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  1. Nikeros77

    Hi all

    Hi DiRTFanNo.1
  2. Nikeros77

    Hi all

    Hi fellow sim drivers. I'm an old guy who used to race but ran out of money so now I just do time trials on F1 2017. It's a far cry from the real thing, but enjoyable nonetheless. Senna is my hero from the past and Marquez is my hero in the present. I don't know anyone in the sim driving world, so I'm writing this in order to initiate contact with some fellow enthusiasts. Cheers.
  3. Nikeros77

    F1 2018 Wheel Settings and Camera Settings

    vids are not in English and they move so fast through the pages it's impossible to see what's being done. BAD
  4. Nikeros77

    Will Halo affect your decision to buy f1 2018?

    No, absolutely not. I hate that ****ing halo. I'm sure in real race cars you can get used to it, but in a game where there is no body feeling and the visuals are essential I won't buy a game that restricts them. I'll just motor along with F1 2017 until you guys make the halo an option to have or have not.