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  1. There are 2 posts basically about same thing. THIS IS THE CORRECT ONE.
  2. senna94f1

    contents payed twice

    My bad . But my opinion is still the same. There are 2 separate posts about this and I replied back in wrong one . But I still stand by what it said .why do you have to pay for content twice. And I also have steam But that's regardless of wether it's on steam or ps4. Sales should be across the board.
  3. It's not. It's only on steam . Not on ps4 I need season 3/4 £19.99 not in sale. Season 1/2/3/4 £15.99 in sale . What about the people who you got to buy season 1/2 in a sale several months ago. Please sort this out. If you reduced season 1/2/3/4 pack to £9.99 then that's fair enough Only sense this makes of pricing structure is for sales team. offering colin mcrae for free s good but i guess someone else has to pay for that lol
  4. senna94f1

    contents payed twice

    Why should anyone pay for content twice over. Theres only one winner there. Someone said there were sales .so I rushed online to buy the last bit of content I need season 3/4 on the ps4 . Only to find theres no sales season 1/2 WAS IN SALE several months ago £9.99 So you would think at some point season 3/4 would be in a sale .nope. Only sales is 1/2/3/4 £15.99. Season 3/4. £19.99 So why has season 3/4 never ever been in a sale like 1/2 I already have season 1/2 so why would I buy content again that I already own . And why is it people then jump on you to label you that you're complaining . This forum is here for everyone and hopefully codemasters read these and put season 3/4 in a sale to complete people's game content. And yes the content in sale only relates to steam not on ps4. Just incase anyone gets excited and rush to buy the last needed bit of content.
  5. Can't say that I've noticed a lost of ffb since patch 1.21 , using intermediate tyres is now abit off where it's switching from dry to light rain , saftey car works very well , we seem to have more front end grip but we are using the multiplayer car unranked for league racing, we still need more ffb feelings coming through the wheel or maybe my hands are just too sensitive lol, but clearly patch 1.21 overall feels better even if you didn't mean that to happen, but in everything by altering one part it always alter something else good or bad , , graphics on the halo look crisp again instead of looking pixelated as of last few updates, i love the f2 part of the game but would rather lose that to gain more of the pie for the F1 part of the game, we run a f1 league full race distance, full damage , random weather, only assists allowed is ABS , full 3 stage qualy, its a very tough league but if you're a hard core sim racer then it's for you , and yes every week someone wins actual money, end of season the top 3 also wins real money, our Saturday night begins with Pcars2 8pm to 10pm 20 minutes qualy and 55 minutes race full damage, then at 10,45pm to 2 pm it's F1 2019. most use wheels, obviously ps4, if this is something that would interest then send me a pm .
  6. senna94f1

