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  1. senna94f1

    F1 2020 copyright on YouTube

    Hi , Last year I had 1 of my leagues videos blocked and same message from YouTube The video was 3 hrs long but it said it was blocked because of a 1 minute 20 seconds segment almost 2 hours into the video All I could find was me actually pressing the rear view button on my wheel, I since complained to YouTube and the video was reinstated, And I asked serval people in serval departments at YouTube why was the video was not allowed, No one could answer this . So I do think its a automated bot doing this and the email we receive is also automated, Hence I don't think it has anything to do with codemasters. .apologies
  2. I've been playing the ps2 for last couple of months, Revisiting few of my favourites, Toca race driver 1 ,2 and 3 but sadly i have the code but not the special code to activate it, I've Googled it , written on here , even tried the telephone number, damn i had written them down somewhere, But that was almost 15 years ago, Its interesting to see what was last on the ps2 memory card lol. 2007 was the last save,
  3. senna94f1

    Release New 2020 Tracks as PAID DLC

    Well if they wanted to pull out all the stops they can do it, As for the tracks they are officially licensed by F1 and if yes if liberty media and codemasters got there heads together it shouldn't be an issue, They will probably put them into next year's game, And last update has messed a few things up on the ps4, The name screen in MULTIPLAYER is missing names and times, and disconnects are back in MULTIPLAYER. I can't copy and paste for bug reports, Make the bug report section simple please
  4. senna94f1

    Project Cars 3 for Global Civilisation

    Sorry guys, Pcars3 has to be the worst game I've ever raced on It favours pad over wheels, The tyre temperature is strange and grip levels are even stranger, I've raced in sim and arcade for many years and all my friends who bought pcars3 basically said same as me, Its rubbish, ๐Ÿ’ฟ cd box For pcars3 and clearly states controller with no mention of wheel, Look at pcars1 and pcars2 and it clearly stated controller and wheel, Pcars3 was made for very casual people who like GT SPORTS Sorry to burst your bubble, I got a full refund 3 or 4 days later, To say this is the future of all racing games is pretty shocking TBH , Overall score from most players and most sites 5/10 Those are facts sadly, Certain cars pixels look strange and everything you can do on pcars2, apart from livery, Another note , people who spend more time doing liverys then actually racing, Why not buy paint by numbers ๐Ÿค”, Grid 2019 is a far better game, Another false fact that has been circulating is only 8% only ever used pits in pcars2, Also we were told the pit stops were taken out of pcars3 early in the build,. Fact, they were never ever in any part of pcars3, And finally, Pcars1 lasted 2 years, Pcars2 is 3 years old and still growing stronger, There are thousands of leagues worldwide, Point being the longevity of pcars2, That see how long the longevity is for pcars3 and thats see in 3 years time 6 months i give pcars3 at most before its completely dead in the water, And ian has admitted it has nothing to do with pcars franchise Pcars3 is based on (SHIFT) Do you know why they stuck with the name pcars3 basically to milk every little bit of money from the pcars name, I sincerely apologise if I sounded somewhat harsh but its the truth I sincerely hope everyone who has bought pcars3 throughly enjoy their time racing on pcars3. All the best.
  5. senna94f1

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    Yeah but the issues arise when you want to do leagues, Do you do wheel only leagues for us wheel user's and for those with pads, let them create there own leagues, And there lays the problem ๐Ÿ™„, 2 very different communities who don't race against each other, And then wheel companies sponsor the game, Some wheel only leagues ban pad users, And its very easy to see who's on what just by viewing them on track watching there steering wheel rotation, I still think f12020 is pretty good ๐Ÿ‘
  6. I must admit F12020 using T300 thrustmaster wheel on ps4 is bloody good ๐Ÿ‘, So far 1 niggling issue racing in wet weather brakes locked up instantly with the slightest of pressure on the brake pedal And you can't dail that out with brake pressure settings , I think if you have load cell brake pedals then what i hear is its not an issue, this applies to having ABS turned off, turn it back on and its ๐Ÿ‘Œ But overall codemasters have done a great job with F1 2020
  7. senna94f1

    After 1.07 patch the SAFETY CAR is gone

    Why is that , People are allowed to post and post about issues there having, As for the bug report paste and copy rubbish, I can't paste or copy it, The previous bug report system was far better, you posted in the official bug report section simple as that, He can name his post ๐Ÿ“ซ ๐Ÿ˜ how he wants to, Its called freedom of speech here in the UK ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง, There's a bad bug on ps4 using T300 thrustmaster wheel It happens in wet ๐ŸŒง races where brakes lock up instantly when slightest of pressure on the brake pedal, For those who have fancy fanatec CLS load cell pedal you won't experience it, As I say i love the VSC and Safety car , but it doesn't seem to work on f12020, They just got it to work on f12019, since one won't expect it not to be an issue on a newer version or f12020, If you yourself don't like what yhe person has posted either dont reply or smile and hope you don't have same issues ๐Ÿค
  8. senna94f1

