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    Wheres the SC?

    Lucky you mate, all I got it's my car (or AI cars) became invisible and no SC or VSC at all...Tried all the circuits and all the options...I've never used flashaback tho!
  2. Hi there...before tonight I updated the game with patch 1.12 I had rock solid 60 fps at 4K on ULTRA details with this rig: I7 5800K 32 GB RAM 2080Ti drivers 431.60 Now I can barely reach 55 from cockpit with loss of more 10 fps (around 40-45) while driving...really annoying and hard to drive...with replays tv camera FPS falls to 30...already try to check installation files etc...
  3. I see indeed...54 fps max...and stutter all the way...just like me...definitely something they need to fix...
  4. I will tonight but I can already tell you I've tried with and without the FFB wheel (T300), pad o wheel makes no differences. DX12 doesn't even start...when I try to run it on DX12 Via steam i can see "loading" msg but then nothing happend. So I've Always played in DX11 also beacause HDR didn't work on DX12
  5. Welcome to the club mate!
  6. @Hoo Here's the link..As you can see I can barely reach 50 fps and an annoyng feeling of stuttering especially in the lowest speed chicane...if I turn everything on low I got no change...maybe a few fps more in the tv replay..but it's kinda impossbile a 2080ti can't handle a rock solid 60fps on this game... https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7lz4g5 EDIT: Ok now the link works
  7. HI, thnx for the answer. I'll record and upload a video tonight.. Already updated to the last drivers, had no improvement. What it's really strange, even with vsync off (both game and Nvidia panel), trying different settings, from very low to ultra, the fps remain the sames...
  8. Alastre

    Bad things in F1 2019

    @MaxHelldorado Pretty agree with your list, and thank you to avoid me to put it down! :p Nobody at Codies will listen but, hell yeah, it really need to be said...what I really find annoying is the fact that AI seems to drive fast tanks...every single touch with them drive to a broken wing...also if you are hitten from behind...or, if you have a contact on the right the front wing get damaged on the left (and vice versa)...so f*****g annoying! They hardly get any damge when they hit you...plus you are right, it seems they don't suffer from tyres degradation and ers management...when they are on ERS 4 overtake behind you, even with 12% they go fast as hell, while you start to struggling at that % and loose top speed...also penalty system is ridicoulus and this is strictly connected whit reputation...I mean, even if I don't finish race due to a stupid AI that pushed me out of track (sometimes they also get a warning) after and Amazing race I loose reputation...it's so silly!! Add to this no mechanical failures to player whil IA (even top teams) are heavly affected by them, stupid damage system (I'm not asking for chassis to be deformed...just the rear wing needs to be fragile and with a different level of damage, as also the floor - like we see with Kimi in SPA) and hylarious drivers transfer...oh dear, poor us!
  9. Hi...just wondering why all those very useful infos are not on the wheel LCD display. As I really love to play as close to a real race like this disabling all the infos on the screen, speeching only via radio with the box etc etc. it's quite hard to stay focused. I know it's still possibile to see those infos on the MFD but it's kinda distracting for me (the visor mod doesn't help coz it cover the MFD I know..but that's not the point)...It would be so easy to have a quick check on the wheel while driving, I'm wondering if there's any chance to see those infos on the LCD...like this dash made with dash studio https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2018-dashstudio.23224/ lot's of infos, also the possibility to have more than one dash...like in the real races...would be great to see it implemented!
  10. Hi, the game run just perfect before the patch..no also when I try to verify the game files and get the message is all ok, game crash at the start with black screen. Can't even reach the main menu. In the video you can see the error at 1:18. I7 5800K 32 GB RAM 2080 Ti Driver 430.86 Already trying to verify files, different video driver, disable overlay etc etc etc. Game simply won't start. crash_dump_539607-20190703-223150-0.zip
  11. Thank you very much!
  12. It wors but...as soon as I try to apply a simple livery mod...the game doesn't load anymore and stuck with a black screen and a Ego error...the livery mod just worked fine with 1.03...and even if i copy the original files back it doesn't start...every time I have to verify intgrity...
  13. Worked fine for me, thank you!
  14. So still no words from Codies????
  15. Oh boy this is just hylarious...Run via steam in DX11 (so i can use HDR). Got a black screen...if I wait for about a minute I got the ego error to be reported to Codies...If i pres alt ctrl canc and then select CHANGE USER...I login again whit my win accout, click on the taskbar and the on the f1 tab and...miracle! The game runs! But...doing this trick I lost the wheel+pedals coz Win doesn't recognize them anymore...nvidia is the problem? Oh come on...I just cant play and I'm so ****** off!
  16. Great. After the patch all I have is a blackscreen until ego errror message..dx11 or dx 12 same stuff..
  17. Hi, doesn't matter what kind of headset I'm using, while in Win10 and other games the mic works fine (f1 2018 too), in f1 2019 when I try to talk to Jeff I see a red icon instead of the mic...I've also tried this solution Players can’t use their radio output device Gamers are also mentioning that they are unable to talk with Jeff while on the track, while using different headsets. Go to the F1 2019 directory Look in the ‘installers’ directory Install the x64_speechplatformruntime.msi installer (if installed then do a repair) Run the msspeech_sr_en-in_tele.msi unfortunatly didn't woks for me...any hint??? Also can't remember what fix is needed to stop replays stutter and loose fps...with a 2080ti it's such a disgrace to have this problem... thank you!
  18. Here's fix on W10.you need to disable all other input devices, then go to properties of the one left active that you wish to use and untick the "exclusive app use" box. Restart F1 and it
  19. Alastre

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    It's totally immersion Killing for me...ok tension and suspance but...it's totally unrealistic, exactly how they made Gasly so damn fast...
  20. ...in the pitlane! Surprise!!! And they said "better hands and wheel animations"...can't believe they achieve a worst effect of the past editions...now in the "magic" pitlane cars (your as the CPU ones) just flies stright to the box...motionless wheel and tyres...speechless guys...to don't mention the fact in DX 12 hdr is not working...let's hope for a patch...
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    Yup of course you can, but as you said you won't be able to drive through the pitlane...it's such a stupid thing.
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    I'm with you but...what's the point to see the lolly pop lights when it's all automatic in the pitlana? It's such an annoying thing...wish we could get rid of it!
  23. Alastre

    F1 2019 wishlist

    Just one thing: Remove the interviews or give them a real sense. Every time my career is f****d up by stupid questions the lady ask me...been 5th on the qualify with Renault and "...such a shame, things doesn't went fine for you..." no?? Did you expect me to be in pole??? Or stupid questions abut car performances that will put me in bad position with the team...they seems totally random to me sometimes or probably just another bug. Doesn't matter how good I am on the track, if you answer something wrong (and sometimes you just CAN'T avoid the wrong answer) and team reputation is gone...Been 5th too on Brasil qualifying (and start as 2ns due to the ridicolous penalties for AI team...looks like every Gp they have to change some components)...looks like i was at the bottom of the grid...even the team and my agent said I had to improve...bah!