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  1. Thankyou codemasters, for giving us patch 1.06, its transformed grid , graphics are now much crisper and brighter, cockpit mode actually looks cools especially Ferrari 330 and ford gt40 , sound from both car is excellent, and car handling physics now feels much more like grid auto sport, i would like to know how you managed to do this and keep up the good work, we still need more tracks (content) Ai in multiplayer needs to be removed completely,, clearly you are turning game around and about time ,, 'many thanks codemasters ,,,❤️
  2. I fog looks amazing,it adds to the atmosphere,. Plus it's there for a reason which is probably due to the specs of standard ps4 guys. Go in the woods or forest and feel the damp fog come down, have you guys never been or worked outside 🙈 And as a league owner and a very long time sim racer dirt rally 2.0 has come a long way, remember dirt rally 2.0 including FFB was not as good as the original dirt rally 1.0 , now dirt rally 2.0 has left the original game in it trails of dust lol, credit where credit is due, well done to the guys and girls who's worked hard to make dirt rally 2.0 this good , for dirt rally 2.0 we salute you. 🎯🙏🏁
  3. Hi everyone, we cracked the problem with bad FFB, It has nothing to do with unranked lobbies or time trials, next time don't bother with the f12019 cars in unranked as FFB is not to the standard it was on dayone release, use the multiplayer cars instead, the ffb is excellent in unranked, so we now know for a fact that either the performance patch or patch very close to that patch bugged out ffb in multiplayer mode for 2019 cars, so basically classic cars and our own multiplayer cars are good, But that kinda defeats the purpose of calling this game f12019 when wheel users can't use them in multiplayer because FFB is shall we say, poor , so your patch codemasters messed the FFB for f12019 cars,. Did we not say this 3 months ago, have a great day everyone and don't use the f12019 cars in multiplayer if you're a wheel user, 😍 🏁🏎🚥
  4. senna94f1

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    So does this mean customers were misled then , Because the bold advertising campaign and free games to certain YouTubers was 1 big lie , customer base is built thru trust , and if customers were misled,and note (IF). Then codemasters have finally shot themselves in the foot , because no one will buy new games anymore, within 10 minutes of grid this morning in career game crashed ,, but I don't think some of you quite got the business of DLC money fo staff , this grid was labelled the new grid and it did say we've worked hard on grid for 2 years to bring you a completely new grid, thats why I bought this game ,if codemasters staff want to sell there souls for £50 to £75 for misleading grid then it has to be the most funniest and saddest thing I've come across , i refuse to believe that thou ,and there reasons why but looking back this was probably a cheap way of getting some cash flow and it's the heads of the board of codemasters who should be voted out , perhaps if someone writes to Guinness book of records to see what's the fastest ever game that's bombed since release date ❤️ The screen shot below contained all the information about the new grid and how the team had worked on grid for 2 years, As you can see it has been removed last day or 2 , i did screen shot exactly what it said a few weeks ago so I knew what I said was correct, But because it was deleted I will respect codemasters by not showing you lot, but when I post stuff I only post honest truthful posts , have a great weekend to everyone and codemasters,
  5. senna94f1

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    You should be more concerned about why this grid was called a completely new grid , who cares wether it's 13 months or 2 years, Tbh the 2 years is somewhere on this forum, people talk about grid 2020 , I bought this game 3 to 4 weeks ago and it had only been out around 2 to 4 weeks before that, so for people to be excited over next grid there's got to be people with more money than sense 😂 i read Chris grid statement on this forum and I think Chris posted it around May , none of this really matters anymore, take dirt rally 2.0 ,they've ( codemasters) have managed to completely turn the game around, ffb is pretty good, graphics seems to be enhanced, reason is because of DLC, money to pay staff, F12019 was excellent dayone release, graphics looked great, ffb was excellent, and all they had to not fix but tweak was ffb in the rain, since then it's been downhill all the way since, reasons f12019 is not fixed because no DLC, hence no money to pay staff, i do understand that, but with f12019 they wasted what little money and resources chasing there own tails around and around, and all they had to do was rollback to patch 1.04 , , now grid ,it needs a story mode badly, I absolutely hate the weird 1970 colour wash or look, , grid should be nice clean clear crisp graphics, a good selection of vintage and modern race cars with good cockpit details, a mutliplayer mode where you can tweak anything,, laps , rain , wheel settings , need more work for the ffb, a career path , not a silly got to win races to pay for cars I already own in the game I bought, 1 thing I always hated about GT sports,I bought the game lol, if your going to have a career with a strong story mode then do that the 10 minutes of story at start of grid was excellent, i read that grid was for the sim player and arcade player who just wants to turn game on and race, I agree but you have to have content and lots more options for multiplayer, grid is like a demo game , lastly I am stuck with the game as CEX and game didn't offer £21 , so if grid is going to have seasons like others are saying ,then I will pay for that , but it has to be worthy,
  6. A joy to behold, It looks amazing even on the lowly ps4 , has to be some of the best graphics and game play of the year. People you don't know what you are missing , buy it ,this is one that will not disappoint, wheel users you are in for a treat, thanks codemasters ❤️
  7. Finally Finland, it has to be the best rally ever ,with huge jumps and amazing graphics, credit to codemasters,this is the sort of stuff we know that you can produce, dirt rally gets better each month, cast your minds back on dayone release of f12019, didn't that look amazing with beautiful ffb, so what's been done to f12019 to now make it look dull, then we go to grid no content evening fewer cars, only beautiful track is brand hatch in the rain with the gte cars, i just don't get codemasters,. In Finland dirt rally 2.0 it brilliant, do you turn games back like f12019 so they look a pale version of themselves,, i said many many times I don't mind paying for good quality games , I would gladly pay extra like I have done, i am confused codemasters,everyone knows you can produce outstanding games , so charge accordingly please ( keep up the excellent work with dirt rally 2.0 and please dear god don't I repeat don't change or alter (FFB ) ) last time I said that the next patch for f12019 made ffb really bad or buggy lol
  8. senna94f1

