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  1. On 1/2/2019 at 4:52 AM, Guest said:

    Why dont we make a petition or something for this? The Overlord series is amazing and we need another game, another 2 games lol. 

    How do you start a petition for something like this, if we would be able to I'm totally in for it! We need te be heard. 


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  2. Hey guys, thank you all for the positive reactions, this week I once more played Overlord and Overlord II... I came back to this forum I created and did a bit of research, I found that triumph studios sold the rights to the Overlord franchise fully to Codemasters, also both games are available on Xbox one, that tells me that there is still a market for this game even in 2019 more than 10 years since the original game became available, since I played through both games once again I feel empty and again desperate for Overlord 3.

    Please Codemaster make this game! 

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  3. Hello, 

    I have played the original Overlord game aswell as Overlord 2, and I really enjoyed it, and I even play them to this day and I really wish Codemasters and Triumph games would make Overlord 3, or for my part sell the rights to another company that wants to expand the Overlord universe,  I know many loyal Overlord fans are dying to know what's next and are really looking forward to a prequel long overdue.
    As many of you know, the fourth Overlord (the one you play in Overlord 2) died because of the shining and one of the netherghuls (from Fellowship of evil) is overlord now.. but the third Overlord (the one you play in the original Overlord game) is still trapped within the Infernal Abyss, Gnarl even mentions him a couple of times in Overlord 2 and Fellowship of evil... I for one really hope he can escape so we can play as him again.
    I have send emails to Codemasters before but they are focusing on other games and thats why I need the help of all loyal Overlord fans to change their minds, so please give this discussion a lot of attention so we may see this story continue. 
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