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  1. senna94f1

    Predictions as to what Patch 1.11 will bring us...

    I hope they fix ffb for wheel users and fix the pad vs wheel back to equal, but I doubt very much if anything will be fixed , what I will predict is another bad patch to grab your money and in the notes say future patches will be fixed, All they had to do was rollback to patch 1.03 , and that in itself should tell us all there unwillingness to fix this once great short lived f12019 that they won't, i come on here every day with excitement and hope , that they are fixing f12019 , they won't, so it's back to a real sim in pcars2 ,how old is that game lol. good luck with the game guys f12019 ,
  2. senna94f1

    I'm soooo happy !!!

    League racing is the only way to go with like minded drivers, t300/racing rig , ps4/ps4 pro, sometimes iracing on my PC , league owners , In the psn store it's only £35 for Senna vs Prost , game is only 3 months old so for that price it's worth buying, but the game has been dumbed down big time more for wheel users, ffb was sim quality from day one release as along with great graphics and great f1 engine sounds, now in 7 patches all that good stuff has gone , in a nut shell muted or dumbed down to where everything has been badly affected, hence the reduced price in 3 months £65 to £35 for deluxe Senna vs Prost , no one at codemasters is even bothered to fix game anymore, then they insulted sim community last week with another none sense update for paying liverys , , we are going back to pcars2 as we've had enough of f1 2019 ,it had such high promise from release , plus we now have another silly bug where you set your car up in or 90 min practice then use same setup for qualy but come the race the car handles like a brick , please note car set is tested with qualy fuel then running laps with full race fuel ,as I say it's not every time but race setup bug will kill your race , or just wait until it's £10 lol
  3. T300/racing rig, ps4 / ps4 pro sometimes iracing PC, league owners, i noticed this from day one, what ever rotation you do or recalibrate wheel the in game car wheel goes 10 times faster lol, One thing you must do with any codemaster racing games especially f12019 is unplug and replug wheel before you race on any other game , pcars2 is a good example ,it will keep the same rotation as f12019 or dirt rally and dirt 2.0., meaning when you go out on track with Pcars 2 the wheel is totally out of its proper rotation , i am a positive person but I would not hold ya breath too long as once they can't get any more money from you they cease to patch that game, take f12019 in 3 months it's half price,from day one of release it was as good as dr 2.0 with ffb , now it's worse then gt sports with the poor patches and like that game they won't fix or patch regardless generally they patch games for 3 months then it's over,, sorry I could not help .
  4. senna94f1


    It blows my mind why anyone would not want a better game or sim, turn the clocks back to day one release of f1 2019 Senna vs Prost and what a great sim , great ffb and great graphics, since livery update graphics are noticeably worse , take monza you the tree shadows on the f1 cars are almost triangle , the ffb is as bad as it get for a racing game, f1 2018 ffb nows feels better then latest f12019 , bugs popping out every where, as a more experienced elder gentleman in thus world why are people afraid to admit yeah it was a mistake with patches and we kinda got caught up chasing our tales ,and the direction did not work, and thats just not on ps4 for me but also on Xbox and PC, so why would you not want to simply rollback to patch 1.03 and say well that patch was good , now it's a known fact it costs nothing to rollback to patch1.03 rather then spend money on patches that don't work, i come on here every day with the hope and excitement that the ffb has been fixed , once the game is fixed I can go away and get on with my life and enjoy playing this game for which it was intended for, some people make a mountain out of a mole hole and life is easy as you want to make it, hence the offer of helping to fix game for free lol, this is hard work lol
  5. senna94f1

    League (online) Pre-race game crash [ZX]

