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  1. I am very. Happy about update and forth coming updates for the follow ing months , 5 stars to codies for f1 2019
  2. senna94f1

    You have been kicked for cheating on PS4

    That's a new one to me, maybe you got reported to Sony , i have noticed blatant cheating in the times trial mode with people going completly off the track full speed and not getting any track or invalid laps , I've only got to put 2 wheels on the white line and I get the above, track and invalid laps do happen more to wheel users then pad users, so I am interested to know what one you use, sorry I couldn't help you but I will keep a close eye on this, cheers mark.
  3. senna94f1

    U. S. R. f1 league.

    U. S. R. League has a few seats available , we run a very clean f1 league and occasionally Pcars 2 , we have race stewards just in case , main rule is competive fun and strictly no dive bombing . if your interested contact on ps4 psn ID ASHPIL98 , sennaboyf1 or me mark___f1 , each season is 8 races 50% race distance ,each race is every Saturday spread over 8 weeks, ,full damage , dynamic weather , we are almost at the end of season 2 using f1 2018 but in 2 weeks time be switching to f1 2019 , We have f1 2019 apart from 1 league member ,hence why we are using f1 2018 for next 2 races until they get f12019 , Hope this info helps and any questions friend request 1 or all 3 ,and we will be more then happy to help you.
  4. I think all in all most of us are very happy, wheel is still too light in the rain which really is the only thing that needs tweaking , f2 cars are suppose to be heavy on the wheel because no power steering, great little cars , monaco has to be the best track for. Graphics , especially at midnight it looks amazing, one of the very few sims that works straight out of the box, thankyou codemasters and the U. S. R. League also thanks you, It even rewards trying to use no assists , about time codemasters you've pulled your finger out although 2 years behind assetto corsa but Atleast you done it, 5 stars from me and the boys and girls at the U. S. R. league.
  5. Hi ,we run leagues for pcars2 but as of the last 6 months f1 2018 and until that game had its very last update it didn't work ,the last update changed the wet and dry much better,. Plus pad users had a advantage over wheel users ,hence wheel users were faster in the wet, now f1 2019 is greatly improved pad vs wheel users is almost the same except pad users get less track cut and disallowed lap time much less then a wheel user , I've tried this and can comfirms this , the new game tyre physic are highly improved for us wheel users , rain and wet still want tweaking still but not much, please codemasters don't do any updates unless they work because the game is very very good, in the pits you can't look left to right at your pit anymore by turning your wheel , But overall our league want to jump straight into f1 2019 because it works in our league testing online sessions, overall many many good reviews and myself is delighted how good the ffb wheel feels, also so note on wheel ,when racing f2 cars they don't have power steering so henc wheel feels heavier , so from the U .S. R. League 5 stars for codemasters , thankyou and please don't spoil with new updates lol. Sorry forgot to say we are on ps4 ,and alls sweet .
  6. senna94f1

    F1® 2019 – Compatible Wheels And Controllers

    Will there still be an unfair advantage pad users vs wheel users as there was a 2 seconds advantage , in other sim based race games you are rewarded with faster lap times using no assists but f1 rewards full assists more, we've seen this in our leagues , pad vs wheel more equal in wet weather races ,but dry the pad can race quicker with a lot more tyre wear, we we all still love f1 and still love the great job codies does each year ,will there ever come a day thou when f1 is a full on sim.
  7. senna94f1

    patch 1.06 and still FBB not fixed on dirt 2

    Well ladies and gentlemen , I am very very happy with dirt rally and it's brilliant ffb,. We were told that dirt rally 2.0 would be better then dirt rally but to top that game is nigh impossible , many of my friends have bought dirt 2.0 and are very unhappy , I myself learnt to wait unlike my mistake in buying the terrible dirt 4. So I will wait until dirt rally 2.0 comes down in price and wait till feedback gets better also , plus I have all the cars all the tracks on dirt rally for you lot I hear have to pay for as dlc , it will never top dirt rally if we're all honest , ,
  8. senna94f1

    error HP557.3686.

    It came back online around 45 minutes ago, it's all sorted panic over from my part and our 200 f12018 ps4 members in our U. S. R. f1 league. Kind regards .
  9. senna94f1

    All Multiplayer down

    F12018 ps4 multiplayer is back online as of 30 minutes ago, I did last night have a message from Sony ps4 saying it's not from there side but wait to hear from codemasters , none of it matters now as its back and running , I can send the message , kinds regards and ps f12018 has to be the best f1 game you've produced but can you do somthing about pad controller users being 2 seconds faster then wheel users as this bug was supposed to be fixed ,I am 1 to 3 seconds faster on a pad then my ffb wheel on every track apart from when it's raining .
  10. senna94f1

    error HP557.3686.

    It's still not working this morning ,ps4 f12018 uk , Sony have contacted me to say it's not an issues on there side and we have to wait until codemasters either fix problem or tell us in an official statement what's going on, remember we pay for psn to race online in multiplayer ,just an answer would be nice pretty please as I have official league duties regarding this game plus I also can't take part in Esports event ,any help would be much appreciated so I can pass this info onto my members who practice all week for league racing and Esports, kind regards.
  11. senna94f1

    error HP557.3686.

    No it's not Sony as far as I know. , I am able to race in multiplayer on pcars2 and other games online, But not ps4 f12018 multiplayer unranked or ranked or create your own lobby on f12018 ps4 , and once you send invites out you get a different error code each time you try ,and has been like this since 11.30am uk time 16/4/2019 , please can someone at codemasters tell us what's going on as I've contacted you and Sony ps4 and no reply from both since this afternoon , many thanks.
  12. senna94f1

    Error SP64- error HP557.3686.

    I've sent screen shots to codies on Twitter also about error codes , it appears no one can get multiplayer ,we have a official f12018 ps4 league practice tonight and everyone in my freinds list has tried and alls getting same error codes, please can you help codemasters or put out its a server update so we are not wasting our time ,plus over last 4 weeks car setups disappear and come back again plus lobby have been strange in that car feels no different wether max downforce or no down force , once I reset game setups appear again,many thanks .