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  1. I enjoyed the armed forces but I was incredibly young, Had I been the person I am now then I definitely would have made a long career from it serving the full term, On top of that depending on how long you serve will be your pension for life, My god father went in when he was 18 and left when he was 47 or 48, Basically his age limit, now I think you can serve upto 55 years old, When you're young you think life is forever and you will never get old lol, life is actually very short hahaha Just find your passion and try to relate that into work,
  2. I had a codemasters account few years ago and something happened in 2018 where it wouldn't let me sign in , When they checked they said they couldn't find any issues and it was the same account, , it was probably a glitch that reset my codemasters account changed the date id joined and other stuff, So I would say if you're still using your codemasters account and everything's working, then just carry on as normal like nothing has happened. Computers and servers and forums have glitches and Internet bugs, If it ain't broken then leave it alone.
  3. Neither, The Renault should have moved over to the left, there was plenty of space before the corner, hence made his racing line better, The BTW CAR gave too much space, I can't really see what the issue was because the video didn't show anything wrong 🤔
  4. thats good news , The more the better for reporting back issues, 60% of 10,000 = 6.000, Potentially, =4.000 You could be right ✅
  5. Dirt rally 2.0 ps4, T300 thrustmaster wheel, Its definitely worth buying, Its the best rally sim out there, Its a huge game, rally cross , I have no issues paying for extra content and its worth every penny, Same as project cars 2 (pcars2) Its a must to buy the extra DLC OR SEASON PASS, I ONLY WISH F1 had alot more dlc cars and extra tracks like surfers paradise, long beach, and more tracks, So in a nut shell DIRT RALLY 2.0 IS WORTH BUYING AND THE EXCELLENT SEASON PASS AND DLC.
  6. Hi , The beta process is straightforward and simple, If and when you receive a beta f12021 via your email address, then you will know that you've been accepted, If you don't hear anything over the next few days or weeks then its probably certain that you have not been picked, You will not receive any emails telling you your unsuccessful, On still not receiving any beta code , you will probably read on the codemasters forum that all codes have been sent out and if you have not received the f1 2021 beta code then your unsuccessful and thank you for applying,
  7. No , I think they will pick people regardless of whether you're on the forum alot or alittle, If you're lucky then you will receive code confirmation, If not you will read on the forum that all applications and codes have been sent, You won't get an email telling you that you're not receiving code , Its all straight forward .
  8. No idea, If you're successful then you will be sent a code via your email address, If not successful, then you won't receive anything, Any information you may see is on the codemasters forum saying all codes have been sent and thank you for applying, If you do receive a code please don't brag or wind other people up, in fact its private and you will be invited and added to the beta 2021 closed forum on here, 10,000 people applying for roughly 300 places on each system , I think in total around 900 successful people, I could be way out on the figure
  9. I was going to suggest that, How many times on my pc ive spent hours trying to fix something, Only to restart pc and hey presto, Plug and play started in the nineties, it still has issues lol.
  10. Its not as exciting as you think, And you only get obviously a small part of the whole game in beta testing, This year its seems codemasters have taken a more diplomatic approach to who they pick , Unlike last year, lessons learnt, Saying that currently f1 2013 especially ps3 version currently selling for £22 2nd hand, xbox 360 version £8 And they both look identical lol, Good job I have all the f1 games from master system to megadrive to playstations 1 ,2, 3 , 4, and even xbox 360, , they were my 1st games i bought on each system, Ohh pc , f1 manag
  11. As much as you want to shout at other drivers, Don't do it, League racing is probably the best form of any racing, We ourselves generally do full distance f1 races and pcars2 races , Also we have full damage, I personally think VR is the way forward for any online racing as you can judge apexs and other drivers much better 90% of the time with open lobbies you will get rammed or dive bombermaned, I race f1 and pcars2, dirt rally 2.0 and ACC on ps4 and the original AC with VR ON my pc through steam, and very occasionally iracing , My best advice
  12. Hi , Last year I had 1 of my leagues videos blocked and same message from YouTube The video was 3 hrs long but it said it was blocked because of a 1 minute 20 seconds segment almost 2 hours into the video All I could find was me actually pressing the rear view button on my wheel, I since complained to YouTube and the video was reinstated, And I asked serval people in serval departments at YouTube why was the video was not allowed, No one could answer this . So I do think its a automated bot doing this and the email we