    T300/racing , ps4, league owner f12019 , owned every f1 game ,dirt rally and 2.0 , assetto corsa , sometimes iracing on the PC , Tbh we've had very few problem running our leagues and running f12019 , no different to running f12018, we always use unranked ,then host sends out private invites, we run our practice night with 90 mins practice , 15mins or short qualy followed by either 50% or 100 % race distance, on race night we again only use unranked and send out private invites, short qualy 15 mins , race 50% , unless end of season 100% race distance, wether is set to dynamic in all weather slots for qualy and race, practice and qualy and race are always set to midday , we use the f1 cars on equal with absolutly NO AI, lobby assists are no tc and mid tc, abs is set to on, please note it's set up like this so individuals can turn limited assists off or on, half the league is wheel and other half uses pad, only 2 crashed lobbies in last 6 months, our biggest problem and hate (strong word hate ) is from day one release of f12019 , pad vs wheel was equal and no crazy car setups like front wing 1 ,rear wing 12 or vice versa , from around patch 1.04 onwards. Pad users were pulling away from wheel users ,it's now between 1 and 3 seconds per lap faster on pad ,this is depending on track, I am a huge F1 fan of many many years and a big supporter of codemaster F1 games, but when F12019 came out from day one release everyone in sim community was so happy , pad vs wheel was equal ,if you used no assists with time it rewarded you with faster lap times, FFB from patch 1.04 onwards has got muted with every further patch , so ffb needs to be fixed ASAP and pad vs wheel needs to be made equal again ASAP, we know for a fact everything worked brilliantly from day one release , sadly for our leagues unless the above 2 game killers bugs are not fixed ,we will be forced to go back to project cars 2, and that game is over 2 years old, i know this is not the answer you guys wanted ,but it's a truthful report on the ps4 especially for people who race in leagues and league owners, ,
  6. senna94f1


    Well I said I'd work for free,. No answer . i said I'd pay extra £20 to have ffb for wheel users from day one,. No answer, i posted how muted in 7 patches ffb was , No answer , if your afraid of going in wrong direction but can't admit it was a mistake , No answer . i guess people don't like being truthful or telling others the truth wether you get flak from it or not , absolutely no answer, yes Faya did have her hands tied but that was her decision , so if you want to give me the job I am here , I will be truthful wether the big boss at codemasters like it or not, and I repeat I will do it for nothing. , free of charge , not a penny, and boys and girls I would have f12019 back on track in 1 big update and keep the customers happy until next years instalment f1 2020! a win win for everyone , so instead of wot no answer ,I would answer and people on this forum and they would be happy , nows there's an offer Mr Boss at codemasters you can't refuse, not going to cost you a single penny, well apart from below which sink or swim you can have back, i need to get this game f12019 back on track by rolling back to patch 1.03 it will be a success again. what I need is a codemasters PC along with disc version of f1 2019 and a USB. Stick with plenty of GB ,and another ps4, i ain't going to use both of my ps4,s or my gaming PC , i want f1 2019 to be a huge success for ps4 and other platforms , I want success for codemasters , this benefits all of us and expand our ever growing sim community . ,what say thou 🏁🏎🚥
  7. senna94f1

    What is the best way to complain

    Who really cares any more, codemasters have done a excellent job in ignoring paying customers , changed the ffb for wheel users iin patches in little under 3 months of f12019 being released , i am awaiting a reply from Liberty media , Bernie Ecclestone would not put up with this rubbish and that's a fact , i don't care anymore ,nor does most of the f1 leagues we all run, because we are all going back to Pcars 2' how old is pcars2 now codemasters , how long did f12019 last codemasters, give thoses silly people on YouTube free copies as they don't care either ,they just wanted a free game for views, we on here spent good money and then spent hundreds of hours testing and racing and getting others to buy f12019 , we helped the f12019 community to grow and expand, what did we get for all of our help and support , a kick in the teeth and blantaly ignored us, then you codemasters changed the ffb for us wheel users to such an extent that you made almost unplayable , i am not angry or sad , I feel pity for those who worked on this game and did not have strength or foresight to tell your bosses not to mess game up , yes I would have payed extra £20 just to have you codemasters rollback to patch 1.03 but not now , 1 reply I got from codemasters in 3 months , this forum is filled with good decent people taking time out to report bugs and ffb muted problems, you codemasters should be finding the bugs and fixing the ffb issuses not your paying customers , weve all supported you and want this f2019 to be a success , can someone please explain why f1.2019 ffb was changed in 6 patches , why tyre model does not work anymore, this game did work perfectly from day one release ,so I don't understand how you can take some thing that was so brilliant and then make it so badly, who made that decision because that person is at fault and is responable for all the postings about bugs on here. i truly wish I could get a refund £65 Senna vs Prost bought from Sony ps4 store, and stop coming on here with the hope and excitement that you codemasters are going to fix f12019 , please just rollback to patch 1.03
  8. senna94f1

