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  1. DiGuB

    DAS coming to F1 2020?

    The FIA actually approved its use for 2020, but banned any team from using it from 2021 onward.
  2. DiGuB

    Wheel x controller

    It's certainly more natural, to me, using a wheel, but there are many very competitive players that use a pad. So is the car easier to control, and is it easier to drive without assists while using a wheel? That's not really possible for us to predict when it comes to you. It's entirely on the player, and how much time/dedication they want to give the game. For me, like I say, it's more of a natural feeling using the wheel. I was able to sit down with the wheel, and pretty quickly put in some relatively competitive times compared to what I did with the pad. However, to be fair, I didn't dedicate a lot of time practicing with the pad. For all I know my lap times could have come down quickly with a pad, and it's possible I could have been even faster with a pad. But that's not reason enough to invest in a wheel. I bought my wheel and rig purely from wanting to have fun with the game - I didn't do it to chase lap times. I don't have a lot of time to grind away chasing every tenth of a second over a lap. I just want to play, get enjoyment from the experience, and that's what the wheel gave me above all. Not that you are, but I see a lot of people ask if using a wheel will make them faster and I don't necessarily think it will. Will you have a better sense of immersion with a wheel, and will the game be more enjoyable? I believe so.
  3. DiGuB

    Cool down lap added to game

    For me there would need to be a good reason to drive it. The formation lap at least allows you to do several things that benefit your race (ie- practice your race start, warm the tires and brakes, etc.), but what would the ROI be for the cool down lap? A few extra resource points isn't worth it to me. So I vote "no". Make it an option for those that want to take the extra time? Don't care; makes no difference to me. All that said, I think there are far more impactful things that Codemasters should spend their time developing compared to a cool down lap. A cool down lap, to me, is along the same vein as building in red flags, or, worse yet, player vehicle malfunctions that would prevent you from completing a race. I don't get it. This is a player focused racing game, so why would they build in features to slow you down from, or entirely prevent you from racing? I see people mentioning "immersion", but, again, I think there are plenty of other things Codemasters could do to improve immersion while keeping the player engaged. Just my two cents.
  4. DiGuB

    RSB and LSB not working

    My apologies, @BarryBL. Understood about the change of priorities. I'll keep an eye out for another update after these turbulent times have passed. Thank you, and I/we appreciate your prompt reply, in the meantime.
  5. DiGuB

    RSB and LSB not working

    @BarryBL Bump, and following-up to the question/clarification @Duelcoot asked - is this an issue that may only be resolved in future titles? Should we expect that nothing will be done for F1 2019?
  6. DiGuB

    Wheel mount and setup

    I use a Logitech G920 with my XB1. As others have mentioned, it's not the best option in the world, but it certainly more than gets the job done for a 'casual' gamer like myself. I previously had it mounted to a TV tray that I would use while sitting on my couch. That worked just fine for a long time, but then, in a moment of weakness, I found myself having purchased a Playseat F1 rig. As I said, the couch/TV tray setup worked well, but the Playseat rig, far more than I thought it would, changed the whole gaming experience in the best possible way. The mix of basically sitting on the ground in combination with the 'cockpit style' driving position gave me a tremendous amount of immersion that was previously absent. The most unexpected benefit from my eye-line now being more toward the bottom of my television screen, as opposed to toward the top, was the near immediate ability to better place the car on track (ie- more confidence getting closer to track limits, walls, etc.). Upon personal reflection, my recommendation to anyone is not to get too caught-up in gaming equipment - especially if you think it will make you a better gamers, and even more so if it means overextending yourself financially. It's all really quite frivolous, and honestly not worth it at the end of the day (with exceptions, of course). However, that being said and 'adulting' aside, I get a lot of enjoyment out of my setup, and only wish I could use it more. I get a chance 2-3 times a month on average to use it - haven't had a chance at all in the past 2 months. The return on investment for me was worth it in more ways than it wasn't, but that's my own personal situation. Just bear in mind that you can't purchase lap time - practice makes perfect, and with enough of it you can be among the best in the world with the equipment you already have. It's an old picture (hence F1 2018...), but here's a picture of my setup [G920, XB1 S, Playseat F1, 65" LG OLED Television]. I put the rig on felt pads so I can easily slide it out of the way when I'm done with it:
  7. DiGuB

    RSB and LSB not working

    Appreciate you continuing to update us, @Hoo. Thank you!
  8. DiGuB

    Hubert in F2 2019

    Honestly not trying to be insensitive here - I get why some people would have mixed feelings about it, but no one seemed to care this much with Codies using Senna's likeness in the game... I understand one is a lot more of an open wound right now, but, in principal, they're the same. I personally think it's great that both gentlemen will forever live on in the game.
  9. DiGuB