  13. I've been playing the ps2 for last couple of months, Revisiting few of my favourites, Toca race driver 1 ,2 and 3 but sadly i have the code but not the special code to activate it, I've Googled it , written on here , even tried the telephone number, damn i had written them down somewhere, But that was almost 15 years ago, Its interesting to see what was last on the ps2 memory card lol. 2007 was the last save,
  14. Yeah but the issues arise when you want to do leagues, Do you do wheel only leagues for us wheel user's and for those with pads, let them create there own leagues, And there lays the problem 🙄, 2 very different communities who don't race against each other, And then wheel companies sponsor the game, Some wheel only leagues ban pad users, And its very easy to see who's on what just by viewing them on track watching there steering wheel rotation, I still think f12020 is pretty good 👍
  15. I must admit F12020 using T300 thrustmaster wheel on ps4 is bloody good 👍, So far 1 niggling issue racing in wet weather brakes locked up instantly with the slightest of pressure on the brake pedal And you can't dail that out with brake pressure settings , I think if you have load cell brake pedals then what i hear is its not an issue, this applies to having ABS turned off, turn it back on and its 👌 But overall codemasters have done a great job with F1 2020
  16. they may not be deliberately cheating, I had a similar top 10 time last year I accidentally went through a chicane and the time stayed on f12019, You could clearly see where the lap sector time jumps 5 seconds advancement, I obviously couldn't beat that time and only came to understand why a few weeks later, Yet i did not cheat or was doing that, I even posted about it, The France 🇫🇷 circuit was famous for driving flat out around the outside of the track for fastest lap So do people cheat, yeah some do but far more people don't cheat . Its
  17. Mines number 3999 out of around 5000 These cars were hand built by the Honda specialist team. None of this i knew before I bought car in i think 2004. Poor thing built in 2000 .and 20 years old .I can't believe how quickly time goes by.. Bought another new battery 1 year ago and never used it so 2 brand new batteries in 5 years and because I don't hardly use the Honda integra type R the battery goes flat over couple of months Maybe its time to sell it.but TBH IT DOESN'T really cost that much stored in my warm cosy garage covered 🤔 over. Who kn
  18. Thank you for taking the time to post f12020 setups Wet and dry . Quick question 🤔 Are they for all versions I run f1 franchise and f12020 on the ps4 . Wheel T300 I've noticed in time trail that you can find the best settings and adapt them for full race distance league racing 🏎 Anyways much appreciated 😌 💓
  19. Why not just bring out 2 separate games. F12020 for sim Racing. F12020 for manager role. Profit from 2 games instead of 1 game being stretched to its limits. Everything is a pie chart and unless like the awful GT Sports you extend the game from 50 GB to the above game 110 GB . Is there any way F1 games could be made with bigger space Roll on ps5 to match decent gaming PC machines.
  20. Well that's hope for a code Barry. Like you said its only a month to go before game is released. I know in the leagues I am involved with. We have to thoughly test the new game with our league members. And that no disrespect to Barry or anyone else. We do this every year before we move on to the next game. Meaning potentially we can have next year's game sitting there. MULTIPLAYER is where the action is. Its what brings groups of people together I enjoy career and TT .I am also hoping building your own team will be as good as the postcard says it is
  21. It takes me back to F1 manager in the year 2000 on my PC . Had alot of fun building the minardi team into the top team with drivers Schumacher and making hill accept the number 2 drivers role . Oh what fun. Just don't take away any of the FFB effects for wheel users. Does this also mean f12020 will be a bigger game in gigabytes.
  22. That sounds a brilliant idea Barry. As the main people that are left on on each years f1 game and f12019 seems to be on MULTIPLAYER and primarily f1 leagues. That said the same people people try to keep the interest high by creating leagues and encouraging others to race. This does have a knock on effect. Because they then tell others how good the game is and in turn buy the game. I will be watching my email with bated breath 🤥🦽🏎
  23. I remember it well. Partly because that was the year my 2nd son was born. I know codemasters brought in people to help with dirt rally 2.0 . Which is why the game feels so good on a wheel. But why can't F1 or Grid 2019 be good also.
  24. Yeah it's tough Dirty rally 1.0 and 2.0 are so brilliant.
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