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  1. An odd thing started happening in the middle of last month. I just realized it was happening a couple days ago, and I'm at a loss to explain it, let alone fix it. Almost all of the sector times in Time Trial are ending with a 9. I drove 40 laps at Suzuka this morning and got the following: Sector 1 - only 6 of the 40 sectors did not end with a 9. Sector 2 - Only 1 sector of the 40 didn't end with an 8 or a 9. Sector 3 - Every single sector of the 40 sectors ended with a 9. I checked the other 8 tracks that I drive and the phenomena is occurring on all of them. I also noticed a general increase in sector times of about .3 to .4 tenths. I uninstalled the game (F1 2017) yesterday and reinstalled it hoping that a glitch had developed and the new installation would fix it, but it did not. The times are obviously erroneous and can no longer be trusted which is very frustrating. Anyone else encounter this problem and if so is there a fix? Thanks :)
  2. Nikeros77

    F1 2017 reinstall files

    I had to reinstall F1 2017 on my PC. Can someone please advise me as to the names and locations of the user files which have the specific data pertinent to each user, car/track setups etc? Thanks.
  3. Nikeros77

    Will Halo affect your decision to buy f1 2018?

    Free donuts! Wow! Got any more surveys I can take?
  4. Nikeros77

    Will Halo affect your decision to buy f1 2018?

    There is an option to remove it? Can you elaborate please?
  5. Nikeros77

    Am I missing a setting somewhere?

    Thank you both for your replies. I'm downloading OBS right now. It looks to be what I need. I appreciate your assistance :)
  6. Nikeros77

    I am struggling with Feel.

    That's a very interesting point you brought up mate. I play F1 2017 (I hate the halo) in Time Trials mode only. I have a reasonably good setup with Fanatec wheel, pedals etc which btw give excellent FFB. I used to use a Thrustmaster setup, but the Fanatec is better x 10, That's not my point, however. I too experience a weird drop-off in my performance from time to time, and I've always put it down to my own inability to drive well on a particular day, but when this happens I sometimes surmise that it's not me but something in the game. The car just doesn't give me the feeling it did on a good day when everything comes easy. I've always dismissed this feeling as a bit absurd and merely an excuse for my bad driving, but after reading your post I wonder... Just for info I'm in about the same place in the lineup as you are - the top 4-5% on the 9 tracks I play. I only bring this up to make it clear that I'm not a novice prone to novice mistakes.
  7. Is there a way to program the F1 2017 game to record an entire lap in Time Trial so I can go back, watch it, and critique my lap from the drivers perspective? All I get when I try to watch a replay is about the last 20 seconds of the previous lap and the camera always switches to the spectator view which is useless.
  8. Nikeros77


    Very interesting, mate. I've never used a pad - only a wheel, but I've always found that the setups used by say the top 50 people in the time trial rankings are strange to say the least. Using a front wing of 1 and a rear wing of 10 and balancing out the aero imbalance with weight is a bit absurd, but that's obviously what works in this game to get a really good lap time. I try these setups and go faster, but it is an assault on my sense of logic, so I inevitably go back to a more realistic setup which is frustrating because it's simply not as fast. These codie nerds must be completely devoid of knowledge about actual race cars or they have their own little set of standards. The old EA Sports F1 2001 was set up so much better than this game although the graphics were stone age comparatively speaking. If Codemasters spent as much time on realistic settings as they do on the superfluous visual BS they'd have a much better game.
  9. Nikeros77


    I for one am very glad I don't know you, and I hope to keep it that way.
  10. Nikeros77

    Toggle Delta display

    Does anyone know of a way to toggle the Delta time display on and off during a Time Trial lap in the F1 games?
  11. Nikeros77

    Toggle Delta ?

    A shot in the dark here. Does anyone know of a way to toggle the Delta time display on and off in Time Trials?
  12. Nikeros77


    That's the answer I was looking for. So a setup of e.g 4 - 4 ride height has a rake built into it already and the numbers don't actually refer to 'height'. That makes sense, I suppose, if you want to keep it simple, but why do they keep it a secret that the car has a built in rake ? Maybe I'm just over complicating a simple game setting. Oh well, thanks for the input, mate. Much appreciated.
  13. Nikeros77


  14. Nikeros77


    Your silence is deafening, but it's exactly what I expected from you when I asked you to put your money where your mouth is.
  15. Nikeros77


    Let's cut to the chase. You have a setup with a 4-5 or 4-6 rake that works just great at Spa, COTA, Suzuka. silverstone or Monza? give it to me, and I'll check it out.