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    F1 2019 wishlist

    Just one thing: Remove the interviews or give them a real sense. Every time my career is f****d up by stupid questions the lady ask me...been 5th on the qualify with Renault and "...such a shame, things doesn't went fine for you..." no?? Did you expect me to be in pole??? Or stupid questions abut car performances that will put me in bad position with the team...they seems totally random to me sometimes or probably just another bug. Doesn't matter how good I am on the track, if you answer something wrong (and sometimes you just CAN'T avoid the wrong answer) and team reputation is gone...Been 5th too on Brasil qualifying (and start as 2ns due to the ridicolous penalties for AI team...looks like every Gp they have to change some components)...looks like i was at the bottom of the grid...even the team and my agent said I had to improve...bah!