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  1. I guess I'd better get the disc back out , blow off the cobwebs and really see if it's what it says on the tin,
  2. senna94f1

    Nead help,thanks...

    I use the t300 and f12019 on the ps4 had excellent ffb on dayone release , patch 1,03, now on patch 1.18. .1. And ffb feels very muted and rain is as bad as it gets, most of my freinds have the fanatec cls elite with v3 pedals , and I can now report that one of our guys race lap time were midfield , he had a logatic wheel but now from last week on his new fanatec cls elite with v3 pedals ,he has jumped ahead and in the top 4 of the race pack, f12019 in game advertising boards around most tracks promote the fanatec wheel , so perhaps that answers a lot of questions , so stick with either a pad £50 or invest £750 fanatec cls elite with v3 pedals but £750 for a fanatec cls elite and v3 pedals is a huge investment for a game that's worth £20 , ,if you have a PC then invest , but for consoles I would not and remember if you are a console guy then the new ps5 is out this year ,
  3. Did you fix your t300 , i also have the gte t300 and you have to push the ps button, i would not have any pad controllers working at same time thou, ,
  4. senna94f1

    Grid ultimate edition

    You do realize £1000 fanatec wheel on a £25 game, it now appears with all codemasters games that. Unless you invest in a fanatec wheel you won't get the full benefits , i have the lowly t300 and grid tbh does not feel that good , it's actually better on a pad , (did I now say that ) as for the sales of either upgrade to Ultimate Edition was same price as buying the eltimate edition it didn't make sense, sale price ultimate edition £29 upgrade to ultimate edition £24.99, season 1 only dlc. £9.49 Actual disc resale value , £5.99 thanks codemasters , I think like the masses who have bought the NEW grid day one edition £50 , I will wait until the upgrade to ultimate edition. Itself is in a sale on the Sony ps4 store , it will be probably in for £9.99 , i am in no hurry as the game disc resale value is almost worthless , so it will collect dust up untill that point , so if you bought the day one edition of the NEW grid , then codemasters are not thinking of you ok,
  5. senna94f1

    Community Requested- Latest 02/01/2020

    Hi Barry , i do understand that , but all wheel users have to go on is the ffb and in any racing game ffb is critical , the ffb worked brilliantly on dayone release with the f12019 cars , now ffb feels very numb ,muted , if the f12010 McLaren was so much better then why does it not out preform the f12019 cars , obviously in the game , for wheel users it's critical to have a good ffb , I live stream all my league races as well as others , And because ffb has been badly muted ,it has spoilt or ruined the players experience of f12019, car setups actually worked on dayone release , they don't anymore , i don't come on here to argue or be negative or positive , I take time out of my life and remember we only have one life ,(no resets lol) every day is special ,every minute is precious , we can't ever get that time back , and that's the whole point Barry , people should not have to waste time on here trying to convince codemasters that the game they made f12019 on dayone release was truly a masterpiece , but now it's a horrible game to play using a wheel , thats what I and lots of other wheel users are desperately trying to get across to you and codemasters , i could write and post another bug report but it's a waste of time as others are posting daily for over 6 months identical bugs that ruin the gamers game experience , take f1.2018 , every update or patch it changed the ffb , one patch the classic cars would have great ffb and the f12018 cars muted ffb , then next patch or update the f12018 would have great ffb and classic cf1 cars bad ffb, and that's how each patch or update life cycle went , we never knew why and it completly ruined the gamers game experience , take pcars2 , the ffb is excellent with all the cars throughout the whole game , it enhances the gamers game experience , with f12019 the ffb is bad with the f12019 cars , even pad users are now complaining the 2019 cars are too understeer and no grip , in the rain all the cars feels bad in f12019, and you had a great f12019 game on dayone release , where did it all go so wrong Barry , All the best sir and that's hope SMS Pcars can help codemasters produce high quality games for wheel users and pad uers alike , that's hope 30 million is a wise investment , so don't kill off Pcars please as you won't have any community or customers left , PS , there was a much much cheaper wiser option then to spend 30 million , revert back to patch 1.03 lol, ps4 / t300 / racing seat rig, and occasionally on the PC with iracing
  6. senna94f1

