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  1. Weve gone off topic which was a very simple straight forward positive question. We all read posts and form different opinions and most of the time other people take the original post completely out of context. And how you reply back affects on how the original post will look to others . No one was criticised and its gotten sad when folk instantly feel offended over a positive post. Or was it the fact that codemasters don't want anyone to know its free next month. We think base game although not confirmed. Especially at the moment where everyone needs every penny. I tend to read posts several times before I post or reply. Alls good have a good day. 😇 Ps .why the post was made was I had just bought season 3/4 . Regardless it's a great game.
  2. I race on pc .but I also race on the ps4. I ran sim Racing leagues and have done for many years. But this has to do with the ps4. It's a valid question.if at the time i would have bought all the seasons at once But sadly being self employed some months I have plenty of money and other months I dont . So hence why I had to buy season 1/2 almost 7 months ago and like alot of people who bought season 1/2 .we expected season 3/4 would have followed very soon after. Not 7 or 8 months later. And now its going to be part of the ps4 monthly April free games. It seems a bit strange especially when the game of the year edition is about to be released and 2 days later you get the game for free lol🤪🤑🏎🚥🍻🍻 I think you kinda missed the point regardless of 1 day or 1 year lol. The market strategy is strange to say the least and I've run a business also for many years and my overheads are nothing compared to codemasters.
  3. senna94f1

    Manage your expectations 🏁🏎🚥

    Tbh I think we all gave up on grid 2019. Had enormous potential and although I am a wheel sim guy . I enjoyed what little content we had for grid 2019. I only played grid 2019 on a controller as I was told it did not work well with wheels and yet we were told it was for the casual sim racer and serious arcade racer. For £55 the base game as its called nowadays was not much more than a expensive demo of yesteryear games I could never understand why codemasters chose there different routes with games that make money. All the best and I hope everyone is safe And well.
  4. Codemasters could you possibly answer this question. After months and months of asking can you offer season 3/4 to your customers who bought season 1/2 6 months ago . That when you finally offer season 3/4 at £7.99 . A day later we find out that dirt rally 2.0 is completely free on playstations ps4 monthly games for April. You must have been aware of this and also u are still trying to get people to buy the game of the year edition full bundle dirt rally 2.0. Something is wrong here Your thoughts would be very much appreciated codemasters.
  5. senna94f1

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack – Available Now

    Horay codemasters, finally you've listened to a lot of people who bought season 1/2 but then you never offered season 3/4 , they have now , for those like me we can now buy season 3/4 and at £7.99, thankyou codemasters , and about time, now just a few hours to wait for Colin McRae.
  6. senna94f1

