doesn't feel like it, Monte Carlo should not be like Bambi on the ice, against contrary beliefs, theres is actually quite a lot of grip on ice and specialy snow, even on summer tires, and specially with studded winter tires. Yes it's more slippery than dry tarmac, but it is quite frippy, and you will normally get a gradual slip, much like on gravel. 


    And before you start, I'm from Norway, I do know how it feels on snow and ice 🙂


    There, rant over, phew, good to get it ofmy chest 🙂


    Brilliant game Codies, and I mean it, it's imposible to get everything perfect, but you nearly got there....



    Im from sweden and agree 100% with this. The lack of grip on the snow frustrate me so much. When you drive a big chunk of the year on snow IRL, the handling in MC mess you up in the head 🙂  

  4. I dont know if this has been reported already, but there is a small bug where you overwrite a existing tuning setup.

    If you overwrite a old tuning setup, the new setup is moved to the end of the list. But the cursor for edit the name of the new setup is on the same position in the list as the old setup, so you will rename a different setup in the list.   

    I use the PC version.

  5. 4 hours ago, Tranzitive said:

    Images of what i was describing from the Argentina daily. the first pic is just before the track reset triggered, the second pic is as the reset is triggering, which is why the image is fading to black. you can clearly see how far away from the cameraman i was, was not even driving over the rock in front of him. these spectators and camerapeople seem to have HUGE hitboxes.

    Screenshot_20190616-153151_Video Player.jpg


    I have mention this before in some other threads, but my stand on this is that automatic reset should not be a thing at all. In real life this is not a thing and there for should not be a thing in a simulation game ether. This introduce only frustration, especially when the reset zon is in side the tracklimits like in this example. If they want to limit drives from drive to mutch outside the track limits his should be handled by having physical objects (like the stones in this case), ruff terrain outside tracklimits and so on.

    Reset should only be available by manually push the reset button, and when doing this always get a hefty random 30-120 sec timepenelty.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Dytut said:

    Allright, think I've spotted a decently severe bug with the overall results.

    In the Expert Dirt league you set up I ended up on P33 after the first event (I'm Arete on steam). https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/179043/results/championship/0/event/0

    But looking at the current standings, it does not seem to reflect the result of the first event:



    For example, I didn't get a single point (I'm Dytut on racenet). Batatas who got a full 200 points is only 3rd in event 1. In general, it looks quite weird. Think you have to bugfix the Championship standings.


    Was just going to report this too. 

    D4 clubs standings and points was also broken from the start and as far as i know it still broken. So all community rally event had to be manually handled by the community moderators.

    Please do not repeat that mess again.

    Its super important that we can trust the result that is shown on the clubs page.

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  7. Timer showing the remaining time for the current event missing on the web page. This was very useful on the old Dirt4 clubs page.

    Edit: Also the clubs page is painfully slow and timeout, showing error message that data could not be loaded.

  8. 36 minutes ago, michaelf said:

    Two issues I've not seen listed anywhere in the forums, nor Reddit, etc.:

    • Somehow I can't view leaderboard times by friends on other platforms. Specifically, I'm playing on Xbox One and have added a PC friend in Racenet (whose account is linked to his Steam account and linked in his DR2.0). When we try to compare our times for a specific stage and car class, we can't see each other at all, however we can see our entries as "DiRT Player" in the global leaderboard (we validated that by comparing country, position in the leaderboard and our exact leaderboard times). I can see another friend on Xbox One just fine.
    • In the Xbox achievements & stats section on my Xbox One, for all games (including the original Dirt Rally), I can see the total number of hours played. Somehow the number of hours played stat isn't there for Dirt Rally 2.0, either on the Xbox One itself or in the Xbox app for iPhone.

    There was a discussion about this in the old bug thread some days ago and this is do to rights restrictions with Console manufacturers and a part GDPR. 

  9. 6 hours ago, MarkHam207 said:

    Same issue overhere, glad i am not the only one but i'am very disssappointed that this update give us this major problems. 

    My HE Handbrake is nessesary in a rally sim like this!!!


    I had the same issue. For me it worked by reset USB-Cable and calibrarion of the handbreak. The only issue for me now after lastest version the handbreak must be held at 100% on stage start to trigger the count down, but my handbreak is lite glitchy and sometimes only reach about 95 %  so I have to try several times to trigger the count down. On the stages the handbreak works without issues. 

    This might be the reason the handbreak not working In game for others also. 

  10. In my opinion there should not be any reset zons at all. I feel that the only way to reset you car is manually by the user and if that is the case you get a random 30 sec - 5 minutes penalty just as in real life where bystanders push the cars maybe even set penalty to how far away from de road you are. 

    To prevent conercutting random bumps, treestumps and other s**t should be added outside the road. 


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  11. 14 minutes ago, mirk1983 said:

    No need to be salty. We all just want to help CM figure this out. All examples we could ewok hopefully stear CM in the right direction.

    7 minutes ago, watzcoc said:

    why should we help CM to figure out the problems with their game, they built it, tested it and released it. They should recall and delete it and start again.

    Sorry i was wrong. Apparently not all of us...

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  12. 1 hour ago, MalabarFront said:

    Edit: looking at screenshots, splits aren't being shown, only my actual time. I'm 142nd in the running order, and all my timing options in the settings screen are enabled.


    Think this is a bug. PS4, 1.03.

    My career rally no longer lists competitor times while I'm racing. I'll be the only person in the top right corner the whole race, and when the split times come up, I'm always reported as several minutes ahead. Looking at the screenshots below, which were taken right before the finish, I'm reported as being my total race time ahead of the competitors, but as you see I actually finished 10th.

    This didn't happen for my first rally, and only started happening partway through the events in my second one.



    I think this is becuse of that you run first on the stage. So you compeditors has not yet made there run.

  13. 3 hours ago, grancab said:

    playing on pc with a "custom" steering wheel on my t500rs base there is no way to known wich keyboard button I have to push to control the menus because game always show "thrustmaster numered buttons indications"

    I have the same issue. Would be nice if you could set menu navigation device or make it as in F1 2018 where it shows the button descriptions for the latest controller used.

    The strange part is that D4 menu i did not have this issue. I guess there you could access all buttons with the arrow keys on the keyboard.

  14. 6 hours ago, CMMcBabe said:

    This patch was released before the game came out.

    Do you refer to, before deluxe edition was released? And because of this the widespread confusion that v1.1 was a future release. Changelog post was added friday night so if that is the case i understand the confusion.

    Im pretty sure that i have not received any updates after i installed the deluxe edition on steam thursday night.


  15. 14 hours ago, Rigle said:

    I can confirm that my recovery button does not work either. Fanatec CSW 2.5

    I use a keyboard for car recovery my self but, I notice that there seems to be a delay before you can recover the car. You have to stand still for some seconds before recovery option is available to you. Maybee that’s why?

    Personally I think this delay is most welcome as I know lots of fast drives in D4 that pushed the recovery button as soon as they where loosing control to save time and avoiding car damage. I also think recovery penalty is way to low still. Should at least be 30 sec or more.