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  1. Guys my bad..but very bad actually.. The Xbox app on windows had the mute option set on F1 2019 that overridden any other sound setting. Sorry to be such an idiot!
  2. Thnx for the feedback... @UP100 any hints I can try?
  3. Hi, suddenly from Yesterday the game doesn't play any sound while I'm connecting with my headset...Mic works perfect as I can talk to Jeff….but no audio at all. Pretty weird beacause I've tried so many games (RDR2, METRO, PES 2020 etc) and headsets works flawless, also in Windows 10...so I've no clued why this is happend...
  4. @UP100 Thank you, I've haven't attached dump coz as I wrote, there's no "fresh" dump after last patch.. Game crashes and all I got are the log files I've attached.. It doesn't create any crash dump file anymore
  5. Hi, nothing much to add...here's the rig Thrustmaster t500 I7 5800K - 32 GB RAM 2080Ti (no OC) Latest drivers from Nvidia 442.41 (tried to roll back but nothing change) tried both DX 11 and 12 Simply game random crash after a bunch of minutes of any game mode...it freeze for a couple of second (audio too) then crash to desktop. I've attached the log I got...no way to see a crashdump in the steam dir...last one was from 8th December, but the game just crashed again a few minutes ago... EDIT: anoter crash crash.txt crash2.txt
  6. Alastre

    Wheres the SC?

    Lucky you mate, all I got it's my car (or AI cars) became invisible and no SC or VSC at all...Tried all the circuits and all the options...I've never used flashaback tho!
  7. I see indeed...54 fps max...and stutter all the way...just like me...definitely something they need to fix...
  8. I will tonight but I can already tell you I've tried with and without the FFB wheel (T300), pad o wheel makes no differences. DX12 doesn't even start...when I try to run it on DX12 Via steam i can see "loading" msg but then nothing happend. So I've Always played in DX11 also beacause HDR didn't work on DX12
  9. Welcome to the club mate!
  10. @Hoo Here's the link..As you can see I can barely reach 50 fps and an annoyng feeling of stuttering especially in the lowest speed chicane...if I turn everything on low I got no change...maybe a few fps more in the tv replay..but it's kinda impossbile a 2080ti can't handle a rock solid 60fps on this game... https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7lz4g5 EDIT: Ok now the link works
  11. HI, thnx for the answer. I'll record and upload a video tonight.. Already updated to the last drivers, had no improvement. What it's really strange, even with vsync off (both game and Nvidia panel), trying different settings, from very low to ultra, the fps remain the sames...
  12. Hi there...before tonight I updated the game with patch 1.12 I had rock solid 60 fps at 4K on ULTRA details with this rig: I7 5800K 32 GB RAM 2080Ti drivers 431.60 Now I can barely reach 55 from cockpit with loss of more 10 fps (around 40-45) while driving...really annoying and hard to drive...with replays tv camera FPS falls to 30...already try to check installation files etc...
  13. Alastre

    Bad things in F1 2019

    @MaxHelldorado Pretty agree with your list, and thank you to avoid me to put it down! :p Nobody at Codies will listen but, hell yeah, it really need to be said...what I really find annoying is the fact that AI seems to drive fast tanks...every single touch with them drive to a broken wing...also if you are hitten from behind...or, if you have a contact on the right the front wing get damaged on the left (and vice versa)...so f*****g annoying! They hardly get any damge when they hit you...plus you are right, it seems they don't suffer from tyres degradation and ers management...when they are on ERS 4 overtake behind you, even with 12% they go fast as hell, while you start to struggling at that % and loose top speed...also penalty system is ridicoulus and this is strictly connected whit reputation...I mean, even if I don't finish race due to a stupid AI that pushed me out of track (sometimes they also get a warning) after and Amazing race I loose reputation...it's so silly!! Add to this no mechanical failures to player whil IA (even top teams) are heavly affected by them, stupid damage system (I'm not asking for chassis to be deformed...just the rear wing needs to be fragile and with a different level of damage, as also the floor - like we see with Kimi in SPA) and hylarious drivers transfer...oh dear, poor us!
  14. Hi...just wondering why all those very useful infos are not on the wheel LCD display. As I really love to play as close to a real race like this disabling all the infos on the screen, speeching only via radio with the box etc etc. it's quite hard to stay focused. I know it's still possibile to see those infos on the MFD but it's kinda distracting for me (the visor mod doesn't help coz it cover the MFD I know..but that's not the point)...It would be so easy to have a quick check on the wheel while driving, I'm wondering if there's any chance to see those infos on the LCD...like this dash made with dash studio https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2018-dashstudio.23224/ lot's of infos, also the possibility to have more than one dash...like in the real races...would be great to see it implemented!