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  1. any idea if we getting imola this coming week???
  2. my crash occured in grand prix mode, on pc, find attached my ego dumper file ego dumper.docx
  3. I've also got the deluxe edition on Steam but still locked????
  4. If we have a tyre allocation that is unlocked from Fp1, it would really improve the game. For example, in Fp1 we can choose from our entire 13 sets, maybe a track is hard on tyres so we want to save mediums and hards for the race then we can do that and use softs for the rest of the weekend. This was partly in F1 2019 where from Fp1 tyres upto qualifying were unlocked. Please consider this. Thanks
  5. correct, but we should be able to choose how to use it, for example, if we want to use 2 sets of hard for the race and a medium it should be allowed as in real life, it shouldnt be locked during the weekend as long as the mandatory Tyre rules are followed
  6. @barry1why can we not be allowed to change this based on the tyres we want, this would be a great feature.
  7. Ok thanks alot, much appreciated.
  8. Hi all, i would like to find out if there is a way to import your setups from one game to another or to access your setup files for the game? some of us might want to use our f1 2020 setups as a base for 2021? kindly advise, thanks
  9. when will the game be available for pre download on steam?
  10. I really hope we can have manual tyre choice for each grand Prix in career mode. For example I might want to use 2 sets of hard tyres for the race and with current options, It doesn't allow me to do that. Also consider maybe keeping all tyre use choices open from Fp1 till the race so we can manage how and which tyres we want to use for the weekend. Will really make our gaming experience even better. Thanks, looking forward to f1 2021.
  11. When will the game be available for pre download?
  12. naim786

    F1 2021 game

    Hi, when will we get some information regarding the new F1 game for this year????
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