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  1. Hi, only way to run F1 in a kind of VR is using VorpX as you mentioned...unfortunatly I've never tried it so can't help!
  2. Mmmmm except the obvious different car, no.. Unless it's a bit of downhill, I'll try to take a clearer picture on a flat part of the track without anything that could make it hard to measure (curbs, grass etc) ok?
  3. I've tried with photoshop using grids and numbers but didn't end in any useful data.. Thank you and sorry for annoying!
  4. First of all thank you! If it's not asking too much, I think those new pics should be easier to "read" about pixel...would you mind to have a look???
  5. Just wondering... The default front <RideHeightOffset value="0" /> what value should be in the setup? According to 0.05=1 and -0.05=11 (and 0,06=1 -0,07=11 at the rear) and 35mm default front and 150mm default rear, i thought something like this? so about 1cm (10mm) in difference front and rear REAR FRONT mm range setup value mm range setup value 145 0,06 1 30 0,05
  6. Oh don't feel sorry at all, I agree with every single word you said. Its' what we complain about, a "clik" what does it mean...yeah look at springs, this year value 11 is exactly value 1 of the 2020 game (220N)...and springs have the same value for front and rear while last year were different (rear springs much higher value)...what the purpose of this choice??? Same as with roll bars value...no idea of what the static RH is and how (again) a "click" means in terms of mm...not to mention we can't access dampers settings, so we can't fine tune springs for over or understeer in braking or accele
  7. A little OFF TOPIC question...about Toe...as the menu says "front tyres run toe out while rear tyres toe in" I'm not sure if the front Toe is already ALL TOE OUT so goes from 0.05 to 0.15 of TOE OUT and rear Toe is already ALL TOE IN so goes from 0.20 to 0.50 of ALL TOE IN?
  8. I was thinking the same, otherwise camber and toes would be pretty useless as there's no sign of theyr impact in the files
  9. Yep agree, defintely quite good indeed! Same here about eternal understeer behavoir mate! But it looks like a psychosis since the last patch...like it the handling model was ever been oversteery! 😂
  10. As @Meza994 and I found out in other thread, despite tyres data files hasn't change since the first big handling patch (were huge values have been changed like vertical load, load peak etc), lots of ppl are complaing about understeer, tyre overeathing and degradation. Before this last patch most of the setup were running very high pressures both front and rear (sometimes something like full inflated), what I've found very useful (at least for me) was running again lower pressure like 2020. I've done a 50% GP with Norris in Spain IA 100 (to be sure to be involved in some fights and stress the t
  11. Mmmm I see. Well increasing rolling resistance at low pressure should be normal?
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