    An overview of issues with F1 2019

    R Well Barry my friend , the only way you are ever going to fix the above is for codemasters themselves to create there own ps4 leagues and Xbox leagues , the PC version can revert back to what ever patch they want to, that way you will reproduce the huge faults , your just not listening to people who take time out to post on here, almost 3 months ago you yourself said these issues would be fixed , or stop adding more bugs by altering the core of the game, take f2 out to free up more much needed game performance like ffb , or if you can't fix the bugs you created ,then give the people ie codemasters customers a full refund for the game you messed up and then hide behind two civvies moderaters who have no control over the game getting fixed , sorry barry but with you coming on here yourself ,,you made a simple bug fix and turned all of this into a complicated mess , if you would have simply told the truth 6 months people would still not be hoping you fix f12019 , or put it another way ,stop wasting people's time , what a huge complicated mess , the way codemasters has handled this is bad , is it still too late for a refund , after all I did ask 6 months ago 😂🎮
  7. senna94f1

    Community Requested- Latest 02/01/2020

    Sorry for 2nd post, ive posted on how to feell the huge diffence for ffb for wheel users only , go and try for several lap the 2010 McLaren , the ffb feels great car feels lively with pinpoint apex control , now try the 2019 cars , same track , the ffb is way off even in TT , ,above is a very simple test , obviously you will need a ps4 and if your office does not have one I will provide you one to prove a fact lol,
  8. senna94f1

    Community Requested- Latest 02/01/2020

    Hi all, forgive me Barry but why was pad vs wheel equal on day one release Senna vs Prost psn store game version, ps4 , t/300 , we meaning serval leagues extensively tested f12019 on the release and over 7 days before we swapped from f12018 , i have YouTube streams clearly showing pad vs wheel were setting equal times , also the ffb was truly excellent before codemasters decided in there werid wisdom from patch 1.04 to start changing core dynamics of f12019 so to make it easy for pad users to be able to use the f12019 game, all these are facts which codemasters have ignored for months ,and in changing the core game it ruined the driving and game experience for wheel users, you have in game advertising for fanatec wheels so are you promote people to buy fanatec wheels , ,I personally would pay extra as a wheel user to be able to revert back to patch 1.03 which worked , also about the game being for 3 yr old upwards , who do you think buys the game , your treating your customers like 3rd world people , it took 6 months for you and codemasters to finaly admit on here that codemasters had changed the core of f12019 on the consoles to attract a younger audience , what that means is you actually stuck up 2 fingers at people who already bought the game knowing full well you had plan to change core and knowing they couldn't get a refund , whos to say this won't happen again for f12020 , a company is built on customers , not by telling them one thing on here to keep them quiet , lastly what bugs have actually been fixed , only one the helicopter hahaha have a good day sir 🏁🏎🚥🎮🎯🙈❤️
  9. Wish list f12020, 1/ stop ripping custombers off with very lazy coding for 3 yr olds £65 , what 3 yr old has £65 plus a fantatec wheel , 2/ stick with the original game coding from day one release patch 1.03 , which shows you do know how to make sim games 3/ make pad vs wheel equal , 4/ make car setups that actually work and are not there for show , 5/ if thousands of your custombers post about same issues , ie safety car , poor ffb in multiplayer , sound issuses ,. Poor server lag issues , 6/. Make the 2019 cars have grip unlike the poor proformance patch that actually made the cars with no front end grip in multiplayer , like one minute the 2019 cars has no grip in qualy or race until a player gets disconnected ,then all of a sudden the car has amazing grip ,. Has too be server , 7/ don't bring out f1 game early to reflect the real f1 and promise proformance updates and monthly livery updates again to reflect the real f1 ,. Yes codemasters you actually said this in the run up in your advertising , 8/ treat all your custombers wether young or old with the respect a custombers deserves and stop BS them , 9/ actually fix bugs instead of adding bugs through patches , 10/ stop changing the core code of the game , you once had a masterpiece , now a pile of arcade rubbish , it's your name on the box codemasters so be proud of it, 11/ have a real online community with truthful answers where everyone feels valued , 12/ stop putting share holders profits before game quality , 13/ finally , get codemasters staff to get actively involved in league racing on consoles like ps4 , believe in your own product , because damn codemasters you spend a lot of money on advertising trying to convince us your customers to buy the f1 games, personally I havnt seen anything really fixed on f12019 , you have it in you codemasters to produce masterpieces of video games , so do it 🏁🏎🚥 🙏
  10. senna94f1

    F1 2019 update 1.18 issue.