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    Hi all, i think the problem is grid has very little content,, ,when I personally have to budget some months to be able to afford a game I expect that game to have content and last for more then 3 hours of game play, i saved and bought into grid as it said its a completely new grid, leading up I was playing grid auto sport the PS3 on (ps now) which I had 7 days free,. And with codemasters advertising along with popular YouTube people , I thought this game would offer a lot more then it's PS3 version, sadly the new grid does not and there lays the problem, i never ever sell any dics as I normally go back to them , grid is different, tbh what I was offered this morning in cash ,I rather let game gather dust , ive heard others on here say season 1 is coming to grid , is this paid content or free content, i am a league owner and race sims almost nightly, and Chris you only need to get a standard ps4 and play grid to see where the issues are, since last update in career you go on tuner and game crashes every time which then takes you to the report ps4 report crash screen , I've had 6 of them , ,I personally just want a racing game I can put in , connect my wheel and have some fun, sadly grid 2019 is not that game , and don't see why I should pay for another grid 2020 or pay for content that should be already in the new grid
  9. senna94f1

    POLL | Race Driver: Grid - Remastered

    Where did codemasters say Grid 2019 was a reboot, codemasters said in advertising it's a completely new Grid, more tracks more cars , weve spent 2 years working hard to produce the best grid so far and it's for the causal sim and arcade player to be able to jump on and race immediately, so unfortunately it's not a reboot or remastered version of grid, but it is a very poor copy of the PS3 version of grid autos port with less tracks and even less cars , this grid 2019 can hardly keep anyone entertained for more than an hour , we love your codemasters ❤️
  10. senna94f1

    Grid ps4 £50 to £75

    Thank you my friend, i will this Wednesday sell the disc version, its a shame because I so much wanted this grid to be a great game for casual sim players and that's as described by codemasters advertising, no updates or anything for this game, £29 loss in 3 weeks thanks , sorry to be negative but before I sell game Wednesday is there any hope for this poor remastered version of the PS3 grid 💔
  11. Good luck codemasters, hard core fans only have to wait it appears 6 weeks from any codemasters games being released from brand new, then after 6 weeks all there games are half price, just look at the new grid , now on psn store almost half price, keep up the hard work codemasters and the queen will award you a knighthood for services to there loyal subjects ,codemasters customers.
  12. senna94f1

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    Unfortunately we all fell for it, the ps3 version of grid auto is way better, and it's on the ps now, go and read what they said, they said they spent 2 years making the new grid, what new grid, ,it has less content then the PS3 version, and after spending £50 on the disc version when game was only 3 weeks old prior to been released, i now can't even sell ps4 grid as its almost half price on ps4 store , that's just to add insult to injury lol, i so much want to be positive but how can anyone be positive with 12 tracks and very few cars and no story mode,, you can only reverse and the tracks so many times,but there still the same track. i would had rather given £50 to charity or burned the money instead, when I posted about bugs about dirt rally or f12019 at least there's still a game we can play , with grid nothing , Codemasters statement a upon release of New Grid ( 2 months ago,) we've worked extremely hard over the last 2 years to bring you a brand new grid, it's for the sim and arcade who just want a causal race, it has everything, lots of different tracks and huge selection of race cars , who actually worked on the new grid, because it has less then ps3 grid version, loads of silly stupid bugs, it should have been released as a remastered version of grid auto sport and then offered on the free monthly games from Sony PlayStation, nothing has been added , sorry codemasters but I don't understand what's going on with your latest statement of grid , my apologies if I've got it wrong and miss read something,
  13. senna94f1

    Grid ps4 £50 to £75

    ,dear codemasters, i bought the disc version of grid 3 weeks after it was released, live had grid on ps4 for 3 weeks, i bought game on recommendations from codemasters and people like Jim broad bent on YouTube, the game lacks content is 12 tracks and very few cars, no story mode apart from the really nice 10 minute intro story mode on switching grid on, today I decided after playing game for 3 hours 2 weeks ago I would sell disc version of grid and perhaps get £25 back , i go on ps4 store and GRID is half price, so thankyou codemasters for a brand new game I bought 4 weeks ago for £50 , i now find I can't even get £15 for it at CEX or GAME, and they say grid is a complete new game that had a team of top people working on it for 2 years, GRID on ps4 has least content then Grid auto sport on the PS3 and auto sport is free, sorry for being slightly unhappy but game regret is exstensive for the new grid on ps4 the biggest waste of time spent on a game and I would have rather given £50 to a charity then wasted it on GRID, who wants a free disc copy of Grid for ps4 , all I asked is you pay for postage and delivery. may the parcel force be with you ❤️
  14. Hi t300/racing rig , ps4, I've deleted all custom camera settings back to default, live also deleted all custom wheel settings and about to see if there's a huge difference in ffb , although I did 2 weeks ago did a random TT at Japan in classic and 19 cars and all felt great, but unranked did not, so here's hoping defaulting every thing works because those settings took along time to reach,