    Enough is enough CM

    Boring R&D programs - Don't do them then? Silly transfers - Perhaps, but does that really ruin the game for you? AI developing way too fast - Consider it an added challenge. Don't upgrade your car as quickly, and see how long you can still keep up on track. Alternatively, keep in alignment with their development progress, and then, in theory, no one gains an unfair advantage. Stupid questions about Butler and Weber - Can't argue with that. I just pretend that Claire is an amateur reporter that doesn't know any better, or that's she's star struck by my presence and can't come up with any better. Jeff being Jeff - Again, can't argue. He's a pleb. Wish there was a communication option where we could send him a snarky reply when he gives useless information like that. Too many sessions under the rain - Now this is a real, legitimate issue that needs to be addressed. Completely agree, and certainly not the first time it's been addressed. I'm confident the issue has been addressed enough for it to be in CM's queue for a fix. I can sympathize with the fact you're clearly frustrated, and I'm not here to tell you you're wrong for feeling the way you do. However, trying to 'rally the troops' in a way to intentionally harm CM's business is uncalled-for, and far from the right way to convey your frustration. You said yourself, you still played through 3 career seasons, so you're obviously getting value from your purchase - why then would you want to suggest people harm a business that's providing you value and entertainment? Fair enough if you don't think the game is worth the amount you spent on it, but then just wait for it to naturally be offered at a discount before purchasing. It's not my intention to take over your thread here, so please just take my silly rant for what it is.
  10. Nothing else really to add other than hopefully you get a better teammate when the driver changes occur. Good luck with the rest of your season!
  11. DiGuB

    Game is STUPID

    @sloppysmusic, completely agree. Simple solution to a non-issue. The amount of needless complaining in this forum is silly, and accomplishes nothing. There are some legitimate issues being addressed which is what this forum should be used for, but with the amount of nonsense in the way it's getting more and more difficult to find what really needs to be addressed versus someone just coming in here to pout. We almost need a dedicated thread titled "******** just because I want to b*tch". (And no, the irony of my post is not escaping me.)
  12. "REAL gearboxes are not like that." Good thing it's only a video game then, huh? Your comment about how accidentally selecting neutral could ruin a turn and the engine has a bit more weight to it, but there's how many turns on the F1 calendar that would even have you go down to 1st gear? I'm not saying there aren't others, but I am only coming up with 1 (Monaco hairpin). Even if there were a handful of others, would that even be enough to really worry about "accidentally" selecting neutral? At that point I'd just suggest being more deliberate and calculated with your downshifts. "Absurd"? Hardly. Because video game? Absolutely.
  13. DiGuB


    Thanks so much for everything @Faya. I really appreciate all your support and dedication to this community. I'm sure @RedDevilKT and @Hoo will do a nice job, but you're leaving behind some big shoes to fill. Best of luck with whatever adventure you're onto next! Wherever you land will be a richer place with you there.
  14. DiGuB

    Missing Six Seconds

    I'm certain there have been people to close the gap. When I first started I was consistently in the top 45%-60% on the TT charts across all circuits, and now I'm consistently in the top 10%-12% range. How long did it take? If you're trying to gauge how long it will be until you're posting times like that then the answer is it's impossible for us to tell you. It all just boils down to practice. You've got to put the time in to take time out of your laps. That said, some people will naturally progress faster than others too. It's best not to set expectations for yourself based on other people's experiences - just play the game, and have fun with it! The more fun you have will translate into you wanting to play more. The more you play means the more you'll practice. The more you practice means the easier it will be for you to find time on circuit. How did I do it? While there is a formula/method for fast lap times it doesn't mean that you'll be able to achieve it without practice. You can educate yourself all day long about where to brake, what the line is through a corner, where you can and can't push track limits, what gear to be in, how much steering angle to put on, etc., but all of that means nothing unless you can execute. You won't be able to execute unless you practice. Just get in the game, have fun, explore your own limits (ie- try to be perfect through a corner, and then try to be even better next time around), explore the limits of the car (ie- understand what it feels like to be in control vs. beyond, and get to a point where flirting between the two becomes natural), and then set realistic challenges for yourself as you practice. Don't pay much attention to the elite players - just see if you can manage a tenth or two off your personal best time. Then do that again ...and again ...
  15. DiGuB

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    G920 on XB1 No Assists AI Level: 90 @Faya Please consider adding intermediate conditions to time trial. Reason being... I think there could be a little rebalancing needed for AI in the wet (certainly in changing conditions), but, to @inspiretheworld's point, I think there's also a fair amount of the 'rebalancing' needed in my own skill level. I'm just not as confident in full wet conditions as I am in the dry, and am at my worst in intermediate conditions. I attribute that simply to practice. I practice a lot in Time Trial, because when I'm practicing I just want a simpler environment to hammer out laps without having to worry so much about tires, dodging AI, etc. I think a lot of people would agree, and do the same. So while I know I need to spend more time with full wet conditions in TT it would also be GREAT if we could have intermediate conditions available too.