    Hi , i have the ps4 ,so maybe someone who actually races and runs leagues is probably more suited to helping them with there ps4 issues, my ps4 ID is mark___f1 we have many people some on pads some oem on expensive wheels some on not so expensive wheels, but we have enough good people of all ages and different skills to help you fix your ps4 issues, i myself will be online 8pm uk time this evening, please feel free to friend request me ,
  11. senna94f1

    Community Requested- Latest 02/01/2020

    Hi Barry, welcome to 2020, you said you were investigating, then ended pad vs wheel was minimal, i would like to know who tested this because I can get you or your testers involved with serval leagues on the ps4 which paint a completely different story, i know for a fact I can on a pad very very easily match my wheel lap times, yet on a wheel those lap times are extremely difficult to get, pad vs wheel is not equal as they can go flat out thru high speed corners , where a wheel can't, One of the communities and leagues biggest set backs is when we have a mixture of pad vs wheel in our leagues ,you can clearly see the difference, i for one don't want to have a wheel only leagues but we might have to, esports ,do they race with with wheels or pads as not that many people bother to watch Esports you do know wheel vs pad was equal on dayone release ( but i think that the biggest problem is the FFB from single player to multiplayer ) # thats in multiplayer ok, as for the getting the league thing to work I would not bother, most leagues obviously use unranked multiplayer invite only, the league thing never worked and it's too late now , and regarding f12018, each patch you did with that game made the f12018 ffb better then next patch made ffb with the f12018 worst and classic cars better, and all through the games life cycle that's how the ffb changed, with f12019 , you just completely removed ffb for wheel users around patches 1.03 or 04 , still the classic cars ffb is still nice , many of the features work in PCARS2 and they managed to fix bugs in under 6 months and a much smaller company then codemasters,. End of the it's the people who work at these companies,there passion,
  12. senna94f1

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    It's definitely worth £22 but not the £65 I paid for the Senna vs Prost editions, on dayone 3 day early access patch 1.03 the game was superb on a wheel,. Pad vs wheel was equal, latest news from Barry is pad vs wheel is still equal, barry ,go to spec savers,
  13. senna94f1

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    As others have said it was worded very very carefully, as I also say I am a adult and have to buy all my things while at same time providing for a family and a mortgage, Sim racing is my hobby along with thousands of other likeminded people, someone did post a week ago that codemasters were actually going to make season 1 free, i personally don't think that they will, take dirt rally 2.0 ,it's a superb sim and worthy of buying at full price, the same as Pcars2 a full sim worthy of its full price, please note both games are in the sony sale, ,read my posts and the words carefully and understand what I am posting about, by getting codemasters to produce high end games ,it benefits everyone, i did not make ( this is the worst grid so far ) headline post , codemasters obviously think profit over customers is the way to go , just look at dirt rally 2.0 , it's constantly still making sales of its season 1,2 and 3,4 , why is that, . Because it's brilliant and it pays to produce brilliant products , i do renovations to old building, barns , roofs , and my other passion motorbikes scooters mopeds and cars , if you do something right in the 1st place , then you don't encounter all the problems later . happy new year and may 2020 be a fantastic year for everyone ❤️ 🏁🏎🚥
  14. senna94f1

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    You have a good point there, what it means is one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing, sorry UP100 I couldn't resist that and no harm intended 🎯
  15. senna94f1

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    Couldn't have put it better myself, i totally agree and if codemasters actually bother to listen then no one would need to post the above all the bugs have been put in since day one release and I've explain why and if you read Barry s and others it explains it all, it doesn't help wheel users one bit lol