    Next patch

    Having the once amazing ffb from day one release which has been muted by 35% now would do for starters , i am prepared to pay another £20 and I know hundreds of sim racers who would gladly pay extra £20 to have the ffb back and rollback to patch 1.03 ,just to ve on safe side, codemasters ,you need to test f12019 ps4 on a wheel preference t300 on day one release patch Senna vs Prost 3 days early ,and then test on latest patch 1.10 , And if you can't feel or see the diffence with ffb fir wheel users ,then there's something wrong at codemasters with your test equipment , surely you have the funds for a standand ps4 and a t300 and the Senna vs Prost dig version from ps4 psn store, problem solved .
  9. In our leagues we have a saying , oh no ..... Not Mr Neutral again, ooh the places I have lost from Mr Neutral, . Mr Neutral strikes everywhere lol.
  10. Hiya guys and girls at codemasters , who is actually focusing on f12019 to fix the muted ffb for wheel users on the consoles , obviously last patch 1.10 was designed to generate a cash flow for f12019 so you could put aleast 1 person in charge of trying to fix ffb muted issues ,, I think the whole community would be more forgiven if you said we are not focusing on f1 2019 anymore , to me it's such a shame because f1 from day one release was truly a masterpiece then slowly had its heart ripped out , the buzz was huge , i understand that your still doing paid content for dirt rally 2.0 so therefore you still have staff working on that game, but as an elder gentlemen I really don't understand why when you had the sim community eating out of your hand and good sales figures from day one release of f12019 ,why you would implode the game in such a short space of time , theres still hope that someone in charge will get this game back on track, surely it make more sense to do that and keep your community happy and the knock on effect is when staff read the community posts on a Monday morning it's full of praise and happiness , or perhaps the staff take the attitude and have a giggle at the posts on hear ,
  11. senna94f1

    Enough is enough CM

    Of course I will buy next years game but won't make the mistake I made this year, i will wait couple of months then buy game for next to nothing and I will never ever buy a digital game again, All my other f1 games from year dot were disc Versions , i am a huge f1 fan and even worked at silverstone for f1 but this years game almost killed the love of f1 and wasted hundreds of hours of testing and practicing when deep down we know they are not going to fix f12019 , RIP f12019
  12. senna94f1

    Enough is enough CM

    I hear you but I come from a land of when you buy a product they should at least try to fix game instead of adding more bugs with patches lol,
  13. senna94f1

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Tbh I think everyone in the whole wide world knows the answer who's at fault, the person in charge ,the head man , the leader, i know that they know that I know that they know. Nudge wink lol if that makes sense .
  14. senna94f1

    Enough is enough CM

    We could guys go back to to f1 2018 in our league ,but we've decided enough really is enough , we will go back to pcars2 which is tried and trusted , we ran f1 from start of year f12018 then onto f12019 , even pad users have had enough , I love f1 but I from now on will only buy f1 games when there been out for serve months at a fraction of a new game, so with great sadness we are going forward in all our leagues with pcars2 , i myself am dumbfounded by codemasters , only ever had one reply from a mod on here called Hoo , i am am not angry or anything but I will write strong emails to liberty media and the official f1 about how customers get treated with pure contempt , my advice codemasters is listen to people who want you to succeed and listen especially to the sim racers who promote your game and company who also love f1, if you don't then you don't deserve the lience to make f1 video games , long live Pcars 2 and SMS studios at least they reply and fix bugs ,
  15. Yeah but I can fix game in 1 patch , Rolling it back to patch 1.03 , Problem fixed , took longer to write this post then to fix f12019, i really don't understand why they can't do that , then they won't be over worked by reading negative posts and not fixing f12019. it blows my mind how simple solutions are but how people put hurdles in front of themselves and others , life is hard enough lol