    Handling in 2019

    I can tell you and I live steamed (F12019 senna vs prost legend edition 3 days early access ) The handling was superb. It was sim like and if you took assists off the faster you could go. We ran a f12019 league and pad vs wheel was equal Even when you braked your wheel would twitch . All the car setups worked. That was on patch 1.04 . After that it got worse and worse with every patch. No one uses the actual f12019 cars but everyone uses the MULTIPLAYER car . Good news is that the last two patches something has changed for the better. It's a shame because F1 is a cash machine and to have a game go under half price from 2 months from released date is not a good look. Adding all those very silly avatars to generate money was another waste of time. You made a brilliant game in F12019. Then you tinkered and made it almost unplayable. These should be lessons learned for f12020 . Make a brilliant game then add good quality DLC to the game. and you will find that the game will still make good money all year round. Now that's business.
  7. So begs questions. As why were season 1/2 in sale on ps4 store in 1st place if season 3/4 were never ever going to be available in same format as season 1/2 I would never ever have bought season 1/2 if I'd known it was simply to rip people off . It just goes to show the contempt that modern day companies have for its existing and future customers. It used to be your word was your honour and helping others while still making a profit was a good thing. Nowadays it's so blatant as they advertise 1 thing and on release its nothing like the advertised version. . Please note I am not talking about any company or person and it's just my personal opinion as well as thousands of others lol Please contact Saul Goodman.
  8. Is it Manage your expectations, or Manage their expectations, or Manage our expectations, i think Grid 2019 is the best ever grid they have ever produced, it takes your breath away, the hard work which went into this game shows, i just wonder how much Alonso was paid, was he paid more money and attention then the actual game cost to make , no matter ,Grid 2019 is brilliant cough cough,
  9. Well this use to be the case for all games. They would be produced on pc . Then downgraded for consoles. We now have a situation where they are produced to a poor standard on pc and consoles. It's the small print that kills me. I got my magnifying glass out . Only to read in extremely huge print . Managed your expectations yet. I sat there crying with laughter. Codemasters you got me well and truly 😘👾🏎🚥
  10. Money is money wether its pc or ps4. I have both. But please for the love of God. Reduce or put season 3/4 on ps4 in a sale . I bought season 1/2 in a sale 6 months ago and would have expected by now Season3/4 to be in a sale on ps4. It stinks 💩👾
  11. Grid 2019 , for the casual sim racer , ,now codemasters that was your statement,. But what is actually sim about grid 2019 , i think if you produce a bad game then fix it, but don't blame your paying customers, over last 9 months I've heard virtually every excuse known to mankind, i gave up 2 months ago and after buying into codemasters games like f1 and dirt rally either pre order or new , i will never ever buy a pre order or new game again, that's face it you only have to wait 2 months max and any game theyve produced is half price, so I will manage my expectations thankyou very much lol, saying that that's see if they manage to kill off project cars 3 , because that would show how stupid someone is after the success of Pcars 1,2
  12. I own all the games and you can clearly see a backward step. They were bold statements about how good these games were going to be. So its codemasters fault for raising people's high expectations . If you are going to say how good your games are going to be then on release you have to back that up. On the YouTube thing. They get free copies of the game which is a fact .so most wont say anything bad because they wont get anymore free games to promote there YouTube channels. Again clearly when people like me and thousands of others have in invested hundreds and hundreds of hours testing and Racing. We have a better understanding of bugs then the actual person who made the game and probable dont touch the game unless it's to add paid dlc which in most cases add more bugs. When you're getting something for free you are not going to say anything bad .simple fact of life . For me personally all of this has got tedious over this last year and with all the help codemasters gets from there customer posting and highlighting bugs and in some cases even supplying a fix .just to be ignored or we end up going back to square one. Just full of unfulfilled promises lol. Codemasters have the power and ability to produce brilliant sim Racing games but unfortunately they would rather sell to 3yr olds who have no experience and are not allowed a PC or ps4 account and certainly don't have the funds to buy the game. Wait it's the adults buying the game and 90% I would guess are over 18. So stop making games for 3yr olds and start making games for adults. God bless America.
  13. Why would a more experienced person leave to another department Then bring in a new guy who going to asked the same question from us over the next 6 months. They did this to f12019 .8 months later got the same question. It just goes back to square one My post above yours is a serious question. On what do I buy when I have already bought day one edition of grid.
  14. senna94f1

    Grid ultimate

    It's money money money, Our opinions don't count , it all gets boring after 6 months of same old stuff, if you post too much about same issues then you will get slapped with forum infringement, Over the years on here I used to read other posts about bugs and take no notice but 2019 I was the year those posts made sense, sorry I can't help but I would wait until it's free or eventually the price is almost a giveaway lol, we are massive fans and great supporters of codemasters and has to be a twofold thing between customers and codemasters.
  15. It's all well and good but no one listens at codemasters, the sales structure is wrong with grid , dirt rally 2.0 absolutely a joke sale season 1/2 in sales months ago but season 3/4 never ever been in a sale , so why offer one part but never going to offer the second half, F12019 , FFB was amazing on day one release, now serval patches and most leagues only use the multiplayer cars in league racing due to the very poor handling dynamics and FFB of the actual f12019 cars in the game, people took time out and posted , we race , test over and over every week, hundreds of hours , put top level leagues together and we are ignored to told to be quiet and we are infringing the forum rules, we love codemasters and all of there fantastic hardworking staff , ipeople who tested hundreds and hundreds of hours in leagues know the game inside out , this is wheel users, on project cars 2 , most of us have thousands of hours testing, racing then testing again, running leagues, we are the people who want to help codemasters as in turn it helps us ,