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  1. DiGuB

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    Here's mine. As previously mentioned, I don't have a lot of time to play so I didn't want to invest too much into my rig. I work from home, and this is situated in my office. Easy enough to understand that it takes a bit of discipline to work from home, but, let me tell you, it takes a lot of discipline to work from home with a rig in the same room... Specs: Playseat F1, LG G920, 55" TV, XBox One S (I'll be moving my One X to my rig once I get a Series X).
  2. DiGuB

    Logitech G920 and F1 2020

    During the flashback sequence, when you're able to rejoin, it should say what button to use. From memory, I believe it's the "X" button (on Xbox).
  3. DiGuB

    Logitech G920 and F1 2020

    I just use the default mappings with my G920, and don't have any issue. Only exception being that I moved the brake pedal input to my clutch pedal (easier with my rig). Is it just that you're trying to activate a flashback, but don't know how? I trigger flashbacks from the pause menu.
  4. DiGuB

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    @Lurtz Congrats! The setup looks great. Let us know how you like it. I hope it brings you as much joy as mine has for me.
  5. DiGuB

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    I have the Playseat F1, and I think it's fantastic. I don't have many opportunities to play for very long in one sitting, but on the occasion where I am able to play for a couple hours I am never left feeling sore or fatigued. Quite the opposite actually - I wish I could play for longer at the end of a session. It's comfortable, and really does give a great sense of immersion (as I'm sure most rig setups would). Prior to the rig I had my wheel mounted to a TV tray that I would slide in front of the couch. That was fine, but the experience was dramatically changed after I got the rig. You feel like you're in the car, it's solid, and the fact my eye-line was much lower in combination with sitting closer to the television actually really helped with on-track car placement. The sense of enjoyment when playing a racing game improved dramatically when I first got my wheel, and I would say that sense of enjoyment was duplicated when I experienced my rig for the first time too. My only real complaint is that the seat doesn't breathe, so my back is usually sweaty at the end of a session.
  6. DiGuB

    New Logitech wheel (G923)

    Ha! Not sure why I wrote monitor. I meant keyboard. Vacation is coming at the end of the month - clearly not soon enough 🙃 Appreciate your honesty about the issues you had with TM. Encouraging to hear that TM have seemingly sorted things out over the years. And belt driven wheels do sound appealing, but, again, I don't really know what I'm missing. The shifter is less important to me as I also don't have one with my G920. My whole rig (Playseat F1, G920, Xbox One, 55" TV) is pretty much solely for CM's F1 games, so I'd really only want paddles anyway. It is appealing to me to get the 'latest and greatest' model (albeit maybe not the "greatest" compared to others) that LG has to offer as opposed to an older model from somewhere else. That said, there's still time before G923 is released so I'll do my due diligence reading up on TM in the meantime. I'll also be paying close attention to the reviews of G923 from actual sim racers after it's released.
  7. DiGuB

    New Logitech wheel (G923)

    LG's new wheel is quite timely for me. I'm also committed to Xbox, and have been running the G920 for years without a single issue. That said, just recently I started to notice the downshift paddle isn't registering my input 100% of the time. So far the problem has been mostly a rare occurrence, but it does seem to be slowly happening more and more. So that's been getting me to think about a replacement. I initially had dreams of going all in by upgrading to Fanatec. I have eyes for the formula rim, but at the end of the day I just can't get myself to justify the cost for such limited Xbox functionality. Not to mention the groaning I've heard in regard to the ease of use from a 'joystick' selector versus a conventional d-pad. A small detail and something I'm sure people get accustomed to, but still... I can't really justify a DD base either since I'm not some elite, eSports level, sim racing guru. The pedals sound like they're great, but is it really worth the cost just so I can have favorable pedals with a less than ideal wheel and base...? Lastly, the nail in the coffin for Fanatec was all the horror stories/posts/messages I found about hardware and software issues coupled with poor customer service. Yes, I know people are more likely to post something negative than they are to post something positive, but the sheer quantity of it all really shook me from considering Fanatec any further. At this price point the product should be rock solid, and the customer service should be nothing short of exceptional. Long story short, unless someone here can offer a compelling argument, I am not coming up with a good enough reason for me to go away from LG. I've never used a Fanatec or Thrustmaster setup before, so I don't know what I'm missing in terms of "feel" or "feedback." My old G25 and current G920 have been simple to use (truly plug and play), and have each given me countless hours of trouble free gaming (current intermittent issue aside). The price is right (comparatively), I'd have peace of mind from a history of reliability, and even if something were to go wrong LG has given me white gloved customer service in the past (issue with a computer monitor). The cherry on top would be if the G923 did end up being a bit more compatible with Xbox/CM games (ie- rev light, 'Trueforce', function from all/more buttons, rotary dial support).
  8. DiGuB

    MyTeam: Potential for best car?