    F1 2020 Codemasters Anti Cheat Measures

    they may not be deliberately cheating, I had a similar top 10 time last year I accidentally went through a chicane and the time stayed on f12019, You could clearly see where the lap sector time jumps 5 seconds advancement, I obviously couldn't beat that time and only came to understand why a few weeks later, Yet i did not cheat or was doing that, I even posted about it, The France ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท circuit was famous for driving flat out around the outside of the track for fastest lap So do people cheat, yeah some do but far more people don't cheat . Its like is you suddenly get the cheats for call of duty or GTA. There fun at 1st but then they spoil the game and you then you don't bother to play it, ( Personally I am against any form of cheating and you should be banned from that platform either for a month or 6 months, ) Cheating don't get you anyway
  9. senna94f1

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    For certain sims or racing games i use base ps4 and T300 with the double gte pedals, I did have the t3 pro pedals but sadly they are broken The GTE pedals are new, I Also race on iracing and AC through steam, But for F12020 and rest of the previous f1 titles and pcars1 and pcars2, along with dirt rally 1 and 2 , i use my base ps4 using T300 thrustmaster wheel with GTE double pedals, The pedals work fine on every other game wether pc or ps4, so its not the pedals Its either a F12020 pedal brake bug that carries on if full distance race starts wet , Then starts to dry . I live stream every league race ,so its there for the whole world to see, The lockup from having no ABS in the wet carried over to when I the track dried up As I say. The slightest brake pedal pressure resulted in either delayed or instant brake lockup And as a experienced league som racer for many many many many ( i am old ) years. I know how to set brake pedals up Othe league members using fanatec CLS ELITE wheels with v3 pedals didn't have lockup , My point being is wether you adjust the brake pressure to 50% or 100% , it does not work, Yet do the same adjustments on pcars2 and it works ๐Ÿค” So I've probably discovered a bugs. I won't bother to report bug simple because Barry and codemasters staff don't want people who say no thats wrong, they want yes people to agree with them, Same was said for the kids who posted on social media about if you go on codemasters , just open a account and your virtually guaranteed a beta test slot, And the less I say about that completel utter rubbish ๐Ÿ—‘ the better,
  10. senna94f1

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    F12020 on the ps4 is almost there, TRY NO ABS IN THE RAIN Using a T300 THRUSTMASTER WHEEL, its impossible, just locks up with the slightest of pressure on the brake pedal Unfortunately the brake pressure has never worked, All in all its pretty good game, For those guys on pads , for us wheel Users the FFB IS so important, Its missing an axis, The ferrari sounds amazing,
  11. senna94f1

    Unrealistic and annoying throttle application

    In the rain using a T300 no assists, The brakes just lock up with the slightest of pressure, Example, In practice dry and qualy dry 1, 2 . then qualy 3 wet using no assists, Lock up was bad In the actual 100% race, it started off wet and brakes locked up with slightest of pressure on the brake pedal, It was bad . When the track started to dry still terrible lock up Now with dry track and slicks you would expect the brakes to not lock up and work the same as in practice and qualy 1 and 2 , wrong. The terrible lock up which you experience in the wet continued into the dry. So clearly that's not right, and all brakes and throttle are adjusted in settings. I tried it again in MULTIPLAYER and same thing happened again. Some classic cars are undrivable with no assists ๐Ÿ˜ณ Overall I like ๐Ÿ‘ f12020 but there seems to be flaws still. I can't copy and paste the bug report section either so can't report ๐Ÿ™ƒ buggy bugs and something seems missing from the FFB, like an axis, the ffb is good, Mind you after giving pcars3 a go today the prerelease version, its grid 2019, lol. It should have been cancelled or called GRID 2020 , IF YOU like acade then buy it , don't expect nothing as good as pcars2.
  12. senna94f1

    Patch 1.06

    F12020 is jogging along quite nicely ๐Ÿ‘Œ, The black โšซ merc is a nice addition, FFB on ps4 using T300 Could still use some work though, Its as if FFB is missing an axis, Abs switched off is excellent in dry but diabolical in the wet lol And especially in wet weather ๐ŸŒง racing. There seems to be a lag delay after you've pressed brake pedal only to see a split second later on the TV the brake still locked on when your foot is off the brake pedal,
  13. all I see on this forum is people ganging up on a person if they don't like someone's opinion. You get this on every social media. It ought to be law that in order to be able to publicly post anywhere you have to use your real name and must register with proper details I say this because people actions cause reactions and people nowadays don't take responsibility because they can hide behind closed accounts. Had this on twitter. People making fake accounts and talking rubbish just because there was a ps4 update for ACC which affected some T300 users. Like I say People using assists don't bother me . We try to have leagues that are either wheel only no assists and another wheel vs pad with assists. Its only a game and I have to remember myself that ๐Ÿ˜†
  14. Well if that's the case get codemasters to remove the emoji that shows laughing ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