    Where's Barry- Forum Unranked Lobbies

    Now you are taking part in online unranked lobbies perhaps this in itself can speed up bug problems, i have noticed that in in unranked using multiplayer cars the front grip level seems to have been tweaked for the better, damage should only ever been turned off when setting up a 90 minute practice league test session,. Reasons being that if you crash in first 5 minutes of test session,you then can only spectate, pall league racing wether for fun or serious racing should always be set for full damage and full race distance to be able to get full benefits of tyres , we race on the ps4 so obviously you racing on steam is PC and ffb dynamics is completely different, slightly disappionted as you guys need to run ps4 to get a handle on game dynamic s also I wonder how many people use pads on steam instead of wheel, pat least your trying.
  7. Up100 is correct, wheel users for wheel users and don't know if it's a bug but a lot of people have experienced it, when going from f12019 to PCARS2 it somehow resets or keeps wheel rotation and settings to Pcars2 ,thus making Pcars2 almost undriveable, the trick here is either unplug you wheel from ps4 USB port then replug in again which works or simply restart your ps4 , i think it was related a long time ago to project cars 2 , not really an an issuse just annoying if you forget to reset before playing Pcars2
  8. not on the ps4 ive just now checked price as I was about to buy season 3/4 for £9,99 and its not . Season 1/2 £21.99 Season 3/4 £19.00 Not £9.99 sadly, Year 1 pass , £15.99 Includes season 1/2/3/4 , so sadly not the £9.99 for season 3/4 , I guess I will wait until it's either free or £9.99 , codemasters I feel sure like a lot of other people who have to budget at times that you take advantage, ive already bought season 1/2 , I need seasons 3/4 to finish the collection and if you want to sell your customers extra stuff then makes sure you cater for people who've bought season 1/2 and are waiting for season 3/4. you probably missed out on a lot of sales by playing it sly .
  9. I've wondered that as I have the day one edition, but yes to buy the ultimate edition would probably start afresh, i personall don't want to buy a whole game , so you would have thought the ultimate upgrade would be half the price of buying the ultimate edition , none of it makes sense so me personally will wait until these are a fraction of the price in sales ,
  10. Hi everyone, sorry i haven't posted but I've been told not to multiple post about same issues, nothing will be fixed guys , Barry himself said they had tested and can't find anything wrong with ffb , ive explained how to feel the huge difference in ffb with different cars but I don't think they understand or they are so fixated on controller users and not wheel users, which begs the question why is the advertising boards in f12019 around the tracks advertisement for fanatec wheels , plus it says for 3 years old plus to play this game but that age group by law is not allowed on this forum, i will repeat this one last time, on dayone release early 3 day access Senna vs Prost ps4 store the game was truly a masterpiece, the ffb was perfect, sound was perfect, all the assists worked the more you took assists off the quickest the car went , you could race with pin point accuracy on the apex and pad vs controller was equal, that was patch 1.03 , since then the core of the game has been changed , if that means taking or muting the ffb to include f2 then drop f2 , even pad users are complaining about the terrible under steer, the f12019 cars have no grip and probably the worst understeer of anything I've ever raced , yet the multiplayer cars are much better to drive and most leagues now use the multiplayer cars , which kinda defeats the object of calling it f12019 , what I can also add when we were racing in a American League few weeks ago , during a 100% race the multiplayer car felt terrible, no grip , changing the brake pressure wether 100% or 50% made no difference,. But when someone left the race due to crashing or got disconnected, after that person left the multiplayer car suddenly felt amazing, ffb returned and car felt great to drive , suddenly my lap times and everyone else's lap times improved, so is this a server issue, ive gave up on this game and after 8 months of posting about bugs and praising how good Pcars2 is ,they buy the studio that makes Pcars, land I also noticed that PCARS 2 is the only game from SMM that codemasters have put in there list games that say they produced PCARS2 , which was released in 2017, codemasters you now have Ian bell and his team from SMS , so there should be absolutely no excuse for another bad f1 game , and fixing the league thing in f12019 is too late, no one will risk taking the time to put there league in there again,
  11. As an oldie , sarcasm is the lowest form of wit ,😂😂😂😂😘 Mind you its FRREEEE❤️
  12. I understand you brother, i am in the same place,I have the day one edition,. Then I bought season 1 and 2 sale price £9.99 , and in order to buy season 3 and 4 ,its cost the same amount as buying the full game, my advice is just wait until season 3 and 4 comes up in sale , i bought all the tracks anyway,. So for me I am just missing certain events and liverys, ,why did I buy tracks that were not in with season 1 and 2 , £2.79 for a track was far cheaper because I didn't have the spare funds what with a mortgage and other grown up stuff, so just wait it will eventually be in a sale, i thou can't wait for Colin McRae flat out pack , if you own season 1 and 2 you get that for free ,
  13. senna94f1

    Dirt Rally 2.0 got Colin Mcrae pack now ....

    I remember those days so well,. Wait a minute was it ps2 lol, what about midtown madness on PC , my 1st ever thrustmaster ffb wheel , 1998 , i thought the graphics were brilliant ( midtown madess) until I YouTubed it , glad times have moved forward, 1 of the very few things I want is up to date is PC and consoles , other then that I love vintage stuff , ,
  14. senna94f1

    Project cars 2

    What I don't understand is it's the only game PCARS2 that codemasters now list as there own, they havnt listed any other games from SMS , maybe codemasters see the massive potential in Pcars 3, my only hope is they don't change direction for Pcars3 as that would kill it off, we all wanted a true sim in Pcars2 and Ian bell and his great team delivered, I just hope codemasters invest in mr bell and Pcars 3 ,because Ian bell is a sim genius, Its hard to believe that game is almost 3 years old and not any other game has come close on the console ps4, i have assetto corsa on the PC which is great but assetto corsa on ps4 is only half a game, imagine what SMS could do with F1 , dirt rally 1 was great but dirt rally 2.0 is now 100x times better then 1st game, point being codemasters have the team now to produce potentially some of best sim racing games on consoles and PC .
  15. I have to admit the work that has gone into dirt rally 2.0 is magical, 2 of the finest games ever to grace us lowly console guys is the brilliant project cars 2 and dirt rally 2,0, just a huge shame that f12019 didn't get same attention, big thanks, only thing I don't understand is codemasters list of games now includes my personal favourite Pcars 2 , that game was released 2017 and although codemasters bought the excellent SMS from the genius Ian ding dong bell ,that seems Pcars 2 is the only game that interested codemasters, does this mean that codemasters are going flat out to produce Pcars 3,