    Just a curiosity that I'm hoping Codemasters can shed some light on... In MyTeam I assume it's possible to make our car the best car overall, right? If yes, and since we're starting with basically the worst car on the grid, I'm curious about the scaling of our R&D upgrades compared to the other teams. All things being equal, after several seasons all teams would presumably have a completely maxed out car, but ours would have somehow surpassed all other teams along the way. So does that mean our R&D upgrades are more powerful than the upgrades the other teams have? Do the other teams simply not have as many upgrades available to them? Or ...? Unless my initial assumption is incorrect (would be good to know if that's the case!), then I understand it really doesn't matter how the other teams scale compared to us. Nevertheless, I would be interested to know how it all works. Thanks in advance.
  9. DiGuB

    DAS coming to F1 2020?

    The FIA actually approved its use for 2020, but banned any team from using it from 2021 onward.
  10. DiGuB

    Wheel x controller

    It's certainly more natural, to me, using a wheel, but there are many very competitive players that use a pad. So is the car easier to control, and is it easier to drive without assists while using a wheel? That's not really possible for us to predict when it comes to you. It's entirely on the player, and how much time/dedication they want to give the game. For me, like I say, it's more of a natural feeling using the wheel. I was able to sit down with the wheel, and pretty quickly put in some relatively competitive times compared to what I did with the pad. However, to be fair, I didn't dedicate a lot of time practicing with the pad. For all I know my lap times could have come down quickly with a pad, and it's possible I could have been even faster with a pad. But that's not reason enough to invest in a wheel. I bought my wheel and rig purely from wanting to have fun with the game - I didn't do it to chase lap times. I don't have a lot of time to grind away chasing every tenth of a second over a lap. I just want to play, get enjoyment from the experience, and that's what the wheel gave me above all. Not that you are, but I see a lot of people ask if using a wheel will make them faster and I don't necessarily think it will. Will you have a better sense of immersion with a wheel, and will the game be more enjoyable? I believe so.
  11. DiGuB

    Cool down lap added to game

    For me there would need to be a good reason to drive it. The formation lap at least allows you to do several things that benefit your race (ie- practice your race start, warm the tires and brakes, etc.), but what would the ROI be for the cool down lap? A few extra resource points isn't worth it to me. So I vote "no". Make it an option for those that want to take the extra time? Don't care; makes no difference to me. All that said, I think there are far more impactful things that Codemasters should spend their time developing compared to a cool down lap. A cool down lap, to me, is along the same vein as building in red flags, or, worse yet, player vehicle malfunctions that would prevent you from completing a race. I don't get it. This is a player focused racing game, so why would they build in features to slow you down from, or entirely prevent you from racing? I see people mentioning "immersion", but, again, I think there are plenty of other things Codemasters could do to improve immersion while keeping the player engaged. Just my two cents.
  12. DiGuB

    RSB and LSB not working

    My apologies, @BarryBL. Understood about the change of priorities. I'll keep an eye out for another update after these turbulent times have passed. Thank you, and I/we appreciate your prompt reply, in the meantime.
  13. DiGuB

    RSB and LSB not working

    @BarryBL Bump, and following-up to the question/clarification @Duelcoot asked - is this an issue that may only be resolved in future titles? Should we expect that nothing will be done for F1 2019?
  14. DiGuB

    RSB and LSB not working

    Appreciate you continuing to update us, @Hoo. Thank you!
  15. DiGuB

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    G920 on XB1 No Assists AI Level: 90 @Faya Please consider adding intermediate conditions to time trial. Reason being... I think there could be a little rebalancing needed for AI in the wet (certainly in changing conditions), but, to @inspiretheworld's point, I think there's also a fair amount of the 'rebalancing' needed in my own skill level. I'm just not as confident in full wet conditions as I am in the dry, and am at my worst in intermediate conditions. I attribute that simply to practice. I practice a lot in Time Trial, because when I'm practicing I just want a simpler environment to hammer out laps without having to worry so much about tires, dodging AI, etc. I think a lot of people would agree, and do the same. So while I know I need to spend more time with full wet conditions in TT it would also be GREAT if we could have intermediate conditions available too.